November 16, 2013

New Wizard101 Bundle: Hive Bundle

Hello Wizards,

You're probably wondering why I'm making another bundle post.. Well.. Kingsisle released another bundle called the Hive Bundle! This bundle can be bought at Gamestop for $39. I recently got one and I must say its pretty epic! I think all of you will enjoy this bundle. Good thing Christmas is just around the corner so everyone has a chance of getting one. :D Here's more information about this new Wizard101 Bundle:

If you can't read the writing above, this new bundle costs $39. It has the following items: Amber Estate House (pretty big house + dragonfly to fly outside around the house- see image above), Stinger Armor, Bee Wing Mount, Bumblebee Pet, Stinger Slingshot and a one month membership OR 5,000 Crowns. This bundle is pretty epic and I'm glad I can try it out myself. Remember to pick the right tier for your Stinger Armor and Stinger Slingshot weapon. Good luck and thank you for the awesome bundle KI. If you would like to see more of this bundle, click HERE


Unknown said...

is there a store that sell hive bee bundle online here in belgium is no store :(

Edward Lifegem said...

I think its only in the Gamestop stores here in the USA. I'm sure after awhile they will start selling it online on their main Wizard101 Website. :)