January 31, 2014

Year of the Horse Sale 2014!

Ahoy Pirates,

Pirate101 is having a sale this Chinese New Year- February 2nd, 2014 you can save up to 50% off select horse mounts and companions in the crowns shop! If you have crowns and need a mount, now would be the time to buy a mount while it could be 50% off it's original price! If you'd like to learn more about this incredible sale, just click the image below. Thank you for reading and please make sure you take part in this sale before it ends. I think I'm going to be one of those pirates that do take part and buy a companion or mount. :D

For more Information just click this image!

January 30, 2014

Brother Wolf's Quest (Pt. 3)

Ahoy Pirates!

I was planning on making this post a few days ago but recently I've been sick and since I'm now feeling better I have this post to post for today. Before I begin, I want refresh you memory on what I did last time I quested on my Swashbuckler, Edward Cringle. On my last post Sister Snake sent me to Madame Vadima to find out if she knew where I could find a Ghost Tear and Grumwort Herb so I can cure Silver Rain from the snake venom, ew, so she can move on to the Spirit World. This is all part of Brother Wolf's quest to help Silver Rain move on because he was her protector and couldn't protect her from Three Scars so he's going to try to help her move on. Well.. I'm going to help her move on so the guardian spirits can help me help the Bison :P. Before I get ahead of myself I'll let you know that Madame Vadima told me where to find the Ghost Tear and I had to fight someone that had it and all I have to do now is find the Grumwort Herb. Madame Vadima sent me to Frogfather to see if he knew where I could find the Herb since she didn't know how to find it. Frogfather told me that his business partner, Joey Karo, stole his supply of Grumwort and he currently resides in Flotsom. Frogfather told me that if I convince Karo what he did was wrong he will give me some of his Grumwort. I knew this was named second for a reason, I had that feeling I'd have to do another fight to find the Herb and Frogfather said I had to fight Joey as soon as he said his name!

I knew I would have to fight Karo as soon as I arrived since he didn't like guests.. RUDE! After I defeat him he had no trouble giving me the Grumwort. Lol he should have thought of who he was before he betrayed Frogfather and it would have made my job easier.. I mean it was easy, he was easy to defeat! I didn't have any trouble defeating a frog, but I did have trouble with the quest after the one above... I had to talk to ssssisssster ssssnake! You have no idea how much it bothered me to type that, don't ask me why! I have no idea why :P. Anyways,  After I was done with Karo I sailed back to Cool Ranch to talk to Sister Snake so she could make the balm to help Sister Rain move on to the Spirit Realm. 

After I was done talking to Sister Snake she gave me the balm to save Silver Rain so she could move on and join Brother Wolf in the Spirit World. What did that mean for me?! Well... I'll tell you.. It means I had to talk to Brother Wolf to finish the quest, well so I thought.. I didn't finish the quest yet. I believe there will be a part four of this quest but that's okay. I love blogging and I'm happy I'm questing more in the game and bringing more of Edward Cringle to this blog! If there wasn't an Edward Lifegem this blog would be called Around the Spiral with Edward Cringle. :D I haven't blogged in a few days and just want to type as much as possible but I'm running out of words so I'll just have to post a few last pictures once I talk to brother wolf and learned a little more about part four which I will blog about later. Until then, I'll see you around the Spiral, pirates!

Pirate101 Raffle/Contest: Dueling Diego

Ahoy Pirates!

Wow.. was sick recently.. yes again, I'm beginning to think the life wizards over in Ravenwood Academy don't care about us pirates. We need healing too! I'm feeling better and I'm ready to post this month's contest! I'm sorry I haven't done this before but gotta take breaks when I'm sick since when I post when I am sick the posts don't make any sense at all. :P Kingsisle sent me some epic codes to giveaway this month! If you haven't heard Dueling Diego awards from the KI Free Games, Dueling Diego, are now available for both games! I was wondering when they were going to do something like that that involves both games, I'm so excited. :D I don't really have a special contest planned this month since I didn't have time to plan one so I'll just host an old fashioned rafflecopter contest. :D There will be 8 winners for this contest, I have more information about the codes below the rafflecopter giveaway. This contest STARTS NOW and ENDS FEBRUARY 7th 2014 AT 12:00 A.M. . Winners will be emailed their codes from my email, edwardfrostgem@gmail.com. Make sure you enter this raffle before it ends and please follow all rules if you click on a raffle option, example: liking a FB page, make sure you like that FB page. Good luck everyone and if you have any questions, just comment below! :D

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • These codes are available longer than 24 hours. They last an entire year, just make sure to redeem them before February 7th 2015 :D. I don't think anyone will have trouble redeeming them once they receive them, they are epic codes! 
  • The codes I'm giving away are top tier Dueling Diego codes so that means that you'll receive 5,000 gold PLUS one item you can redeem from your gift window. If you're lucky you can that could mean you'll get to redeem something as rare as five companion training tomes or even a cool Marleybone Housing item like a Statue of St. Hurbert! Good luck again and make sure to check out Dueling Diego to try to win items yourself by clicking HERE.

January 27, 2014

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day 2014!

Hi there!

Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day, this means we should appreciate all of the work the community managers do for us everyday. One Eyed Jack and Lydia Greyrose, managers for Pirate101 and Wizard101, do a lot for the community and I'm very thankful for everything they do. Thank you so much for everything you do for the community. I can't image how fun it is to work at Kingsisle but I do know you two do a lot of work for the community and I'm very thankful for both of you. Thanks again for all of the work and here's to another great year! Here's a message from me to both of you.. Be sure to thank the community managers today for everything they do!

