January 2, 2014

Saved By The Wizard

Hello Wizards!

It has been awhile since I made a Wizard101 questing post. I have plenty to post about but wanted to take a break for the holidays on both games. I'm back and have plenty of posts to share! Before I go on, let me tell you more about my last questing post.. On my last post Autumn Dreamwalker and I had to defeat a bug and save a mouse. That's all I'm going to say because I really don't know what happened, that's why my post was called Confusing Wizard101 Post. I think this post will make a lot more sense since I didn't have any computer issues ;).

On this questing day we met Dyvim Whitehart, the mouse we saved on my last post from the bug. After rescuing him from the tower we told him why we was in this world (to defeat the Shadow Queen) and he said he would help us. He needed to get his armor before he could help us since they were stolen by the last bug I defeated. He didn't know what she did with them so we went to Mausoleum to find him a new blade and armor so he could help us. When Autumn and I got there we had to talk to another mouse and he told us that we would find armor for Dyvim deeper in the tombs... The word tombs told me there would be a boss so I prepared before we entered. :D When we first entered the dungeon we had to defeat three spiders. They wasn't too difficult to defeat so we got through that battle easy. After we defeat the spiders, which Autumn loves and wants a special one as a pet, we had to defeat three ghost mice?! LOL. After defeating the mice getting his new armor we went to the Silent Market, another area in Khrysalis, and he told us why he was captured by the bug. He was captured when trying to find a message about the Umbra Queen's plan. Cornelius, someone who sent Dyvim to find the message, said that the message could be found on a red cloth so Autumn and I went searching from Wizard City to Khrysalis, high and low, side to side,  in Pirate101, on planet Earth! Okay, I'm kidding. We only had to step a few steps backwards before we found the red cloth, which makes me wonder how Dyvim couldn't find it! :P. Okay it looks like I need to stop blogging for the day since I've already blogged a lot. I will have another post soon telling you what we did next. Thanks for reading everyone and I can't wait to start off this new year great with both Wizard101 and Pirate101. :D See you around the Spiral!

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