November 22, 2013

The 12 Ships!

Ahoy Pirates,

Its been awhile since I made an original Edward Cringle main quest post. I think I've been making about one post per month, but I plan on making a lot more in the coming days! On my last post, Brother Owl's First Quest, I had to summon Brother Owl for the Bison. Brother Owl gave me a quest to create a new Headress. I had to get Feathers from the Queen Hornet, which I did on my last post! The next thing I need to do is sink 12 Black Storm Raider ships to collect Headdress Beads.

It was a little difficult sinking the Black Storm Raider Ships at first since I didn't have the right equipment for my ship so I decided to buy a new horn from the crowns shop, the fire dragon. This help me to defeat the ships quicker than I was before but I had trouble in the end collecting the drops so I really ended up sinking about 15 ships! I'm happy I logged on to complete this quest because if I didn't, my character would be sitting in the same area having to still defeat 12 ships. Anyways, that was fun! The last thing I did that day was talk to Brother Owl and then Raven Eyes. :D

Thank you for reading everyone! I will have a few Edward Cringle posts this/next week and I hope to read them. I'll see you next time and good luck on your quests. Fair sailing and I hope to see you around the Spiral! :D  

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