December 15, 2013

How To Make Farming For Gold Fun!

Ahoy Pirates!

For months I've been farming for gold, nautical leveling, and catching up on side quests for my Witchdoctor to prepare him for the next world. I have decided to only farm for gold now on my Witchdoctor since I have many companions I need to level up. I finally leveled my first page of companions to level 65 and I'm currently leveling my second page of companions to 65. I've been farming for gold in the Ithaca, Aquila so if you've been there you know after awhile it gets boring farming for gold. I've had times I've farmed for hours, like yesterday since I was tired. Yesterday I fell asleep while farming because of the peaceful music and scene in Ithaca! :P Don't get me wrong, I love Pirate101's music and scene but since I was on a mission to farm for gold this meant I needed to finish farming for gold! :P

I decided to get festive and put on a Christmas weapon (you can buy them from the crowns shop, they'll be gone soon) and I also opened up Spotify and search for Christmas songs! I think the only songs that don't really make me sleep are Christmas songs. I do love listening to Ithaca music if I want to relax while farming for gold but since I was tired yesterday I decided to open up Christmas songs. :) I thought that was a lot of fun and guess what, I ended up farming for 100,000 more gold without even falling asleep! Pirate101 is a lot of fun but when you're running around in the same area for hours at a time it may get a little boring so next time you're farming for gold, or just preparing for another area put on some music, it doesn't have to be Christmas music, just any music you really want to listen to. :) Thank you for reading and I'll see you around the Spiral (I have that feeling another world is going to be released soon and that's why I'm preparing, make sure you finish up your main quests if you haven't already).

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