One Eyed Jack, P101 CM

Tom, you are a great community manager. On the last CMAD you were new at the community manager position, new but that doesn't mean you wasn't awesome. I'm glad you got the job in 2012 to be the Pirate101 Community Manager. You're doing a great job and I am thankful for everything you do: answering emails, posting on social media sites, and so much more! Here's to another great year! :)

Lydia Greyrose, W101 CM

Kiersten, Thank you so much for all of the work you have done in the past almost 6 years! I still can't believe Wizard101 is going to turn 6 years old this year and you've been here helping everyone through their troubles on the message boards, editing website and so much more. Thank you for everything you do! You're great and I hope you have another great year this year like you have in the past. :)

January 26, 2014

Brother Wolf's Quest (Pt. 2)

Ahoy Pirates,

I'm blogging again? Yes.. I actually have something to blog about and that something is Edward Cringle continuing to quest through part two of Brother Wolf's quest. Yesterday I turned in a quest by bringing meat to Brother Wolf, the guardian I summoned. I had to summon him by bring meat from bumbaloons. After I summoned him he told me he wouldn't help me unless I helped him with something. He wanted me to help Silver Rain move on to the Spirit world by talking to Sister Snake. Silver Rain was poisoned by Three Scars by Sister Snake's venom and he wants me to help Silver move on because he was her protector but couldn't protect her from that. Brother Wolf thinks that Sister Snake has the power to help her move on. Yesterday I talk to Sister Snake and she told me that she couldn't help me unless I had a Ghost Tear and Grumwort Herb to make a balm. This balm can help Silver Rain move on if I find the two ingredients for it. Yesterday I stop blogging when I had to talk to Madame Vadima for more help.

Once I arrived in the Witchdoctor School to talk to Madame Vadima she somehow knew I was on my way. I almost forgot she had a crystal ball, I guess that's how Witchdoctors are.... Cool :D. Madame Vadima told me that I could find a Ghost Tear in the Isle Of Doom in Skull Island but I have to fight a Sorcerer that is protecting it and doesn't want to give it up. She thinks.. LOL. I just read that in a picture I have from yesterday, wow that's funny! She also told me that she doesn't know where I could find Grumwort but she would help me find it when I fight the Sorcerer that might be protecting the Ghost Tear that might be there but she did say she thinks there is. I'm wondering how she knew I was going to be there to ask her for the two things but didn't know if there was a Sorcerer or not. I guess we'll see when we get there. :D x acts like I'm sailing my ship there x Once I arrived I noticed that there was a boss fight but it wouldn't be difficult because I had help from another pirate! I think that's the first time I met someone while questing on the same exact quest on Pirate101.. at least on this character.

I really do love that hat, Sarah.. I mean.. We started fighting the sorcerer that was there so I guess Vadima was right about someone protecting the ghost tear! We had no trouble defeating the enemies, it took about 10 minutes to defeat all them since there were quite a few of enemies to defeat but none of our companions died and we were safe! It was pretty fun. After defeating the enemies and collecting the ghost tear, we went back to talk to Vadima to see if she found the Grumwort. Once we sailed back to Skull Island, Avery's Court, Witchdoctor's School, by Madame Vadima in realm One Eyed Jack... lol... She told us that Frogfather might know where we could find Grumwort. I'm glad I had a chance to blog about fighting, well a little bit of fighting.. I think I'm ready to fight again because talking drives me crazy. HA! A blogger says that! Anyways, I think it's time I end this post since there's nothing else to blog about today. Thank you Alyssa for letting me join you with the battle above and I wish you good luck with your quests in the future. Thanks for reading everyone and there's one last picture of the day below. I'll talk to Frogfather again to see if he knows where the Grumwort is, lets hope he does! Until then, I'll see you around the Spiral. Stay safe in the skyways!

January 25, 2014

Brother Wolf's Quest (Pt.1)

Ahoy Pirates!

I was planning on posting a blog yesterday but didn't get the chance because when I planned to post gmail and blogger started to mess up and I wasn't able to make a blog post. Everything today is better of course, and I have a long post for you to read today so get ready :D. On my last blog post I had to fight Striped Bumbaloons to gather meat so I could summon the next guardian, Brother Wolf. After I collected the meat to summon Brother Wolf I sailed to Scorpion Rock to summon him and at first he said he was going to eat me! I'm sorry Brother Wolf, I already fought all of the bumbaloons off and I'm not going to let that work go to waste so you're eating the meat and not me :P.

After a long talk with Brother Wolf (I told him how many enemies I defeated in the past), he decided not to eat me since he was scared of me... Look at his glowing eyes and he's almost the size of the scorpion in the background... He's scary.. I mean he's scared of me!! :D Anyways... I started talking to him and he told me Silver Rain, the chief's bride, Brother Wolf was her protector and guardian but she was killed by Three Scars when he used Sister Snake's venom... ew... and the poision blinded her ghost and she's having trouble finding a path to the Spirit World (Three Scars sure has caused a lot of trouble in the past). Brother Wolf wanted me to help  him by putting Silver Rain's spirit to rest by talking to Sister Snake. If you look at the picture above, it says that Sister Snake has enough power to release Silver Rain so she can move on.

It takes awhile to sail all the way from Scorpion Rock to Sister Snake. I wasn't worried about the travel to Sister Snake, I was worried about talking to Sister Snake... I hate snakes... yes that's supposed to be offensive to snakes :P. Once I was threatened by Brother Wolf that if I didn't go he'd destroy my ship, I had to go talk to Sister Snake (okay I wasn't threatened by him). Once I arrived the snake, the glowing eye snakes which makes it even scarier than it is now, told me that I need to find a Ghost Tear and a Grumwort Herb to make a balm that will help Three Scars so she could move on. She said the two items wasn't in Cool Ranch and that I would have to sail to a different realm to find them.. Wait... She said they couldn't be found in Cool Ranch and that I'd have to travel to a different realm?!! x starts celebrating x Wow, I'll finally won't see any snakes... Ah! It's going to be nice :). Old Scratch told me that the two would be in Skull Island and I'd have to talk to Vadima, the witchdoctor teacher, to find out exactly how and where to find them. I think we'll have to wait until next time to make that post since I already post a lot today. Until then, I'll see you around the Spiral! :D

January 23, 2014

Striped Bumbaloons!

