December 17, 2013

Pirate101's 12th Day of the Spiral!

Ahoy Pirates!

Today Pirate101 announced that they have released two new companions as part of the 12th Day of the 12 Days of the Spiral! Let me say its epic that they released two new Christmas themed companions to the crowns shop. This means you can buy the two companions for 3,999 crowns in the crowns shop today. The companions won't be available long so make sure you buy them as soon as you can. Click the image below to learn more information these companions!

I'm not done with this post just yet. I have great news! While typing this post I'm planning my new Pirate101 Contest. One Eyed Jack sent me codes for a new contest and it involves something. :P That's all I'm saying for now. The new Pirate101 Contest should be published sometime today since Christmas is next week and I want to finish the contest before Christmas arrives. Woot! Thank you One Eyed Jack for the codes and I can't wait to see what everyone thinks of my new Pirate101 Contest I'm planning on having. :D

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