November 5, 2013

What I think of Khrysalis Part 1

Hello Wizards!

Lately I've been thinking of this new world on the Test Realm.. The world I spent nearly five minutes trying to spell when typing the title of this post. :P Lately I haven't had a chance to level through the entire world of.. yeah.. but I did level a level and a half through the world. I really do like this new world, especially since its in two parts and everyone doesn't have to worry about another huge world and trying to level through fast to catch up. Okay, I might be the only one trying to catch up but this gives me plenty of time to catch up and finish the other worlds I didn't get to level through. Okay, enough talking about other worlds its time to talk about what I like and maybe don't like about this world...

KR Likes

  • Difficulty: This new world is fun so far.. When I first made it to this world I was worried it would be just like Azteca and I wouldn't like it at all (speaking of Azteca, they lowered the difficulty :D). I was wrong, this new world is pretty easy and the only reason I bought minions on the test realm was because I wanted to see Shadow Magic but I didn't have a chance since I was busy last week...
  • Enemies?: The enemies are different.. Wizards don't really work for evil enemies but we're pretending we're on their side when questing through this world. Its actually fun doing something we haven't really done on the game, at least through an entire world. I don't know how long we work for the enemies but I guess I'll see once I start questing again!
  • The World Itself: I love the design of the new world, its dark in the beginning and pretty cool at the end I believe.. There was an area that kind of remind me of Wonderland but I don't really remember. I could be way off. I really need to level through this world! Every time I think of this world I want to log on and level all day through the world! I think the world is EPIC! I also love the spell that we get, the fire one is shown above.. :D

KR Dislikes

  • Companions: You would think I would type companions in the like portion, even though I do like them only because they remind me of Pirate101. I don't like the idea that Wizard101 is kind of getting companions on the game.. I know you don't get to choose the powers for them but they are still a Pirate101 Only thing. Its great they are letting wizards test out companions but they will probably just stay on Wizard101 since they have them on there or think they are weak on Pirate101, which they're not. That's the main dislike I have about KR.
  • Shadow Magic: I remember when Critical was added to the game and I didn't really like that at first, at first meaning the first few hours until I started to understand it. I started understanding it after seeing others test it out.. Shadow Magic is different.. I don't like it. Its confusing and something I don't think I want to try. I know others have used it but its CONFUSING. You need to at least have a tutorial on the game for this Shadow Magic.. More like confusing magic. No wonder we're not supposed to use it. I still love KR even though this is one thing I don't like.
  • Morganthe: I'm sure everyone agrees with me on this... We're ready to defeat Morganthe. I can't wait until part 2 of this world. I'm ready to cast forest lord and send her to outer space with Malistaire so they don't bug us anymore. :P I had to come up with three for each so the last thing I don't like about KR is Morganthe? :D I mean... D: UGH I'm so upset... (I'm not upset). Thanks for reading everyone, what do you like or don't like about this world? Comment below! :D

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