January 26, 2014

Brother Wolf's Quest (Pt. 2)

Ahoy Pirates,

I'm blogging again? Yes.. I actually have something to blog about and that something is Edward Cringle continuing to quest through part two of Brother Wolf's quest. Yesterday I turned in a quest by bringing meat to Brother Wolf, the guardian I summoned. I had to summon him by bring meat from bumbaloons. After I summoned him he told me he wouldn't help me unless I helped him with something. He wanted me to help Silver Rain move on to the Spirit world by talking to Sister Snake. Silver Rain was poisoned by Three Scars by Sister Snake's venom and he wants me to help Silver move on because he was her protector but couldn't protect her from that. Brother Wolf thinks that Sister Snake has the power to help her move on. Yesterday I talk to Sister Snake and she told me that she couldn't help me unless I had a Ghost Tear and Grumwort Herb to make a balm. This balm can help Silver Rain move on if I find the two ingredients for it. Yesterday I stop blogging when I had to talk to Madame Vadima for more help.

Once I arrived in the Witchdoctor School to talk to Madame Vadima she somehow knew I was on my way. I almost forgot she had a crystal ball, I guess that's how Witchdoctors are.... Cool :D. Madame Vadima told me that I could find a Ghost Tear in the Isle Of Doom in Skull Island but I have to fight a Sorcerer that is protecting it and doesn't want to give it up. She thinks.. LOL. I just read that in a picture I have from yesterday, wow that's funny! She also told me that she doesn't know where I could find Grumwort but she would help me find it when I fight the Sorcerer that might be protecting the Ghost Tear that might be there but she did say she thinks there is. I'm wondering how she knew I was going to be there to ask her for the two things but didn't know if there was a Sorcerer or not. I guess we'll see when we get there. :D x acts like I'm sailing my ship there x Once I arrived I noticed that there was a boss fight but it wouldn't be difficult because I had help from another pirate! I think that's the first time I met someone while questing on the same exact quest on Pirate101.. at least on this character.

I really do love that hat, Sarah.. I mean.. We started fighting the sorcerer that was there so I guess Vadima was right about someone protecting the ghost tear! We had no trouble defeating the enemies, it took about 10 minutes to defeat all them since there were quite a few of enemies to defeat but none of our companions died and we were safe! It was pretty fun. After defeating the enemies and collecting the ghost tear, we went back to talk to Vadima to see if she found the Grumwort. Once we sailed back to Skull Island, Avery's Court, Witchdoctor's School, by Madame Vadima in realm One Eyed Jack... lol... She told us that Frogfather might know where we could find Grumwort. I'm glad I had a chance to blog about fighting, well a little bit of fighting.. I think I'm ready to fight again because talking drives me crazy. HA! A blogger says that! Anyways, I think it's time I end this post since there's nothing else to blog about today. Thank you Alyssa for letting me join you with the battle above and I wish you good luck with your quests in the future. Thanks for reading everyone and there's one last picture of the day below. I'll talk to Frogfather again to see if he knows where the Grumwort is, lets hope he does! Until then, I'll see you around the Spiral. Stay safe in the skyways!

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