January 10, 2014

Three Things I Can't Wait To See On Pirate101

Ahoy Pirates!

Today Frogfather ask everyone on the Message Boards what they would like to see/ what we would like to do on Pirate101. I decided that since I can't quest on the game that I'd make a game answering that question in different way. :) There's three things I really can't wait to see on the game and I hope we get to see one of the three things I mention on this post this year!

New Attacks/Critical Attacks

I would LOVE to see Pirates attacking with new attacks this year. I really love the pirate moves and attacks and I'm sure everyone reading knows this since I take a lot of pictures of the attacks. I bet I have over 1,000 pictures already just of pirate attacks. I would also like to see new Pirate Critical attacks, I think the critical attacks for companions are awesome and I would like to see pirates doing a lot more critical attacks than they do now. That's one thing I would like and can't wait to see on Pirate101 this year.

New Companions

I know that Pirate101 will add new companions this year. I just can't wait to see what great ideas they come up with and all of the new companions we get to add to our crew. Who's excited about that?! :D I know I am for sure. Along with companions I can't wait to see what attacks they have. Get ready new laptop.. I know this year I'll take thousands of pictures just companions and attacks. :P 

New Worlds/Skyways

I have that feeling KI is going to surprise us again just like they did last year with Marleybone and Aquila! I also have a feeling a new world will be released soon. I don't know if they're going to make a schedule of world releases or not like they did on Wizard101 for awhile but if they do that's okay.. I just can't wait to explore the new areas and see the new Skyways! I have no doubt in my mind that the next world or worlds will be just as good if not better than Marleybone and Aquila. I can't wait to see what KI has planned for us. :D

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