December 16, 2013

Kingsisle Has Changed My Life

Hi there,

I've been thinking about a making a post like this for a few years but I really didn't want to make it because I was worried about making the post. A week ago Kingsisle ask everyone to make a Contest Blog Post. They wanted everyone to tell them what Pirate101 and Wizard101 has meant to them. I decided to make this post since I have a few words to say myself but I don't want to enter it for a contest, just to tell you more about myself and how I joined the game and what KI has done for me. They have done a lot and I decided to make this post to tell you what they've done for me!

As many of you know, I started Wizard101 when I was 16 years old in 2009 after viewing an advertisement on the T.V. I was looking for a game to play at the time since I was having a lot of issues in real life (death in the family, anxiety and depression issues) and wanted to get away from it for awhile and have fun on a game I thought/knew I'd really love to play. I decided to join to see how the game would be. I joined after trying Club Penguin out but CP wasn't really a game I thought I'd like to play for awhile. After joining Wizard101 I was addicted. I started playing a lot, and met so many great friends on the game. I wasn't thinking about it then but I was actually meeting great people on the game that I'd be friends with for years and couldn't believe how great the game was. This happened before I was introduced to the community. I was introduced to the community from Mary Dreamshade after creating our blogs about the game. We created our blogs about the game in 2010 because Friendly Necromancer inspired us to. I've enjoyed blogging about the game ever since! Now back to the community, after I was introduced to the community I knew I'd love to be friends with everyone but I was very shy, and I'm sure a few people that know me will be surprised that I was actually shy in real life. I was worried to add anyone and I really didn't even make that long of a blog post when I did make posts back in 2010. I was afraid to friend anyone on the game still and say anything to anyone in the community since I thought they were too perfect for me. :P Not lying! I thought everyone was epic and I didn't think I would belong. I soon realized I was WRONG!! I was wrong because eventually I did start adding a few people at the community events such as pvp parties, birthday parties, Ravenwood Ball and I am still good friends with quite a few people that I added at the events! When I started, I was shy but a few years later that soon would change!

Lets fast forward to now. I've changed, I know that now! I know for sure that Kingsisle has help me get through something that at the time years ago I didn't think I would get over. Kingsisle has changed my life and so has the community. I am so thankful for everyone that's reading this post! My life has changed on the game and I'm now talking to everyone and adding everyone and I do not feel depressed or have anxiety anymore. I know a few people that don't play the game would think I'm crazy for saying this but its true! I feel a lot better now and I know that I can get through things. I know there's going to be times in the future that I won't be able to come to the game for help but I have family that I can go to now. In 2009 I didn't go to my family at first because I was a teenager and I thought I could work everything out on my own. Sometimes you can work things out on your own but there's time that you need friends and family and they can help you out! On the way of figuring that out, I've made so many great friends, found out what I love to do (blogging), and I've made huge decisions in real life that have helped me a lot. I would like to thank Kingsisle and everyone reading for everything they've done for me. I'm not making this post for a contest or anything, I'm making this post since I have a blog and I really wanted to tell you how I felt the past few years. I know there's a few times that's been bad for me but that happens, the bad will never compare to the good that's happened. :) That's exactly how Kingsisle has changed my life, they along with you gave me hope that things would get better and they have. :) Before I end this post, I'd like to ask you all something. What has KI done for you? Just comment below! It doesn't have to be a long blog post like my post here, but I'd like to see what KI has done for you. I'm sure they've done a lot of good for everyone and I hope they know that we appreciate them! Thank you KI!!! :)


Unknown said...

Wonderful blog

Edward Lifegem said...

Thank you Tracy! I'm glad I could finally post it, it was sad at first but I'm glad I've had a great game/community to look forward to in the past when I was down. :) I didn't even type everything the post but KI has no idea how much they've help me and that's why I've made the post. :)

Unknown said...

what ki have done for me it have give me some hope in life and i have meet some cool people and i have learn how to speak and other stuff and if i may say that your mine inspired for blogging XD

Unknown said...

Love your honesty here, and it is great to hear that KI have made such a positive change to the way you view things and life in general. Well done :)

Mason S. said...