January 15, 2014

Some Account Sanctions Reduced + Bad Language & Bullying Rant

Hi there,

Yesterday I made a blog post/rant about the bans on Wizard101 where people were exploiting the game. I know that some of you didn't know about the exploit and I felt bad but I'm happy to say, KI announced on their social media sites that some of the account sanctions have been reviewed and reduced! Thank you KI for doing this but I have something to say to those who have been so rude to KI in the past few days. I had a feeling yesterday they would do something like this but all you needed to do was wait instead of causing the world to end 1 billion years early. I'm actually upset that someone who says they're a fan could turn their backs that easy and basically go crazy. If your account was reviewed and the ban was taken away, PLEASE be thankful! That's all you can do after all of the damage you've caused in the community. I've seen petitions, bad language and even some people were getting mad at me using bad language on my social profiles basically directed towards me because they did something they knew was an exploit. I usually try to make blog posts positives but let me say this, if it was my choice, you'd be banned from all of the bad language and bullying you've done, not from the exploit. A lot of people have commented on my last blog post and it's made me think of all of the bullying and bad language used on the game. These people need to be the people that should be banned. I hope KI does see that, if they keep it up they should be banned not muted. That's only an opinion, just sick of the things I hear on the game that I've been trying to so hard to ignore the past year but it doesn't work. I feel bad for the new wizards, younger wizards, that make it to the game and go through the commons their first time and probably hear those going past the chat still. Open chatters can't even use words anymore because of those who abuse the chat. The chat is something we should enjoy having, not abuse because you're mad or just think it's "cool" to bully someone or use bad language. Let me tell you, it's not cool to do something like that and you must be learning from the wrong person that it is when it's not. I usually don't blog rants on my blog post since I want this blog to be only about Pirate101 and Wizard101 but I want to get the truth out there no matter what. I've blogged about this so many times in the past and think I should again. I apologize to those who don't like rants, but if you don't, you don't have to read them. There's other posts that you can read. :) I'm only going to label this to Rant so you don't have to read this since it's not going to be tagged on the Pirate101 or Wizard101 labels. I've had someone tell me I rant too much, yes I do on my rant posts you read, so if you're reading it's your fault. I have nearly 900 posts and 20 of them are rant posts, you can read the rest of my blog whenever you'd like to.. Lol Okay, getting too far on my rant. Now.. Please keep in mind in the future, if you're mad about something, throwing a temper tantrum won't get you anywhere. Now that my rant's finished, I'm happy most of you are getting your accounts back, everyone who did, not just those who didn't get mad. I just made this post so everyone knows that even though KI did this now, doesn't mean next time you'll be so lucky. Please don't exploit the game so you don't get banned! Good luck everyone.

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