January 20, 2014

Why Do I Love Pirate101?

Ahoy Pirates!

I decided to make a blog post today since I haven't in a few days (since I was sick and feeling better now). Today, I decided to make a post telling you exactly why I love Pirate101 and blog about the game. I started Pirate101 in 2012 when Kingsisle announced Closed Beta for the game and I, of course, accepted the Beta invitation and started testing out the game. As soon as I played the game I was on for hours even though I was going to be busy that day. I couldn't believe the graphics, fun and work Kingsisle put into this game. It's amazing, even today thinking about all of the work Kingsisle put into this game. This game has so many things to try out even if you're at level cap.

One thing I really do love about Pirate101 are the graphics. WOW. I mean if you look at the screenshot above you'll know what I'm talking about. I remember taking this screenshot for a contest long ago and I knew it would look awesome when I was preparing to take this screenshot and it does. I took this screenshot in the Witchdoctor's House which is another reason I love Pirate101. The houses on Pirate101 are epic and you explore a lot once you get one. After you're done exploring you can always PvP with another Pirate on the game.... Yeah... another thing I love doing on the game. When you PvP you also get to use your companions, LOVE THEM! If you don't want to PvP you can sail your ship around the Spiral, KI makes tons of ships for the game and that's another thing I love about the game. Lol, maybe this post should have been titled I LOVE PIRATE101 instead of Why Do I Love Pirate101? 

The reasons I love Pirate101 above aren't the only reasons I love Pirate101. I love Pirate101 because of the community and Kingsisle. I have been blogging about Pirate101 before it was even released to the public. I believe I started blogging about Pirate101 on April 25th, 2012. I can't believe that was two years ago.. Where is time going?! I still feel like Pirate101 is a new adventure, which is good. I'm so happy Kingsisle made such a great game and put all of that hard work on the game. If you haven't played Pirate101 yet, you should play the game through Aquila and come back and tell me what you think of the game by commenting on this post. If you do that challenge I bet you'll end up loving the game as much as I do. Thank you Kingsisle for creating this game and I can't wait to see what plans you have for us this year AND did you know I have two pictures from Halloween on this post? Yeah.. I do.. :P I think I'm looking forward to it or something.. Halloweentown and Pirate101 again this year? I think yes! 

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