January 14, 2014

My Thoughts On Recent Bans

Hi there,

Recently Kingsisle banned a bunch of players that were apparently cheating in the game trying to get unlimited items that gave them a lot of gold (correct me if I'm wrong). Kingsisle either banned players for a short amount of time or forever since they cheated in the game. I think Kingsisle did the right thing banning players for a short amount of time but don't really know about banning players forever.. Before I get started let me talk about what happened in the past and what's happening right now. There's been a lot of bugs in the game and players don't really know which things could be bugs. There could be a bug where players and spells are all red or a bug like this one where you get unlimited gold from something. I think I would know if I was getting unlimited gold so this doesn't mean you didn't know about it so don't tell KI they are wrong, you're going to sue them, or whatever you're saying because it's not their fault.. it's yours. They may have had the bug in the game and didn't know about it but you did so that means you are the only fault for picking up the items and selling them over and over. Now, if you accept what you did was wrong I really would like to thank you and hope that you get your account back soon. I don't know what I would do if my account was banned and would probably go crazy but I would know what I did was wrong and wouldn't blame Kingsisle for something I did that I knew was wrong. This reminds me of the bugs that happened in the past, like the gardening bug that happened. This was something that was unexpected, but we found out that we shouldn't have done something like that and a lot of people were banned for cheating in the game. I'm sure most of you that's made it to Azteca or Khrysalis know about this bug I'm talking about. It's about lessons and I think everyone should learn from their mistakes. If you've learned from this mistake than you will know next time not to do something like that. I have a feeling Kingsisle will change their minds about punishment. I'm only hoping, I really don't know if they will or not.. Usually when I make posts like these, a lot of people get mad but if you do, you really don't know who's fault it is about your banning and it's not my fault that you were banned. I'm here to blog what I think about the bans. Now.. I think it's time I really talk about people who are using bad language against Kingsisle... I'm surprised you haven't been banned for all of the bad language you're using. I've seen so much bad words on Twitter (and I'm sure other sites) lately and I can't believe how you've made it past Azteca acting like Morganthe. Please don't cuss Kingsisle out or I'm sure you'll never get your account back even if they reverse all of the bans. Let's hope they do reverse the bans (at most the bans that last forever). Thanks for reading. If you have anything you'd like to say, just comment below. I hope everyone that isn't using bad language against Kingsisle out does get their account back and if you stop using bad language against them, I hope you get your account back to. Please learn from your mistakes and don't do anything like that next time because Kingsisle is probably getting tired of it. I've read about other games where people were hacking the games and they weren't getting punished for doing all of the things they were doing to the game + hacking the game. That game ending up being closed. Do you want Wizard101 to shut down if Kingsisle didn't do anything for anyone doing something they shouldn't be doing or do you want to continue playing the game we all love?


jolynn krotzer said...

there is much worse things in the game that have not got very few banned, the language used for one they get off with many warning,the cheating in pvp and tournaments to get a head again over looked,the false reports that many can make and get away with it,why can one call bad names and raciest remarks and just get a warning?these people that lost every thing the gear crowns houses plants there wizards the many hours put in to there pets,if you were to add that up that seems to be way more loss to that wizard and wizard 101 comes out way a head,hundreds of dollor's are spent and the gold and crowns they spend,they could of sent a warning to those that used it.i my self was suspended a friend wanted a hatch i told him i wa short on gold he told me to port i did and i also grabed a few not knowing that it was wrong and did'nt seem to be a big deal.with the suspension i got i will loss all my gardens i had in.also i had 3 tournaments paid for,so it will cost me crowns to fix my gardens on all 6 wizards they end up a head,im really not sure that all the work i did to climb the board now i be behind,and the time and crowns i spend for gardens are worth going back,and the dear friends i lost that are banned for good,this seems way to harsh over a bug they did'nt fix. if you add the loss,those wizards lost way more then what ki gets out of this,this is so unfair to those people.like i said a warning would been nice first then many would of known that it was wrong.i think the way this was handled was very poor,and i been here many years,and very sad that this was handled this way,due to there was many other things that need more help in and not done,i hope that those that were banned get it back,i my self not sure even on suspension that i want to try go back and redo all my gardens that i put alot of time in,and waist crowns for and time to redo,i have 4 acounts i pay for for my family,and also on pirates im really at this point not sure i spend money on these games that they can handle it this way.i love the game and my family loves the game,and because of this im really not happy how this was handled.who really ends up a head really.

Edward Lifegem said...

I agree that the people that have been banned should receive less of a punishment. I'm not against KI by saying this but I always do love giving advice and they do listen to their players. I hope they do a worse punishment on all of the bullying, name calling and all bad things for those who have done all of that. You're right about them deserving a worse punishment and those who have been banned don't deserve it (unless they're using so much bad language towards Kingsisle which I don't agree with and think they should be muted or banned for all of it). If I was you, I'd wait a little. I'm not speaking for Kingsisle but they may reverse it, at least that's what I'm hoping they do. With all of the talk, I think Kingsisle will see it and hopefully will change their minds and give less of a punishment. I'm wishing you and your family good luck and hope you get your account back soon!

MothersLove said...

Just had a friend who sent another email to KI and they refused to compromise with her on giving her account back which is perm banned as well as two of my accounts. This is pretty bad business especially when we have children who want to commit suicide over this. Those who didn't participate because you didn't know good for you that is wonderful cause I wish I didn't know about the forever mushroom. Really didn't think anything was wrong. I ended up just thinking this was normal this was here for us. Yes I did take and yes nowww I know it was wrong because I as well as my family being sanctioned. The penalties do not fit the crime it just doesn't. Those who are being so harsh on the ones did you can not speak for them. It could have happened to you and you can say what you want but had you been able to get to it I am sure you would have done the same. They will now feel the money crunch word of mouth gets around and I had even made up a flyer promoting KI wiz101 game to hand out and nowww I am not doing it. I was going to let the others on the PTA know about this game. But then again all the dating and cussing and horrible comments and gender preferences that all go on this game is much more damaging than picking a mushroom. Literally poisoning out childrens minds. That is much more punishable than this.

Edward Lifegem said...

Yes, like you said, it didn't happen to me. And like I said in my blog post it should be less of a punishment but not for those who are cussing left and right. My timelines on my social media sites were covered with it. I just want you to know that I do feel bad for those who had their accounts taken away and are sad but not so much for those cussing KI out expecting them to give them their accounts back. As for you, you don't seem like a person that deserves any of this, not that anyone does. When I wrote this I put most of my frustration towards those that were really acting out in front of the community. I can't imagine my account being banned but I'd be in the same position as you are, confused and wishing that it didn't happen at all. I hope KI does reverse this, but we can only hope for now. I think those who are using all of the hateful things in the game deserve a punishment like that, but I'm not KI can't speak for them. Just know I hope you get your account back though, and your children! x hugs x

Connor SpellCrafter said...

Based from the Health and Safety Act (But not Health and Safety, more like, Bug and Safety Act)
It's Kingsisle's job to make sure no bugs are there and to correct them if there are, and the player's job to report it.

Talon StormShade said...

I didn't get banned but I think the banning is is a bit harsh some people didnt know.

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