January 17, 2014

How To: On My Blog

Hi there,

I really wanted to make a post explaining a few things on my blog such as ratings of posts, how to comment on my blog posts, and I'm going to show you how you can follow my blog by email where you can receive an email each time I make a new blog post. I don't think I made a post like this before, but I'm glad I am now so all of you can come to this blog without having any trouble. I'll start with how to rate my blog posts..

Rating Blog Posts:

I don't remember telling anyone I've added this, but I have seen a few votes on a few of my blog posts lately. I wanted to tell everyone more about this so you understand how to use the Reactions. Once you get through reading a blog posts, whether it be an awesome one, or a terrible one, you can rate the blog post by clicking in the grey boxes. If it's a shocking blog post, just click the grey box for the reaction :O If it's a happy blog post just click the grey box with the smiley :) If you don't feel like clicking, don't click! :P 

Commenting On Blog Posts

If you'd like to comment on my blog posts, just click on the comments section below my blog posts. If there's no comments, you'll read No Comments. If you see this, just click on it and you'll see a comment box where you can comment (view picture above). Sometimes there's already comments on my blog post, and it'll say that there's comments on the post, just click that and you'll see the same box show up below my blog post! :) Remember, you have to be signed in to an email account to comment on my blog post.

Follow My Blog By Email

The last thing I want to tell you about is about the Follow By Email option on my blog. To use the Follow By Email option you'll have to type your email address you use where it says Email Address below the Follow By Email title in the picture above. After you type your email address just hit submit! You can use this to receive an email each time I make a blog post so you're always up to date on each and every one of my posts. Thanks for reading everyone and I hope this explained a few things you may have been wondering about!

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