January 16, 2014

I Can't Wait Until Khrysalis Part 2 Is Released

Hello Wizards!

When I have sick days like today, I always think of the future of Wizard101.. Today I've been thinking about Khrysalis Part 2. It's been the talk of the community lately and I think a lot of wizards, including myself, are ready for the release of it! I should add that I haven't even finished part 1 with Autumn Dreamwalker and I'm already excited for the second part of the world. Why? Well if you want to see why keep reading to see what I can't wait to see in Khrysalis Part 2.

I'm sure you know by now that I take a lot of pictures on the game from my almost 900 posts, I bet I added pictures on 90% of them. I can't wait until the next world so I can take screenshots of the game and attacks when I'm attacking an enemy on the game. I had to add a picture to this post of my fire wizard attacking a centipede while Autumn and I were questing through Khrysalis Part 1. I just love taking pictures of the game and can't wait to take even more once the 2nd part of Khyrsalis is released to the test/live realm.

Another thing I can't wait for is NEW SPELLS. I have a feeling that this second part of Khrysalis will bring wizards new spells. I'm excited to also take screenshots of the spells.. okay maybe I'm obsessed with taking screenshots of the game but who can blame me?! Wizard101 has awesome graphics and its fun to have images of how much the game changes. This makes me wonder what future spells will be like on the game! You think we'll see something different weakness or stun in the future? 

One last thing I'm really looking forward to is defeating Morganthe. If you're a fan of Morganthe's work, well I'll be defeating you too if I do get to defeat Morganthe. :P I really can't wait to defeat her after all of the damage she's caused. I'm starting to think she's caused more damage than Malistaire, and I'm wondering if the next boss after Morganthe will be as evil, if not more. Well I can't predict the future so I guess we'll have to see after we defeat Morganthe. Oh... before I end this post, I'm going to ask Morganthe for her pet spiders because I know Autumn loves them! I'm sure Morganthe won't mind. ;) Haha, Okay I'll see you around the Spiral. Thank you for reading everyone!

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