Ahoy Pirates!

The last time I started questing on my main quest was December 2nd on my I hate Snakes post.. It's been awhile since I quested on the main storyline on my swashbuckler, Edward Cringle. I was worried about the Striped Bumbaloon quest. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about once you read the title of this post. Today I had plenty of time to quest so I decided to try to finish the quest so I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore so I can quest again on my main quest line so I won't have anymore trouble to worry about anytime soon.

I had to fight bumbaloons and buffaloons in order to summon the next guardian, Brother Wolf. I had to collect meat from the buffaloons so I could summon the wolf. There's always a quest in the game that's difficult and this quest is one of the quests that's difficult. When you get to this quest you have to fight one bumbaloon per deck fight and sometimes a lot of buffaloons show up. I'm not going to lie to you, this quest is difficult but there are ways to change the difficulty of the quest. You can hire minions, like I did after the first four fights. Is it bad I forgot there were minions in the crowns shop? I hope not, I'm going to remember now because the minions really did help me with the other four fights. Here's another reason I love the minions Kingsisle added to the game, after all of the months they've been on the game, thank you Kingsisle for adding them!

Another way to make this fight easier is to ask friends for help. Remember to ask nicely, if you do I'm sure they'll be willing to help if they're not busy. I've had times when I was on the lowest of health and I really needed help and asked nicely if a friend could help and if they couldn't I did end up being defeated but that was okay. They helped afterwards when they wasn't busy anymore and we went through the quest without any dying. Today when I was questing I just hired minions and turn up the music on the game and listened to it when I defeated the bumbaloons, with help from my companions and the lovely minions from the crowns shop. :D I'm so happy I finally finished this quest and can't wait to continue questing through the game. I think this quest was holding me back for awhile and that's why I haven't really post much Edward Cringle posts lately. I promise that will change soon! Anyways, I did defeat all 8 and collected the meat from them to summon Brother Wolf ( epic picture below). Wow, I really want a pet or companion that looks like Brother Wolf, he's pretty cool! I'll quest more later, since Brother Wolf does have a quest for me. You'll have to wait until next time to see what that quest is! Until then, I'll see you around the Spiral and I'm sorry if I confused their names, I think I like calling them striped buffaloons. LOL. :D

After all of that work I did for you? YOU WILL NOT EAT ME!! 

January 22, 2014


Hi there,

Recently I found out about something (I'm not going to tell you what it is) that had something to do with a spoiler for Wizard101. I was very upset because I wasn't trying to look up the spoiler, I wanted to find out on my own once Kingsisle releases it. I couldn't believe I had to find out just by looking somewhere I usually look and wasn't expecting to see any sort of spoiler. If you're someone that finds out about a spoiler, don't release it to the entire world.. Last year I found out how rude that could be and if someone ever gives me a spoiler that's planned to be released in the future on the game in the future, I will never release it! There are people in the community that want to be in on the surprise so whoever is providing these spoilers to the public, take your tweets, statuses and posts down. Let someone in the community be surprised about the future of the game. If someone is planning on hosting a surprise Birthday party for someone, you don't shout this to the person: It's your Birthday? OH.. Forgot to tell ya something... Your friend is having a surprise Birthday party for you!!! SURPRISE.. BIRTHDAY.. PARTY.. FOR, Y O U!  Lol seriously though, please stop releasing spoilers to the public. I don't know if there's a Kingsisle employee releasing these things, but if there is.. STOP! If you're releasing spoilers, you need to stop this now. I like the old days where we found out something that was planned to be released on the game the same day Kingsisle announced it. Thank you for reading everyone and I'm not mad, I just want there to be a surprise once in a while.

January 21, 2014

Wizard101 Test Realm Is Open!

Hello Wizards,

Today Kingsisle released the test realm for wizards to test out minor updates to the game. No, Khrysalis Part 2 hasn't been released yet. They were talking about it a lot in the test realm update notes and this makes me think they will release the test realm anywhere from this week until the very first week of February. Please keep in mind I could be wrong about this guess, so lets hope for now that they will release the test realm for this soon. I'm not going to to continue blogging about the next world update, at least for this post, so I'll send you a link to the test realm to test out the new updates instead :D. If you'd like to test out all of the minor updates/bug fixes Kingsisle added to the test realm, just click the image below!

X Marks The Spot

Ahoy Pirates!

Yesterday Kingsisle released another sneak peek, which I think will be very helpful. If you didn't know, Kingsisle has a feature on Wizard101 where you can mark a spot on the game and when you mark the spot it takes away Mana (energy on Wizard101). If you teleport somewhere else because you need to go to the bazaar, you can teleport back by clicking that marked spot. I THINK Kingsisle might be adding this feature to Pirate101 soon, well at least looking at the picture itself. What do you think of the picture below? Do you think it's X Marks The Spot OR something different? I can't wait to see all of the plans Kingsisle has for us this year!

KI: "What a surprising development!" exclaimed Zeke! Meanwhile, we wonder what Marquis Mark could be recalling . . . (Hope you enjoy this latest Sneak Peek from our internal servers here at KingsIsle!)

January 20, 2014

Why Do I Love Pirate101?

Ahoy Pirates!

I decided to make a blog post today since I haven't in a few days (since I was sick and feeling better now). Today, I decided to make a post telling you exactly why I love Pirate101 and blog about the game. I started Pirate101 in 2012 when Kingsisle announced Closed Beta for the game and I, of course, accepted the Beta invitation and started testing out the game. As soon as I played the game I was on for hours even though I was going to be busy that day. I couldn't believe the graphics, fun and work Kingsisle put into this game. It's amazing, even today thinking about all of the work Kingsisle put into this game. This game has so many things to try out even if you're at level cap.

