February 28, 2014

A Blog Post!

Ahoy Pirates!

I've been preparing for vacation and looking at weather that I haven't spent as much time leveling and blogging as much as I wanted to. I might not be able to go, but if I don't, I'm sure we'll have a later date for it. If I don't go, I will still level and make new blog posts. :D I do plan on having an event soon and will let you know more information about the event I'm planning on having in a few days! Anyways, like I said, I had a chance to level today on my swashbuckler and found out that I had to start on another quest that I put off a few days. Before I start, I'm going to talk a little bit about what happened the last time I leveled on Edward Cringle.

On my last blog post I had to talk to Gortez to see if he knew where Mustang Sally was. He told me that Mustang Sally was on a mission to free someone from Fort Elena Prison. I ended up sailing to the Scurvy Dog Hideout Island in Skull Island to ask the scurvy dogs if the knew a way through a blockade in Skull Island. I ended up meeting Captain Dan he told me that if I collect fish and sink six Monquistan ships in Monquista that he'll help me. That's where I stop questing on my last quest and today I started to quest again and found out the way to pass the blockade. Captain Dan told me that the only way to pass the Blockade to Port Regal is to approach the blockade with an enemy of the blockade, Brass Monkey. Dan thinks that if he's captured, the Royal Army will let me through the blockade. Captain Dan said he'd help me find Brass Monkey if I help clear the tunnel behind him because the creatures in it were getting out of hand. 

I had to defeat four different enemies in the dungeon. I had to defeat tons of troggies plus Aztecosaurs, speaking of which this reminds me of something. I made a blog earlier about the game card pack in the crowns shop. Did you know it costs 199 crowns?! That's a nice deal because there's tons of great items you can receive from the Tribal Crew Pack, so make sure you get that pack before March 2nd before the 50% sale ends. Other than the pack, I think this quest wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I finished this quest in about 15-20 minutes without buying any of the minions from the crowns shop. A couple of my companions died with the first Troggy fight. I don't think it was too difficult and if you're about to quest on this quest, don't worry as much. I usually use musketeer companions for fights like these (most fights- so you don't have to walk up to the enemy if you use a normal attack). Anyways, I think that's it for today! I didn't do much questing other than that, but I should have more questing posts later tomorrow or the next day. Did I tell you my town's going to have a snowstorm? I usually have a lot of time to quest after that happens. I love snow but it's going to be super cold so that means I'm not going outside and I will have plenty of time to quest on the game. :D I have plans to make as many blog posts starting tomorrow through at least Thursday since I won't able to a few days-week after that. Okay, stop typing Edward! Haha... I'm a crazy pirate. :D Well, I'll see you tomorrow! :)

Tribal Crew Pack Sale!

Ahoy Pirates,

Today, through March 2nd, 2014 you buy the Tribal Crew Pack from the Pirate101 Crowns shop for half of it's original price! I actually have a few items from this pack that I use everyday. One of the items I was lucky to get the mount in the picture that I've uploaded to this blog. I use that mount everyday. I have tons of mounts that I use that are from the tribal crew pack and I think it's great so many mounts are in that pack. I think I'm going to try for the companions today to see if I'm lucky enough to get them. They are epic! If you'd like more information about this special deal, just click on the image attached to this post. Happy Shopping! :)

February 27, 2014

Edward Helps: Autumn Walker!

Ahoy Pirates!

I don't have an Edward Cringle post today (I really didn't want to quest on the quest that you'll see tomorrow today), I will have one tomorrow so make sure to check my blog out tomorrow for that. If you want to read something today, I do have a special blog post for today! I didn't level on the game today, I decided to help the one and only AUTUMN WALKER from Secrets of the Spiral. :D

