January 12, 2014

After Avalon Prediction

Lately I've been thinking about the future of Wizard101 mostly because of the recent release of Avalon. Have you thought about the future of Wizard101 and how much will change right after Avalon? I mean... just think... really think about it... keep thinking.... KEEP THINKING! Yeah, there we go! You've thought enough about it. I think the next world's going to be about old dinosaurs and how we have to keep questing ahead to stop Morganthe from destroying the world which she will end up doing. I thought ahead of that too... I think after the world after the world I just mentioned will be about BUGS.. yeah.. bugs.. and this world will be Morganthe's home world.. I think we'll have to try to stop her from rewriting the spiral with an apocalypse song from the world after Avalon... Yeah... that makes sense. Anyways, I think we'll have pretty cool spells and pets after the world that we'll all enjoy. :D Autumn and I will quest through the worlds with my character, Edward Firegem which is level 80 right now. :P Okay, well that was my post for the day.. I'll see you around the Spiral! 2012!!!!! LOL


DaveK said...

MOST Insightful! Love it! I'd like to see a new release where they bridge Pirates/Wizards for a mutual all out boss battle.

Edward Lifegem said...

Haha, Thank you! Just being random since I had absolutely nothing to blog about today. :) And that would be awesome. Maybe one day we'll get to do that. :)