January 25, 2014

Brother Wolf's Quest (Pt.1)

Ahoy Pirates!

I was planning on posting a blog yesterday but didn't get the chance because when I planned to post gmail and blogger started to mess up and I wasn't able to make a blog post. Everything today is better of course, and I have a long post for you to read today so get ready :D. On my last blog post I had to fight Striped Bumbaloons to gather meat so I could summon the next guardian, Brother Wolf. After I collected the meat to summon Brother Wolf I sailed to Scorpion Rock to summon him and at first he said he was going to eat me! I'm sorry Brother Wolf, I already fought all of the bumbaloons off and I'm not going to let that work go to waste so you're eating the meat and not me :P.

After a long talk with Brother Wolf (I told him how many enemies I defeated in the past), he decided not to eat me since he was scared of me... Look at his glowing eyes and he's almost the size of the scorpion in the background... He's scary.. I mean he's scared of me!! :D Anyways... I started talking to him and he told me Silver Rain, the chief's bride, Brother Wolf was her protector and guardian but she was killed by Three Scars when he used Sister Snake's venom... ew... and the poision blinded her ghost and she's having trouble finding a path to the Spirit World (Three Scars sure has caused a lot of trouble in the past). Brother Wolf wanted me to help  him by putting Silver Rain's spirit to rest by talking to Sister Snake. If you look at the picture above, it says that Sister Snake has enough power to release Silver Rain so she can move on.

It takes awhile to sail all the way from Scorpion Rock to Sister Snake. I wasn't worried about the travel to Sister Snake, I was worried about talking to Sister Snake... I hate snakes... yes that's supposed to be offensive to snakes :P. Once I was threatened by Brother Wolf that if I didn't go he'd destroy my ship, I had to go talk to Sister Snake (okay I wasn't threatened by him). Once I arrived the snake, the glowing eye snakes which makes it even scarier than it is now, told me that I need to find a Ghost Tear and a Grumwort Herb to make a balm that will help Three Scars so she could move on. She said the two items wasn't in Cool Ranch and that I would have to sail to a different realm to find them.. Wait... She said they couldn't be found in Cool Ranch and that I'd have to travel to a different realm?!! x starts celebrating x Wow, I'll finally won't see any snakes... Ah! It's going to be nice :). Old Scratch told me that the two would be in Skull Island and I'd have to talk to Vadima, the witchdoctor teacher, to find out exactly how and where to find them. I think we'll have to wait until next time to make that post since I already post a lot today. Until then, I'll see you around the Spiral! :D


Anonymous said...

Sorry to ask but what's your class? I suppose Swashbuckler or Musketeer?

Edward Lifegem said...

Hey! No need to apologize. Edward Cringle is a Swashbuckler :)