December 5, 2013

El Dorado: Before, During and After!

Ahoy Pirates!

Lately I've been asking myself a question about Pirate101. What happens to the Pirate101 storyline after we visit El Dorado? I already answered this question but I really wanted to share my answer with all of you! Before I answer that question.. Lets ask ourselves... What does El Dorado look like? What does it have to do with us? Keep reading if you want to know a little more about the island/world El Dorado and what I think will happen with El Dorado and a little of what I think will happen after El Dorado!

El Dorado is a world/city made of gold that we pirates will be traveling to in the future. We are currently finding pieces of the map on the game in the worlds we are currently exploring to make our way to El Dorado. Once we find all of the pieces of the El Dorado map we can put them together and make our way there. We're supposed to find our parents that died (in the beginning you pick the way your parents died), and their spirits told us close to the end of questing in Skull Island to find them in El Dorado. I have a feeling our parents graves are in El Dorado and that's why they want us to find them. I think they left something important for us... Now that we know a little about El Dorado, what happens after we make it there? Will there be new worlds we travel to? My answer to that question is YES! Kingsisle will release new worlds for us to explore as long as we keep playing the game. I'm sure you're wondering what we will be doing in these new worlds.. I think we're going to have another new quest line that has something to do with our parents and the Armada. I think our parents left us another map/letter to travel to another world to save them. Once we travel to a new world that might mean the story line will expand into other worlds which will lead us up to another world. I think the Armada will be against us up until El Dorado. After that I have a feeling we'll have a new enemy. I could be completely wrong but that's how Kingsisle created the chapters on Wizard101 and it seems Pirate101 does have chapters.

Until Then, I think we'll have to continue defeating the Armada and gathering pieces of Marco Pollo's map so we can travel to El Dorado. We don't know much about El Dorado now but I think we'll learn even more throughout all of the worlds. I really don't know much about El Dorado but I really wanted to type this post up to tell you what I think will happen before, during and after the world. I'm sure that world is going to be epic but imagine what its going to be like getting there! It might be difficult but we have to show the Armada we will get the pieces of the map and make it there. Train your companions, get your best ship and lets get our map and make it to El Dorado to see what our parents are trying to tell us! What do you think will happen once we reach El Dorado? What do you want to happen? Comment below. Thank you all for reading this post and I wish you good luck questing and destroying the Armada/enemies. :D Now I really want to explore El Dorado.... :P


Autumn DreamWalker said...

I think it would be a kinda cool twist if we made it to El Dorado, but the Armada had already destroyed it. Then we would have to continue our quest to take them down in other worlds (Atlantis?) I'm not quite ready to be done with the Armada yet. But whoknows, there may be enough worlds in between AQ an El Dorado that by the time we get there i will have changed my mind about that :P

ThatFrostweaver said...

This is a big thing to think about but you have opened my horizon to worlds past El Dorado and where El Dorado is. Your picture of El Dorado looks like Azteca which would NOT be fun to go through in Pirate101 also but it could end in Skull Island. I think of this because what if there is a undead dinosaur witchdoctor that takes the ghosts of our parents.

That is all I have for now, off to write a blog post about Pirate101 test realm. *drinks eggnog and puts on a ugly sweater*

Edward Lifegem said...

I think it'll be like Azteca which is one reason I chose that image, but I think right in the middle of the island is a city of gold. I always hear El Dorado is an island so it may be part of another world but just a certain area of a world. So who knows! Like you said, it could end up in Skull Island which would make sense, it reminds me a little of Skull Island, just replace the skull with a gold city. ;) I think that's why there's Azteca Dinosaurs in Skull Island (I have no idea how to spell their name). Oh, have fun with the Pirate101 Test Realm, ugly sweater and eggnog. LOL :D

Edward Lifegem said...

That would be crazy. The Armada does have pieces of the map and they may put it together as fast as we do! I think you could be right. The Armada has been haunting us since Day #1, but I know I shouldn't mention Wizard101 too much on a Pirate101 post but I will one more time. The reason I thought the Armada wouldn't be as much as a threat was because the first Chapter of Wizard101. Malistaire and his dragons were after us for awhile until the end of the chapter. That's when we didn't see anymore dragons attacking us. Malistaire did come back in Azteca and tried to attack us so I don't know where we stand with Malistaire since he was thrown into space. LOL. I think we'll have the Armada come back and attack us again after El Dorado. I could be completely wrong, they could be here.... FOREVER!! :P