December 17, 2013

Pirate101 Christmas Tree Contest!

Ahoy Pirates,

One Eyed Jack sent me Holiday Codes for a Contest today! Once he sent me them I had to think of a contest I should have that I really haven't had before. I thought of a PERFECT contest and easier contest that I'm sure everyone will enjoy. This new contest combines Art and Christmas. :D Keep reading for more information below on how to enter and what you can win. :D

Draw/Create a Pirate101 Christmas Tree Contest:

  • Step 1: Pirate101 Christmas Tree: Don't worry, don't decorate an entire Christmas Tree in real life. I would like to you to draw a Pirate101 related Christmas Tree. Keep it Pirate101 related and of course Christmas related at the same time. Draw ornaments on the tree (you can choose your own ornaments to draw onto the tree). You can do this by Graphic Arts OR just Normal Art. Don't worry, I'm going to judge all of them the same way.
  • Step 2: After You're Done: After you're done creating your Pirate101 Christmas Tree and send it to my email, I'm going to judge all of the entries through the email you submit your tree to and will send you your codes to the email you submit with.
  • Starts/ Ends: This contest STARTS TODAY, December 17th, 2013 and ENDS December 24th, 2013 at 12:00 P.M. CST. I will send all of the winners their codes through the email they submitted with. Learn more about what I'm giving away below! (Prince Yulefest Companion Picture Above, Mistle Toad Companion Picture Below).

Winners Of  Christmas Tree Contest:

Grand Prize: 
Mistle Toad Companion, 10,000 Crowns, Prince Yulefest Companion, 2,500 Crowns (2 Codes)

1st Prize:
Mistle Toad Companions,10,000 Crowns, Random Yuletide Pet, 1,000 Crowns (2 Codes)

2nd Prize:
Prince Yulefest Companion, 2,500 Crowns, Random Yuletide Pet, 1,000 Crowns (2 Codes)

3rd Prize:
Prince Yulefest Companion + 2,500 Crowns (1 Code)

4th Prize: 
Prince Yulefest Companion + 2,500 Crowns (1 Code)

5th Through 15th Prize Winners:
One code that gives a Yuletide Pet + a Very Rare Chance at Yuletide Companion (Mistletoad, Prince Yulefest, Yule Trogg) Winners will be chosen through Random.Org

16th Through 20th Prize Winners:
One Code that gives a Yuletide Pet (Candy Cane Dragon, Red Baubleloon or Green Baubleloon) + 1,000 Crowns. Winners for this will also be chosen through Random.Org. 

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, Please Comment Below. This contest will END on Christmas Eve. Its ending early since after that I will be busy and don't want to judge any entries on my Christmas Break I should call it. :P I hope y'all enjoy this contest and good luck to all of you. If you didn't see above, you have to draw a Christmas Tree with Computer Graphics OR just draw it and make it Pirate101 related. You'll have to send it to my email, after you're done drawing it. Winners will be announced on Christmas Eve after 12:00 P.M. CST which is the deadline to submit. Good luck everyone and Merry Christmas. :) If you'd like to see what the Yuletide pets look like just click HERE

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