November 17, 2013

Questing Again!

Hello Wizards,

Remember Edward Firegem? He's my fire wizard that I quested with Autumn Dreamwalker's Balance and here Life Wizard earlier this year. Well we started questing again since Khrysalis was released to the live realm a few days ago. I really haven't been this excited about questing through a new world before and I'm excited that I'm questing again with Autumn and her wizards through this new world!

We recently started questing our way to Khrysalis. We both had to enter a dungeon to create a key so we could access Khrysalis, Morganthe's home world. We actually had to solo so we couldn't help each other out. Autumn has two wizards that she's questing at the same time so that means she had to go in there the same time and talk to The Council of Light with both wizards at the same time. I feel bad for her but I'm glad I didn't have to do something like that. I remember questing on two wizards/accounts at one time, that was difficult! I'm getting ahead of myself.. Did I tell you we both got new spells when we started questing?! I already knew about these spells since I quested a little bit on the test realm. I'm happy we still get new spells to use during Part 1 of this world. We both made it through this dungeon, but I still want to show you a few epic pictures I have of my questing through this dungeon. :D

I know we didn't quest today but we eventually had a chance to quest. I will blog about that sometime tomorrow or the next day. It depends! I'm busy and won't be able to post as much, so I'm hoping I can post at least a few of our quests before I stop posting since I will run out of pictures for the posts. Thank you for reading and I'll see you around the Spiral! Let me leave you with this picture... :D

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