November 4, 2013

I miss 101!

Hi there,

Want to know something that's been driving me crazy? If you do, keep reading! I haven't been on the games lately and its driving me crazy that I'm not. I don't know why I don't want to log onto the games but its kind of upsetting. I really think its because I think I'm going to be busy soon (I will by the end of the month) and won't be able to blog or anything. I've been trying to blog everyday even though I don't have anything game related to blog about today. Does this mean I'm going to quit Pirate101 and Wizard101? Well.... NO WAY!!! I've had times like these even when I first started the game but I always come back and play a lot more than I should :P I remember being offline a week and then coming back and playing Wizard101 12 hours.. I know.. that's crazy.. Well not as crazy when I complete Celestia on Wizard101 in a matter of a day on the test realm. Now there's wizards that complete a world in a day and it could be as tough as Azteca. I always wonder how that's even possible. I'm not someone that's on much lately since I get headaches when I play and that's why I usually try to stay offline a few days because I hate getting headaches. :P Lately I've been getting ready for the Holidays and being lazy watching Christmas movies... I promise I will log back online and start making leveling posts again. I haven't had any internal errors on Wizard101 and Pirate101 is just fine. I will start leveling Edward Cringle again and making lots of posts since its getting close to one year since I created him. :D Oh.. talking about one year.. Did you know in four days it will be one year since I became an official Pirate101 fansite?! I'm actually surprised, I still feel like a new fansite owner. I hope that's normal but I have a feeling I'll feel that way for awhile.. Until at least my 2nd year. LOL. Okay, looks like I should stop since I'm talking about a little bit of everything instead of the main reason I made this post. I will be back online soon since I know I'm not doing anything this week and will be bored and I miss the games. And to those on Twitter wondering why I haven't really tweeted lately... I recently had someone awesome follow me on Twitter and don't want to tweet them away LOL. I know... I'm crazy. :P Maybe a little bit random... Here I go talking about something else. Haha, I'll see y'all tomorrow or whenever. I'm going to try to make a blog post everyday until the end of the year.. No matter what! :D I hope you all had a great Monday x acts like its the new Friday x and I'll see y'all around the Spiral!

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