Autumn needed help defeating General Tso on her Buccaneer and I wanted to help her get through the dungeon since I knew this dungeon would be trouble. If you've leveled through Mooshu you'll know that the Khotan dungeon is a hard dungeon to get through. I don't think it's an impossible dungeon to go through but it really does help if you have a friend to help you through. I believe I needed help through this dungeon when I was leveling through Mooshu on my witchdoctor because I kept dying or it was taking a long time to get through. We had to do a lot of things in this dungeon and it ended up taking about an hour to get through the dungeon. I don't like that it takes so long to get through the dungeon, but in the end, you have to threaten the chicken and General Tso stops battling you so you won't hurt the chicken. That means he's not such a bad guy!  :D Good luck Autumn with the rest of your quests! If any of you pirates are having a hard time on a quest, let me know and I will help you. :) Thanks for reading everyone, I'll see you around the spiral. Now that's a nice screenshot. :D

February 26, 2014

Wizard101 Test Realm Is Online! (Feb. 2014)

Hello Wizards!

The Wizard101 Test Realm is online again with two new features to test out. Khrysalis Part 2 has not been released to the test realm yet but will be released sometime early this year. I have that feeling it'll be released with the next realm before May. I'm just guessing, hopefully it'll be released soon! There's no need to be upset though, Kingsisle released two great updates on the test realm that we can test out and I think it'll be helpful for the next world. I've been hoping Kingsisle will release one of the system updates for awhile and I'm happy they have finally added it to the test realm. I can't wait until it's released to the live realm.. They have added a Team Up and a Dungeon Recall feature to the Test Realm. When you use team up you can enter a sigil without worrying about anyone else entering the dungeon that you're not teamed with. I think that's AWESOME. The Dungeon Recall is also a nice feature, you'll be able to teleport back to a dungeon you have been defeated in or teleport out if you were alone in that dungeon. I can't tell you how many times I've bee worried about entering a dungeon again and someone stepping on the sigil and the dungeon restarting on me. It has happened before and I had to do the entire Sunken City ALONE! I mean.. Easy dungeon! :D Well I won't talk about everything on this post so you'll have to check the rest of the update notes out  by clicking the new Concept Art Sneak Peek for Khrysalis Part 2, Crescent Beach, in the top-right corner! :D

February 25, 2014

Beautiful Picture

Ahoy Pirates!

I've been leveling on the game a lot lately and I hope you don't mind reading all of my new Pirate101 Blogs in the next few days. I have plans to make as many blogs as I can before I'm on vacation next week! I've been leveling on my Swashbuckler a lot more than I should but it's a lot of fun questing on him as much as I did when I created him. I think I've made more blogs this month than any other month and that's shocking. I made a blog yesterday that was not only the 50th blog post of the year, it was also the longest Edward Cringle post I've ever made.. at least I think it was! I like making new blogs about what I've been doing on the game and will continue this the entire year - however long I blog which will be a long time! I might be blogging a lot more than I should but it's really a fun hobby of mine and I will continue blogging as much and as long as I can. :) I hope you all stick around to read all of my blogs and if not, I hope you have enjoyed all of my recent blogs I've made.. Now let's get started on this blog!

On my last blog before questing yesterday, I had to help Don Rafael with a favor before he could help me with Captain Blood's treasure. I found out that Don Rodrigo was El Toro (Don Rafael gave the mask to his adopted son, Don Rodrigo, so it has to be him) and he had a daughter named Carolina. I'm not going to tell you everything that happened on my last blog post so you'll have to read it! I will tell you that I have to find Carolina since she left Santo Pollo and Don Rafael wants to reunite Carolina and El Toro. I had to find a ring and defeat a lot of cowboys, scorpions and fish to get the ring since they were kind of in my way! :P I need to give the ring to Carolina once I find her. After I defeated the fish I had to talk to One Eyed Jack. He told me that Carolina, Mustang Sally, was on a top secret job and that a rat named Rosco was the one that hired Mustang Sally for the job. I had to sail to Scrimshaw to talk to Rosco to see if he knew where she was. Rosco told me that Mustang Sally's boss was on a Monquistan Ship (the ship above :P) and he might know where she is. 