One thing I really do love about Pirate101 are the graphics. WOW. I mean if you look at the screenshot above you'll know what I'm talking about. I remember taking this screenshot for a contest long ago and I knew it would look awesome when I was preparing to take this screenshot and it does. I took this screenshot in the Witchdoctor's House which is another reason I love Pirate101. The houses on Pirate101 are epic and you explore a lot once you get one. After you're done exploring you can always PvP with another Pirate on the game.... Yeah... another thing I love doing on the game. When you PvP you also get to use your companions, LOVE THEM! If you don't want to PvP you can sail your ship around the Spiral, KI makes tons of ships for the game and that's another thing I love about the game. Lol, maybe this post should have been titled I LOVE PIRATE101 instead of Why Do I Love Pirate101? 

The reasons I love Pirate101 above aren't the only reasons I love Pirate101. I love Pirate101 because of the community and Kingsisle. I have been blogging about Pirate101 before it was even released to the public. I believe I started blogging about Pirate101 on April 25th, 2012. I can't believe that was two years ago.. Where is time going?! I still feel like Pirate101 is a new adventure, which is good. I'm so happy Kingsisle made such a great game and put all of that hard work on the game. If you haven't played Pirate101 yet, you should play the game through Aquila and come back and tell me what you think of the game by commenting on this post. If you do that challenge I bet you'll end up loving the game as much as I do. Thank you Kingsisle for creating this game and I can't wait to see what plans you have for us this year AND did you know I have two pictures from Halloween on this post? Yeah.. I do.. :P I think I'm looking forward to it or something.. Halloweentown and Pirate101 again this year? I think yes! 

January 17, 2014

How To: On My Blog

Hi there,

I really wanted to make a post explaining a few things on my blog such as ratings of posts, how to comment on my blog posts, and I'm going to show you how you can follow my blog by email where you can receive an email each time I make a new blog post. I don't think I made a post like this before, but I'm glad I am now so all of you can come to this blog without having any trouble. I'll start with how to rate my blog posts..

Rating Blog Posts:

I don't remember telling anyone I've added this, but I have seen a few votes on a few of my blog posts lately. I wanted to tell everyone more about this so you understand how to use the Reactions. Once you get through reading a blog posts, whether it be an awesome one, or a terrible one, you can rate the blog post by clicking in the grey boxes. If it's a shocking blog post, just click the grey box for the reaction :O If it's a happy blog post just click the grey box with the smiley :) If you don't feel like clicking, don't click! :P 

Commenting On Blog Posts

If you'd like to comment on my blog posts, just click on the comments section below my blog posts. If there's no comments, you'll read No Comments. If you see this, just click on it and you'll see a comment box where you can comment (view picture above). Sometimes there's already comments on my blog post, and it'll say that there's comments on the post, just click that and you'll see the same box show up below my blog post! :) Remember, you have to be signed in to an email account to comment on my blog post.

Follow My Blog By Email

The last thing I want to tell you about is about the Follow By Email option on my blog. To use the Follow By Email option you'll have to type your email address you use where it says Email Address below the Follow By Email title in the picture above. After you type your email address just hit submit! You can use this to receive an email each time I make a blog post so you're always up to date on each and every one of my posts. Thanks for reading everyone and I hope this explained a few things you may have been wondering about!

January 16, 2014

I Can't Wait Until Khrysalis Part 2 Is Released

Hello Wizards!

When I have sick days like today, I always think of the future of Wizard101.. Today I've been thinking about Khrysalis Part 2. It's been the talk of the community lately and I think a lot of wizards, including myself, are ready for the release of it! I should add that I haven't even finished part 1 with Autumn Dreamwalker and I'm already excited for the second part of the world. Why? Well if you want to see why keep reading to see what I can't wait to see in Khrysalis Part 2.

I'm sure you know by now that I take a lot of pictures on the game from my almost 900 posts, I bet I added pictures on 90% of them. I can't wait until the next world so I can take screenshots of the game and attacks when I'm attacking an enemy on the game. I had to add a picture to this post of my fire wizard attacking a centipede while Autumn and I were questing through Khrysalis Part 1. I just love taking pictures of the game and can't wait to take even more once the 2nd part of Khyrsalis is released to the test/live realm.

Another thing I can't wait for is NEW SPELLS. I have a feeling that this second part of Khrysalis will bring wizards new spells. I'm excited to also take screenshots of the spells.. okay maybe I'm obsessed with taking screenshots of the game but who can blame me?! Wizard101 has awesome graphics and its fun to have images of how much the game changes. This makes me wonder what future spells will be like on the game! You think we'll see something different weakness or stun in the future? 

One last thing I'm really looking forward to is defeating Morganthe. If you're a fan of Morganthe's work, well I'll be defeating you too if I do get to defeat Morganthe. :P I really can't wait to defeat her after all of the damage she's caused. I'm starting to think she's caused more damage than Malistaire, and I'm wondering if the next boss after Morganthe will be as evil, if not more. Well I can't predict the future so I guess we'll have to see after we defeat Morganthe. Oh... before I end this post, I'm going to ask Morganthe for her pet spiders because I know Autumn loves them! I'm sure Morganthe won't mind. ;) Haha, Okay I'll see you around the Spiral. Thank you for reading everyone!

January 15, 2014

Will We Receive Another Game Card Pack Soon?

Ahoy Pirates!

