December 19, 2013

Joy To The World!

Hi there!

Its the 19th Day of Around the Spiral's 25 Days of Christmas! I'm so excited for Christmas, I feel like this is the best time of the year and I love celebrating it. I'm sure you've noticed that by looking at my blog, there's Christmas everywhere on this blog! :D I usually change my background for Holidays just to show you all how important they are to me. :) I'm sure you've noticed I've changed the background for the Seasons lately too. Oh... I have to tell you this on this post, my town is going to get a snowstorm!! That means we could have snow on the ground for Christmas. That'll be the first time since 2010. The past two years it was HOT, seriously, the ice wizards took a break and didn't send any cold or snow here. I'm happy its snowing again this year... Okay here's today's song, Joy To The World by Mannheim Steamroller!

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