I found out that Mustang Sally's boss was Gortez, a gorilla I had to defeat long ago in Gold Mine, Skull Island. Later I let him free in Monquista and we've been friends since then so I didn't have any trouble boarding the pirate ship. :D Gortez told me that he hired Mustang Sally to free someone from the Fort Elena Prison. I had to ask Scurvy Dog privateers for help getting through a blockade in Skull Island. I met Captain Dan and he told me that he met Mustang Sally but she took the only papers that will help me get through the blockade to Port Regal. He told me he wanted me to bring back some fish and fresh fruit from Monquista ships and then he'd help me get through the blockade to Port Regal. I had to collect 10 fish in Skull Island and then defeat 6 Monquistan De Monte Ships in Monquista for fresh fruit. The fish wasn't bad since I didn't have to defeat anyone but the ships were hard to defeat. Each time I tried sinking a ship my ship health turned yellow and I had to sail backwards so I wouldn't be pulled aboard. I was pulled in one time but it wasn't so bad since I had a few fire traps on their ship from my fire dragon. I guess it wasn't bad but I'm happy I didn't die or anything when fighting them. Someone did help me with the 2nd one but I guess they logged out afterwards because I didn't see them after that. Thank you whoever you were that helped me with the ship! Well that's it for today, thanks for reading everyone. I have one last beautiful screenshot heading back to Monquista to defeat the Pirate Ships below. Enjoy! I know I should have attach it above but thought it would make the perfect last photo of the day. Thanks for reading everyone and until my next blog post, I'll see you around the spiral!

Blogging & Pirate Update

Ahoy Pirates!

I haven't made an update post in awhile, so I decided to update you all today on what I've been doing on the game with my Witchdoctor and Musketeer. I always make swashbuckler posts (I will make another EC post later today) and don't make too many blogs on my other characters. I'm happy I can finally make a post today! I've been a busy pirate lately, from going to nautical parties to completing worlds! I don't think I have been spending as much time on the game as much as I want to before I go on vacation. I really want to start playing on the game and making as much blogs as I can before I do go on vacation.

I don't know about El Toro but if I was where he was, I wouldn't make it long! That fire looks like it would hurt someone's feet and above. Today I had a chance to level with Autumn Walker to get our musketeers through Cool Ranch. We found Captain Blood's gold and defeat Deacon a first time! I don't think this battle was difficult since Autumn hired a level 65 privateer minion :D I've said it 100 times and I'll say it again.. Thank you KI for adding minions to the crowns shop. Other than leveling with Autumn on my musketeer I've been catching up on farming Friar Sand for gold on my Witchdoctor. I have this feeling a world will release soon and I want to farm for gold to level my companions and buy everything I need before the next world. I think it's a great idea to prepare. Once you're done doing everything you need to do and the world is released you'll have no problem worrying about the things you didn't do before it was released. Other than leveling on my Swashbuckler that's all I've been doing lately. Have I told you I love Pirate101? I do. :P LOL. Anyways, I plan on making as many blogs as I can before next week and hopefully I can have an event or two along the way! No... I'm not quitting the game! I will be back and blogging and having plenty of events and contests. :) Thanks for reading everyone and make sure to come back later to check out a new Edward Cringle blog! Until then, I'll see you around the spiral.

February 24, 2014

Are They Fish?!?!

Ahoy Pirates!

It's been a few days since I made a main questing blog post about my swashbuckler. I was very busy during the weekend and couldn't quest or blog as much as I wanted to and that's why I couldn't make a blog. I made a blog post yesterday over Autumn's NXP Event. I ended up nautical leveling two times which really does help! I love these events and this blog won't be over NXP events but if you ever hear of one being announced over Autumn's blog or any other blog, make sure to attend one if you want to nautical level. Okay.. Let's get back to my main quest! I started leveling again today and going over what I did a few days ago when I stop blogging. I'm going to start blogging about what happened before and after I summoned Don Rafael. This will be a long blog post so prepare for a lot of reading. :D