I've been hoping for a new Pirate101 hoard pack for awhile and I'm sure most of you are probably hoping the same thing. Lately I've been thinking about Pirate101 and how many hoards we have... one. :P I don't think that's such a bad thing. Why? Well if you look at Wizard101 they have tons and it's hard to choose one pack because there's too many. I'm happy Pirate101 is taking their time to make their hoard packs and hope Wizard101 does the same thing. Don't get me wrong, the packs on Wizard101 are epic! I think Pirate101's Tribal Crew Pack (that was released about a year ago- January 17th, 2013) was pretty cool too. When I log onto the game I always see pirates that have something from the Tribal Crew Pack. I have at least one thing from the tribal crew pack on all of my pirates.

I remember last year purchasing the Tribal Crew Pack the first time, I love the Ankylosaur mounts, especially since I believe they come in yellow, red and green (correct me if I'm wrong), three different colors! Another thing I love is the lions they released in this pack, they also come in different colors/patterns :D. Thank you Kingsisle for a great game card pack last year. I have a feeling we'll get a new game card pack this year and I decided to blog what I hope is in the next game card pack.. No I'm not done blogging yet, get ready for a long blog post :D. Keep on reading if you'd like to see what I'd like to see on a new game card pack if or when Kingsisle releases one.

  • New Pirate Themed Gear: With new game card packs come new gear and I'm hoping we all get new gear with the new pack. I'm really hoping we get a game card pack with new pirate looking gear. I thought of the gear they recently released with the last game update and think gear like that would look awesome. I don't want the gear to look exactly like the gear above, but I would love to see a more pirate theme of gear and of good statistics on the gear.
  • New Mounts: I don't know about mounts since I can't think of one that looks different from Wizard101, but I know Kingsisle has no problem creating new mounts for Pirate101. I love all of the mounts on Pirate101 and can't wait to see what they come up with next. I'm excited and can't wait to see the new game card pack
  • New Companions: We all know that Kingsisle can create awesome companions and this makes me think of the future, not just game card pack companions but all companions. I can't wait to see the companions Kingsisle comes up with with the next game card pack!

That's only a few things I'd love to see and can't wait to see on the next Pirate101 game card pack. I made this blog post today because I have that feeling Kingsisle will soon release a new game card pack but I guess we'll have to wait until they do announce they have a new pack. I was thinking that maybe they are planning on releasing the pack after the new update (the one they have been giving hints and sneak peeks about lately) and then release the new pack on the live realm right after the update is tested on the test realm. I could be wrong but we should know by now Kingsisle usually releases new items right after all of the updates on the test realm is tested and released on the live realm. Like I said above, we'll have to wait and see! Okay, thanks for reading everyone and I'll see you around the Spiral. :)

Some Account Sanctions Reduced + Bad Language & Bullying Rant

Hi there,

Yesterday I made a blog post/rant about the bans on Wizard101 where people were exploiting the game. I know that some of you didn't know about the exploit and I felt bad but I'm happy to say, KI announced on their social media sites that some of the account sanctions have been reviewed and reduced! Thank you KI for doing this but I have something to say to those who have been so rude to KI in the past few days. I had a feeling yesterday they would do something like this but all you needed to do was wait instead of causing the world to end 1 billion years early. I'm actually upset that someone who says they're a fan could turn their backs that easy and basically go crazy. If your account was reviewed and the ban was taken away, PLEASE be thankful! That's all you can do after all of the damage you've caused in the community. I've seen petitions, bad language and even some people were getting mad at me using bad language on my social profiles basically directed towards me because they did something they knew was an exploit. I usually try to make blog posts positives but let me say this, if it was my choice, you'd be banned from all of the bad language and bullying you've done, not from the exploit. A lot of people have commented on my last blog post and it's made me think of all of the bullying and bad language used on the game. These people need to be the people that should be banned. I hope KI does see that, if they keep it up they should be banned not muted. That's only an opinion, just sick of the things I hear on the game that I've been trying to so hard to ignore the past year but it doesn't work. I feel bad for the new wizards, younger wizards, that make it to the game and go through the commons their first time and probably hear those going past the chat still. Open chatters can't even use words anymore because of those who abuse the chat. The chat is something we should enjoy having, not abuse because you're mad or just think it's "cool" to bully someone or use bad language. Let me tell you, it's not cool to do something like that and you must be learning from the wrong person that it is when it's not. I usually don't blog rants on my blog post since I want this blog to be only about Pirate101 and Wizard101 but I want to get the truth out there no matter what. I've blogged about this so many times in the past and think I should again. I apologize to those who don't like rants, but if you don't, you don't have to read them. There's other posts that you can read. :) I'm only going to label this to Rant so you don't have to read this since it's not going to be tagged on the Pirate101 or Wizard101 labels. I've had someone tell me I rant too much, yes I do on my rant posts you read, so if you're reading it's your fault. I have nearly 900 posts and 20 of them are rant posts, you can read the rest of my blog whenever you'd like to.. Lol Okay, getting too far on my rant. Now.. Please keep in mind in the future, if you're mad about something, throwing a temper tantrum won't get you anywhere. Now that my rant's finished, I'm happy most of you are getting your accounts back, everyone who did, not just those who didn't get mad. I just made this post so everyone knows that even though KI did this now, doesn't mean next time you'll be so lucky. Please don't exploit the game so you don't get banned! Good luck everyone.

January 14, 2014

New Pirate101 Sneak Peek!

Ahoy Pirates!

