January 5, 2014


Hello Wizards!

Yesterday I had a chance to quest with my sister again through Azteca. We haven't really quest since November, I think before Thanksgiving, so yeah it's been awhile since we last quest. The last time we quest was before they applied the update to Avalon and Azteca where they lowered mobs health and pips so it was new when we started fighting them again. I believe it's a lot easier to get through the fights even if we're fighting the same schools (storm or ice). Thank you Kingsisle for applying that update, it really helps us a lot.

Yesterday my sister and I finished Mangrove Marsh. We had to go through a short dungeon there but it wasn't difficult since they lowered the mobs health and pips (this doesn't count for the bosses). It was pretty easy getting through that dungeon. I believe we had to get something in this dungeon to make it to the next area which we did after we were done with the dungeon. I almost died but luckily my sister had a healing spell! Thank you. :D After we were done with the dungeon it was time to go to the next area and join Pirate101 and start fighting monquistan monkeys, but first we needed to sail there on our pirate ships (kidding).

The last time I quest through this area the monkeys were casting Efreets the first round and it was difficult to defeat them. Thanks to the pip and health change we didn't have to do deal with an issue like that! I'm happy it didn't take so long defeating them. They had over 3,000 health, close to 4,000 I believe, before the update and now they have 2,800 and less pips which made it a lot easier to defeat them. I approve! Anyways, after we defeat the monkeys it was time to take their pirate ship and sail to Skull Island, Okay... I'm missing Pirate101! Lol :D. After we defeat the monkeys it was time to defeat sky snakes (another Pirate101 thing, seriously I need to play the game today)! We started to fight them but I had a lot of computer issues during the fight. I kept losing connection and having lag problems. I think this is happening because I said a few months ago I was planning on getting a new computer and my computer is mad about that. I'm sure by now you think I'm crazy (it is 2:00 A.M. my time) so I think it's time to stop typing and fall asleep again. Good night and see you around the Spiral!

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ThatFrostweaver said...

Just have some hot coco and take a nice nap near the fire with a blanket you like to get Skull Island out of your head.