 On my last main quest I had to find a way to enter Don Rafael's mausoleum because I needed to find out more information about Captain Blood's treasure. I had to have a key to enter the mausoleum so I sailed back to Santo Pollo skyway to ask Don Rodrigo if he had the key. I found out that the key was stolen by frogerales so I had to defeat them to get the key so I could enter the mausoleum. I collect the key of the mausoleum after defeating only one of the frogerale ships. I think they thought I was tough, who doesn't? I'm kidding. If you don't think I'm kidding then.. you'll see what happens later on in this blog post.. :P Okay.. where was I? Oh yeah.. After collecting the key I traveled back to Don Rafael's mausoleum and entered the dungeon. Once I entered the dungeon I found out I had to collect four items so Old Scratch could summon Don Rafael: Rafael's Cape, Mask, Sword and Photo Album. I had to open treasure chests to collect these items and each time I open the chests enemies tried to defeat me. The dungeon wasn't too difficult but I would tell advise you to have potions just in case one of your best companions end up dying in a battle. It wasn't too difficult for me, but don't know how it will be for you. After I was done collecting all of the items I had to summon Don Rafael and found out I needed to summon him outside of the dungeon. 

LEVEL UP! After I finished the dungeon and summoned Don Rafael, I leveled up to level 26! I've been level 25 for awhile and it was great to finally level up again. I always love leveling after I level up to see if I can level up again and that's exactly what I did. I continued talking.. and talking... and talking to Don Rafael and Tonka.. What did I talk about? Keep reading! I found out that Don Rafael was El Toro before he adopted Don Rodrigo and Don Rodrigo ended up being taught how to be El Toro. Don Rafael had a daughter, Carolina, but didn't teach her how to become El Toro since it was dangerous. After awhile Don Rodrigo and El Toro fell in love and they wanted to get married but Don Rafael said no. Don Rafael found out that El Toro (Don Rodrigo) was teaching Carolina how to fence and Rafael was mad once he found out. Don Rafael left after he found out and Carolina left Santo Pollo. Don Rafael wanted me to bring Carolina back to Don Rodrigo in Santo Pollo. Tonka was listening in the conversation and told me where Carolina was. Tonka heard a lot of pirates nickname Carolina, Mustang Sally and might be located on Flotsam in Skull Island. Don Rafael told me I needed to sail to Scorpion Rock to find his Signet Ring so I could give it to Carolina once I find her. 

Once I sailed to Scorpion Rock and entered the dungeon to find the Signet Ring I had to fight skeletal cowboys that took the ring. I found out that the ring was hidden deep in the cave and had to complete the dungeon a second time. It wasn't bad defeating the scorpions but it was a little annoying since I tried to walk around the first battle and couldn't since they caught me. Have I ever told you I hate scorpions? Well I do. :P I didn't hate them too much until I had to defeat the queen on the last battle. After I defeat her the first time I thought I was doing good and decided to collect yum since I was a little low. She ended up appearing again and I had to defeat her a second time! Here's my piece of advice to you if you're about to start this quest. Make sure you collect the chicken in this cave (part of Zeke's quest) and have potions ready. Once you're done defeating her and you collect the chests, run towards the place you need to go before the other scorpions catch you and make you join a battle to defeat them again. I'm happy this happened to me now so I could warn you on this blog post. :) After I was done defeating the scorpions I had to find the Signet Ring and ended up swimming and finding fish that had the ring!

Once I entered I had to defeat the fish (can't think of their names since I've made this long post), and it had to be in 15 rounds. This fight wasn't bad at all, but one of my weaker companions ended up dying. Don't worry, I revived him by drinking a potion after I was done with the fight. I ended up defeating four of the fish in 5 rounds which was a lot quicker than I thought it would be. I thought I'd end up defeating the last one by round 13. I guess I shouldn't underestimate how strong the Swashbuckler is. I did get low on health but luckily I had Bonnie to heal me (I love the Privateer School)! Are you tired of reading? Well I'm tired of blogging and I have A LOT more to blog about but didn't know this post would be this long. I love looking at the reactions options below, so if you got through reading this entire post, click on the face (:D). If you do I'll know you like long blogs and I'll make longer blogs in the future. Thanks for reading everyone. I kinda have a headache now but that's not bad. I love blogging and will do anything for the community! :) There's one last screenshot below and until my next blog (might make it tomorrow), I'll see you around the spiral!

