January 13, 2014

I'm Back!

Ahoy Pirates!

Wow, today has been a long day. I decided to delete Wizard101 and some other apps (no offense wizards reading, I'll still be posting and will be back soon) so I could blog about Pirate101 again! I think I'm addicted to Pirate101 because I've been missing it ever since Christmas the time my computer really started acting up and I didn't get to blog as much as I wanted to. Before I get started, I want to say Happy One Year and who knows how many days Birthday to Edward Cringle! :D Yeah he turned one on December 23rd, because I created him on December 23rd, 2012. I'm sorry I didn't blog that at the time, I promise I'll blog about his second Birthday. :) Okay before I post so many smileys on this blog post that you can't see anymore words I think it's time I get started on my blog for the day... :D

Today I decided to log onto Pirate101 after deleting all of the apps I downloaded on my computer in the past to see if everything would work out. I was hoping I wouldn't have any lag and I guess my luck was good today because I didn't have any lag! That means I'm back and posting again. I wanted to keep questing so I decided to click on Sarah Steele's first promotion quest and start questing to see if everything would be okay. I had to talk to Morgan Lafitte, the swashbuckler teacher first, so I could start my quest. Morgan told Sarah that she needed a new fine blade so Sarah could become the fencer she always wanted to be. Sarah said that her Uncle had a perfect sword but we had to talk to a Rat named Nicodemus. We had to get a golden spyglass from Nicodemus for Sarah's Uncle. Nicodemus said it wasn't for sale but he'd trade it so we had to collect four Cannons from Rojo Guard ships (see epic image above). After we did all of that we finally got to talk to Sarah's Uncle and we gave him back his spyglass. After talking awhile we found out that some enemies had the sword so that meant.... meant.... it was time to defeat some rats, but first we had to talk to One Eyed Jack to find out more information! 

After talking to One Eyed Jack he told us more about Mick Dagger, the rat that stole the sword, and told us where he thought the Mick and the bilge rats were. We found the bilge rats and defeated them but after defeating them they told us that Mick wasn't there and told us the exact location where their one and only leader was!? LOL. That's actually funny. He's their leader and they told me where he was... that's crazy.. I mean, yeah.. THEY TOLD ME because I'm the strongest pirate in the Spiral! Level 24 FTW! x acts like I'm not crazy and continues to blog x. Yeah.. after they told us where Mick was I sailed to Scrimshaw and defeat him. The End. :D Oh, he gave us the sword and said that Sarah Steele was a traitor and I shouldn't trust her.. So far, she's awesome. :D After we got the sword I went to a tavern to finish her promotion (see image of Sarah after promotion).. She looks pretty awesome doesn't she? :D I love the hat! Thanks for reading everyone and I'm sorry this post was so long and had a lot of detail. I miss Pirate101 blogging and I promise this year will be 1000x better than last year. :) I'll see you Around the Spiral!

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