Today Kingsisle updated their Pirate101 timeline with a new sneak peek picture which you can see by clicking the image below! If you haven't clicked on the image below I would like to explain more of what's in the image.. There's a flamingo in the Musketeer's school. I think this has something to do with a side world/side quest. I don't know if it's a main world or not, but if not I still believe it's going to be a lot of fun.   I have nothing else to say other than, I think something else will happen this week or next week. I think it'll be the test realm, maybe another sneak peek image! Okay... enjoy (can't blog because I'm too excited). :D

My Thoughts On Recent Bans

Hi there,

Recently Kingsisle banned a bunch of players that were apparently cheating in the game trying to get unlimited items that gave them a lot of gold (correct me if I'm wrong). Kingsisle either banned players for a short amount of time or forever since they cheated in the game. I think Kingsisle did the right thing banning players for a short amount of time but don't really know about banning players forever.. Before I get started let me talk about what happened in the past and what's happening right now. There's been a lot of bugs in the game and players don't really know which things could be bugs. There could be a bug where players and spells are all red or a bug like this one where you get unlimited gold from something. I think I would know if I was getting unlimited gold so this doesn't mean you didn't know about it so don't tell KI they are wrong, you're going to sue them, or whatever you're saying because it's not their fault.. it's yours. They may have had the bug in the game and didn't know about it but you did so that means you are the only fault for picking up the items and selling them over and over. Now, if you accept what you did was wrong I really would like to thank you and hope that you get your account back soon. I don't know what I would do if my account was banned and would probably go crazy but I would know what I did was wrong and wouldn't blame Kingsisle for something I did that I knew was wrong. This reminds me of the bugs that happened in the past, like the gardening bug that happened. This was something that was unexpected, but we found out that we shouldn't have done something like that and a lot of people were banned for cheating in the game. I'm sure most of you that's made it to Azteca or Khrysalis know about this bug I'm talking about. It's about lessons and I think everyone should learn from their mistakes. If you've learned from this mistake than you will know next time not to do something like that. I have a feeling Kingsisle will change their minds about punishment. I'm only hoping, I really don't know if they will or not.. Usually when I make posts like these, a lot of people get mad but if you do, you really don't know who's fault it is about your banning and it's not my fault that you were banned. I'm here to blog what I think about the bans. Now.. I think it's time I really talk about people who are using bad language against Kingsisle... I'm surprised you haven't been banned for all of the bad language you're using. I've seen so much bad words on Twitter (and I'm sure other sites) lately and I can't believe how you've made it past Azteca acting like Morganthe. Please don't cuss Kingsisle out or I'm sure you'll never get your account back even if they reverse all of the bans. Let's hope they do reverse the bans (at most the bans that last forever). Thanks for reading. If you have anything you'd like to say, just comment below. I hope everyone that isn't using bad language against Kingsisle out does get their account back and if you stop using bad language against them, I hope you get your account back to. Please learn from your mistakes and don't do anything like that next time because Kingsisle is probably getting tired of it. I've read about other games where people were hacking the games and they weren't getting punished for doing all of the things they were doing to the game + hacking the game. That game ending up being closed. Do you want Wizard101 to shut down if Kingsisle didn't do anything for anyone doing something they shouldn't be doing or do you want to continue playing the game we all love?

January 13, 2014

I'm Back!

Ahoy Pirates!

Wow, today has been a long day. I decided to delete Wizard101 and some other apps (no offense wizards reading, I'll still be posting and will be back soon) so I could blog about Pirate101 again! I think I'm addicted to Pirate101 because I've been missing it ever since Christmas the time my computer really started acting up and I didn't get to blog as much as I wanted to. Before I get started, I want to say Happy One Year and who knows how many days Birthday to Edward Cringle! :D Yeah he turned one on December 23rd, because I created him on December 23rd, 2012. I'm sorry I didn't blog that at the time, I promise I'll blog about his second Birthday. :) Okay before I post so many smileys on this blog post that you can't see anymore words I think it's time I get started on my blog for the day... :D

Today I decided to log onto Pirate101 after deleting all of the apps I downloaded on my computer in the past to see if everything would work out. I was hoping I wouldn't have any lag and I guess my luck was good today because I didn't have any lag! That means I'm back and posting again. I wanted to keep questing so I decided to click on Sarah Steele's first promotion quest and start questing to see if everything would be okay. I had to talk to Morgan Lafitte, the swashbuckler teacher first, so I could start my quest. Morgan told Sarah that she needed a new fine blade so Sarah could become the fencer she always wanted to be. Sarah said that her Uncle had a perfect sword but we had to talk to a Rat named Nicodemus. We had to get a golden spyglass from Nicodemus for Sarah's Uncle. Nicodemus said it wasn't for sale but he'd trade it so we had to collect four Cannons from Rojo Guard ships (see epic image above). After we did all of that we finally got to talk to Sarah's Uncle and we gave him back his spyglass. After talking awhile we found out that some enemies had the sword so that meant.... meant.... it was time to defeat some rats, but first we had to talk to One Eyed Jack to find out more information! 

After talking to One Eyed Jack he told us more about Mick Dagger, the rat that stole the sword, and told us where he thought the Mick and the bilge rats were. We found the bilge rats and defeated them but after defeating them they told us that Mick wasn't there and told us the exact location where their one and only leader was!? LOL. That's actually funny. He's their leader and they told me where he was... that's crazy.. I mean, yeah.. THEY TOLD ME because I'm the strongest pirate in the Spiral! Level 24 FTW! x acts like I'm not crazy and continues to blog x. Yeah.. after they told us where Mick was I sailed to Scrimshaw and defeat him. The End. :D Oh, he gave us the sword and said that Sarah Steele was a traitor and I shouldn't trust her.. So far, she's awesome. :D After we got the sword I went to a tavern to finish her promotion (see image of Sarah after promotion).. She looks pretty awesome doesn't she? :D I love the hat! Thanks for reading everyone and I'm sorry this post was so long and had a lot of detail. I miss Pirate101 blogging and I promise this year will be 1000x better than last year. :) I'll see you Around the Spiral!

