January 27, 2014

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day 2014!

Hi there!

Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day, this means we should appreciate all of the work the community managers do for us everyday. One Eyed Jack and Lydia Greyrose, managers for Pirate101 and Wizard101, do a lot for the community and I'm very thankful for everything they do. Thank you so much for everything you do for the community. I can't image how fun it is to work at Kingsisle but I do know you two do a lot of work for the community and I'm very thankful for both of you. Thanks again for all of the work and here's to another great year! Here's a message from me to both of you.. Be sure to thank the community managers today for everything they do!

One Eyed Jack, P101 CM

Tom, you are a great community manager. On the last CMAD you were new at the community manager position, new but that doesn't mean you wasn't awesome. I'm glad you got the job in 2012 to be the Pirate101 Community Manager. You're doing a great job and I am thankful for everything you do: answering emails, posting on social media sites, and so much more! Here's to another great year! :)

Lydia Greyrose, W101 CM

Kiersten, Thank you so much for all of the work you have done in the past almost 6 years! I still can't believe Wizard101 is going to turn 6 years old this year and you've been here helping everyone through their troubles on the message boards, editing website and so much more. Thank you for everything you do! You're great and I hope you have another great year this year like you have in the past. :)

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