January 7, 2014

Saved By The Mouse

Hello Wizards!

I'm so excited to make my part 2 post of Saved By The Wizard! The other day I couldn't continue the post since I already type a lot more than I expected so I decided that today would be the best day to continue that post. :) Make sure to read it before you read this one or it won't make sense. :P I'm still going to refresh your memory of what happened on my last post.. On my last post Autumn and I had to talk to a mouse, Dyvim Whitehart, and we ended up getting him new gear, defeating mobs, more mobs, and a boss! The other day I left off on finding a red cloth for Dyvim. The red cloth had danger on it and it was right by a War Room.

I knew once we had to enter a room called War Room we would have to defeat a boss or something, so we both prepared to defeat Vanek Warscream. Once we entered battle Dyvim helped us with our battle again. He gave us a lot of damage and resist which is awesome. I didn't think I would like this ally at first but I actually do now that I'm trying it out :). I don't think this battle was that hard and we defeated the boss pretty easily without dying! After defeating the boss we ended up finding documents with the Shadow Queen's plans. I'm starting to find this strange that this world is easier than Azteca (before the update). I'm glad its not too difficult but I really don't know if part 2 will be the same or not. It could be completely different and be the most difficult area of the game to finish. I can't wait until part 2 but for now I need to finish part one so I'm going to continue making the posts of Autumn and I questing through part 1. :D I will have another blog post in the next few days so I hope you read the rest of this one so you know what happens next. We'll continue to talk to Dyvim on my next post to see what he says about the notes on the documents we collected. I'll see you around the Spiral!

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