January 12, 2014

After Avalon Prediction

Lately I've been thinking about the future of Wizard101 mostly because of the recent release of Avalon. Have you thought about the future of Wizard101 and how much will change right after Avalon? I mean... just think... really think about it... keep thinking.... KEEP THINKING! Yeah, there we go! You've thought enough about it. I think the next world's going to be about old dinosaurs and how we have to keep questing ahead to stop Morganthe from destroying the world which she will end up doing. I thought ahead of that too... I think after the world after the world I just mentioned will be about BUGS.. yeah.. bugs.. and this world will be Morganthe's home world.. I think we'll have to try to stop her from rewriting the spiral with an apocalypse song from the world after Avalon... Yeah... that makes sense. Anyways, I think we'll have pretty cool spells and pets after the world that we'll all enjoy. :D Autumn and I will quest through the worlds with my character, Edward Firegem which is level 80 right now. :P Okay, well that was my post for the day.. I'll see you around the Spiral! 2012!!!!! LOL

January 10, 2014

Three Things I Can't Wait To See On Pirate101

Ahoy Pirates!

Today Frogfather ask everyone on the Message Boards what they would like to see/ what we would like to do on Pirate101. I decided that since I can't quest on the game that I'd make a game answering that question in different way. :) There's three things I really can't wait to see on the game and I hope we get to see one of the three things I mention on this post this year!

New Attacks/Critical Attacks

I would LOVE to see Pirates attacking with new attacks this year. I really love the pirate moves and attacks and I'm sure everyone reading knows this since I take a lot of pictures of the attacks. I bet I have over 1,000 pictures already just of pirate attacks. I would also like to see new Pirate Critical attacks, I think the critical attacks for companions are awesome and I would like to see pirates doing a lot more critical attacks than they do now. That's one thing I would like and can't wait to see on Pirate101 this year.

New Companions

I know that Pirate101 will add new companions this year. I just can't wait to see what great ideas they come up with and all of the new companions we get to add to our crew. Who's excited about that?! :D I know I am for sure. Along with companions I can't wait to see what attacks they have. Get ready new laptop.. I know this year I'll take thousands of pictures just companions and attacks. :P 

New Worlds/Skyways

I have that feeling KI is going to surprise us again just like they did last year with Marleybone and Aquila! I also have a feeling a new world will be released soon. I don't know if they're going to make a schedule of world releases or not like they did on Wizard101 for awhile but if they do that's okay.. I just can't wait to explore the new areas and see the new Skyways! I have no doubt in my mind that the next world or worlds will be just as good if not better than Marleybone and Aquila. I can't wait to see what KI has planned for us. :D

January 9, 2014

Computer Problems


I just wanted to make this blog post to keep you updated on why I haven't really made much blog posts in the past few months. I haven't really quest on the game lately because I've had a ton of issues on my laptop and it's been preventing me from leveling on both games. I've had internal errors on Wizard101 and that's kept me from leveling on there on any character in Avalon since October. Recently I've had connection issues that's prevented me from staying on the games long enough and I've had a lot of lag on Pirate101 and Wizard101 and I can't even level. I do have a few posts for Wizard101 that I had when I didn't experience much lag when leveling with Autumn but other than that I don't know what I'm going to do until I get my new laptop. I would like to apologize in advance just in case I don't get to post as much this month as I usually do every month. I promise I will start leveling again and making lots of posts but this is the reason I don't make questing posts and barely have anything fun or entertaining to blog about. I would like to thank you for reading my blog and I promise if there's any contests I will still have them and blog about any news in the Spiral! Thank you again and I'll see you around the Spiral.



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January 7, 2014

Saved By The Mouse

Hello Wizards!

I'm so excited to make my part 2 post of Saved By The Wizard! The other day I couldn't continue the post since I already type a lot more than I expected so I decided that today would be the best day to continue that post. :) Make sure to read it before you read this one or it won't make sense. :P I'm still going to refresh your memory of what happened on my last post.. On my last post Autumn and I had to talk to a mouse, Dyvim Whitehart, and we ended up getting him new gear, defeating mobs, more mobs, and a boss! The other day I left off on finding a red cloth for Dyvim. The red cloth had danger on it and it was right by a War Room.

I knew once we had to enter a room called War Room we would have to defeat a boss or something, so we both prepared to defeat Vanek Warscream. Once we entered battle Dyvim helped us with our battle again. He gave us a lot of damage and resist which is awesome. I didn't think I would like this ally at first but I actually do now that I'm trying it out :). I don't think this battle was that hard and we defeated the boss pretty easily without dying! After defeating the boss we ended up finding documents with the Shadow Queen's plans. I'm starting to find this strange that this world is easier than Azteca (before the update). I'm glad its not too difficult but I really don't know if part 2 will be the same or not. It could be completely different and be the most difficult area of the game to finish. I can't wait until part 2 but for now I need to finish part one so I'm going to continue making the posts of Autumn and I questing through part 1. :D I will have another blog post in the next few days so I hope you read the rest of this one so you know what happens next. We'll continue to talk to Dyvim on my next post to see what he says about the notes on the documents we collected. I'll see you around the Spiral!

January 6, 2014

January 2014 Pirate101 Newsletter

Ahoy Pirates!

It's 2014 and that means Kingsisle released another newsletter for the month. :D This newsletter has a new Rogue's Gallery and a Sneak Peek! Let me start with the sneak peek since I'm excited about it and can't just not post about it until after Rogue's Gallery. This time Kingsisle released another image that looks like a treasure chest, one that you can lock and unlock? I can't think of it what it is but it does go along with the quest Completely Barmy! Here's an image of the sneak peek below..

I don't really know what this could mean but If you haven't, you should scroll through the Newsletters and look for another Barmy image in another Newsletter. This is making me curious. I'm starting to think its one huge side quest or something. This looks new and doesn't remind me anything of Wizard101 which is great. :D I love surprises. Anyways, this isn't the only thing I'm posting about, you can also check out the rest of the newsletter by clicking the image above AND watch the Rogue's Gallery ,featuring Old Scratch, below *I'll post once it becomes available on blogger*. Happy New Year, Pirates!

