November 6, 2013

Quest Finder (Wizard101 Test Realm)

Hello Wizards!

We all know Wizard101 has added a lot of great updates to the test realm, such as the new world KR of course, new minions, housing updates, etc. Kingsisle has just added a new update to the test realm today called Quest Finder. They added this for wizards that are having trouble finding which quest you need to do next. This finder points your arrow on the game to a quest near you. It starts in the area you're in and if there's not a quest it'll expand through the entire world you're in just to find a quest near you. If it doesn't find a quest in that world, that means you don't have any quests to complete there and you'll have to move to a different world to see if you have any quests there to complete. I think this addition to the game will be extremely helpful, kinda like mounts that make the game a lot easier (faster) to level through! I think this will help anyone that is having a quest to find and complete. Thank you KI for adding it! If y'all would like to learn more about this new feature on test the test realm, just click the image to the top-right! :D

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ThatFrostweaver said...

Finally they have something like this, I have way to many side quests and I can finally complete them by world and location, the best part will be that I can go through the world and do the side quests after I finish them.