December 15, 2013

Do They Know Its Christmas?

Hi there!

Welcome the the postponed 14th Day of Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem's 25 Days of Christmas. I had so much fun yesterday on Pirate101 (three-four hours farming for gold and leveling my companions to prepare for the next world). I also was enjoying the snow we have PLUS I started watching Christmas movies last night and forgot all about posting my Christmas song on my blog. I'm going to post two today, two separate posts to make it 25 posts of Christmas songs. I'm beginning to think its tradition missing a day or two each year of Christmas songs! :P Here's today's song, Do They Know Its Christmas? by Band Aid! After publishing this post I realized this was my 300th post, I have never made it to 300 posts in one year so thank you everyone! I'm really happy all of you read my blog for me to publish that much! Here's to more next year. :)

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