January 5, 2014


Hello Wizards!

Yesterday I had a chance to quest with my sister again through Azteca. We haven't really quest since November, I think before Thanksgiving, so yeah it's been awhile since we last quest. The last time we quest was before they applied the update to Avalon and Azteca where they lowered mobs health and pips so it was new when we started fighting them again. I believe it's a lot easier to get through the fights even if we're fighting the same schools (storm or ice). Thank you Kingsisle for applying that update, it really helps us a lot.

Yesterday my sister and I finished Mangrove Marsh. We had to go through a short dungeon there but it wasn't difficult since they lowered the mobs health and pips (this doesn't count for the bosses). It was pretty easy getting through that dungeon. I believe we had to get something in this dungeon to make it to the next area which we did after we were done with the dungeon. I almost died but luckily my sister had a healing spell! Thank you. :D After we were done with the dungeon it was time to go to the next area and join Pirate101 and start fighting monquistan monkeys, but first we needed to sail there on our pirate ships (kidding).

The last time I quest through this area the monkeys were casting Efreets the first round and it was difficult to defeat them. Thanks to the pip and health change we didn't have to do deal with an issue like that! I'm happy it didn't take so long defeating them. They had over 3,000 health, close to 4,000 I believe, before the update and now they have 2,800 and less pips which made it a lot easier to defeat them. I approve! Anyways, after we defeat the monkeys it was time to take their pirate ship and sail to Skull Island, Okay... I'm missing Pirate101! Lol :D. After we defeat the monkeys it was time to defeat sky snakes (another Pirate101 thing, seriously I need to play the game today)! We started to fight them but I had a lot of computer issues during the fight. I kept losing connection and having lag problems. I think this is happening because I said a few months ago I was planning on getting a new computer and my computer is mad about that. I'm sure by now you think I'm crazy (it is 2:00 A.M. my time) so I think it's time to stop typing and fall asleep again. Good night and see you around the Spiral!

January 2, 2014

Rest In Peace, Allan Ghostdust

I would like to tell the family of Allan Ghostdust that I'm very sorry for your loss. I am praying for you and I know God will help you through this tough time. I'm really speechless about this, no, I'm shocked. I am so sorry for your loss and I know I didn't know Allan well but I know he was a good person and I wish I could have met him in game. I want the family of Allan to know that the community cares about you and we are keeping you in our thoughts/ praying for you. I would also like to thank Kingsisle for making Allan's wish come true! You've made a huge wish of his come true and I'm sure he was happy you did. I love that Kingsisle cares and they even put his character in game and let him choose which dialog for Allan Ghostdust to have in the game. Allan, we will miss you. RIP! 

Saved By The Wizard

Hello Wizards!

It has been awhile since I made a Wizard101 questing post. I have plenty to post about but wanted to take a break for the holidays on both games. I'm back and have plenty of posts to share! Before I go on, let me tell you more about my last questing post.. On my last post Autumn Dreamwalker and I had to defeat a bug and save a mouse. That's all I'm going to say because I really don't know what happened, that's why my post was called Confusing Wizard101 Post. I think this post will make a lot more sense since I didn't have any computer issues ;).

On this questing day we met Dyvim Whitehart, the mouse we saved on my last post from the bug. After rescuing him from the tower we told him why we was in this world (to defeat the Shadow Queen) and he said he would help us. He needed to get his armor before he could help us since they were stolen by the last bug I defeated. He didn't know what she did with them so we went to Mausoleum to find him a new blade and armor so he could help us. When Autumn and I got there we had to talk to another mouse and he told us that we would find armor for Dyvim deeper in the tombs... The word tombs told me there would be a boss so I prepared before we entered. :D When we first entered the dungeon we had to defeat three spiders. They wasn't too difficult to defeat so we got through that battle easy. After we defeat the spiders, which Autumn loves and wants a special one as a pet, we had to defeat three ghost mice?! LOL. After defeating the mice getting his new armor we went to the Silent Market, another area in Khrysalis, and he told us why he was captured by the bug. He was captured when trying to find a message about the Umbra Queen's plan. Cornelius, someone who sent Dyvim to find the message, said that the message could be found on a red cloth so Autumn and I went searching from Wizard City to Khrysalis, high and low, side to side,  in Pirate101, on planet Earth! Okay, I'm kidding. We only had to step a few steps backwards before we found the red cloth, which makes me wonder how Dyvim couldn't find it! :P. Okay it looks like I need to stop blogging for the day since I've already blogged a lot. I will have another post soon telling you what we did next. Thanks for reading everyone and I can't wait to start off this new year great with both Wizard101 and Pirate101. :D See you around the Spiral!

January 1, 2014

It's a New Year!

Hi there!

I'm sure you have noticed that I have changed my blog to an old fashioned version of my blog from 2012. I decided to do this because I miss my old way of blogging and the way my blog looked when I first started. I am happy to have my old style back and I might keep it. Since it's a new year I will keep this version of my blog for the entire year. Oh... Happy New Year 2014!! :D Okay, I don't want to end this post without posting the changes on my blog. Here's a list of the changes..

  1. No More Slideshow: There's no longer a slideshow on this blog since I have a new blogger template. That doesn't mean I won't blog about important news. I still have plans on making a page that shows all of the important news going on in the Spiral.
  2. New Page Location: The pages are no longer below the title of the blog. The pages are now located below Follow By Email. The pages are still the same and will send you to the same location if you click on them.
  3. Still the Same: My blog will still be the same as it was. I'm still planning on playing Pirate101 and Wizard101 (a lot more than I did last year), and I will have a lot more questing blog posts this year. I really hope you like that I brought back the old version of Around the Spiral. I hope you all have a great day and Happy New Year. :) If you have any questions, just comment below!

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