February 23, 2014


Ahoy Pirates,

I've been so busy lately! I'm upset that I have been busy because in a few weeks I might not be blogging at all because I'll be on vacation. It's not going to be my first vacation but it'll be my first one out of my state! Lol I know that's crazy because of how old I am, but I can't wait! Last night I had a break and got to go attend Autumn Walker's NXP Event. I can't believe how many people there were two hours after the event started. I was busy that afternoon and showed up around 7:00 my time and there were still pirates there.

I surprised Autumn and ported to her pirate ship since I had time to come to her party. I really wish I could have been there when there were a lot more pirate ships, I heard a lot of people were there and everyone had lag. You know it's a party when that happens! I hope when I have my first event something like that happens. :D I think Autumn is great at hosting events like this and can't wait until her next one. I just hope her next party isn't when I'm gone. :D Anyways, thanks Autumn for the event and I'm happy I could level from 26 to 28 by attending your event with my Swashbuckler, Edward Cringle. Yeah, you can gain nautical experience from helping clear tokens on a ship (or not clearing them, clearing them helps the ship captain)! You don't gain as much nautical experience when you are on a ship but it sure does help if you only want to talk. Well, that's it for today's post. I promise I'll have more leveling posts soon! I had to talk to so many people that I had to take at least 20 pictures of the dialog after the last dungeon. After I read through all of the dialog, I'll publish the new blog post. Thanks for reading! Oh... I have news... AUTUMN WALKER IS A GHOST!

February 20, 2014

Should You Buy The Hoodoo Bundle?

Ahoy Pirates!

The other day I was reading the Pirate101 Message Boards. A pirate on there ask everyone which bundle they should buy and the Hoodoo Bundle was one of the bundles that was listed along with a few other bundles. I noticed someone else comment on that message and mention the Hoodoo Bundle and I also commented on the message and said the same thing.. Hoodoo Bundle! I think this bundle is a perfect bundle! I think it's my favorite bundle so far (well I'm sure I'll have a new favorite, each P101 Bundle released is my favorite). I decided to make a blog and tell you why I love this bundle so much.

  1. Reasonable Price: This bundle does not cost much at all. You'd think it would cost more because of all of the epic items, but it's available for $29 at Walmart. The items on this bundle is worth more than $29 and I'm surprised it's not a $40 bundle because of all of the epic items included in the bundle. (If you can't buy it at the moment, make sure to check out all of the P101 Fansites for Contests)
  2. Awesome Ship: This pirate ship is my favorite pirate ship and hopefully I'll have it for a long time on my Witchdoctor. It's such a cool ship, I think if you're a Witchdoctor and you want to buy this, you should. I don't think it's only perfect for one school though, it's perfect for all schools! I think this is my favorite pirate ship on the game, next to the Halloween Ship.
  3. Awesome Gear: The gear that comes with this Bundle is awesome. I don't know if you have been reading my other blog posts lately but I ended up changing all of my original gear on my Witchdoctor I had before the bundle was released to the gear that was released with the Bundle. I think this is an epic gear for every school. 
  4. Awesome Companion: Wow.. The companion, The Monkey Witchdoctor, is perfect. I have ended up using him for every battle and think he belongs first in line. I usually use him as firstmate since he is a strong companion with a lot of resist to attacks. If you want a companion that will destroy anything, well this is the companion. Go Bananas is an awesome talent! :P
  5. Witchdoctor's Lab: This is a great housing-add on for a party. If you want to have a party, this would be a perfect area to have the party. I suggest putting your housing add-on next to your PvP sigils. If anyone wants to battle each other they can walk out of the Witchdoctor's Lab and battle! This is perfect for any school, not just witchdoctors. 

 That's only a few reasons I think you should buy the Witchdoctor's Bundle if you can buy it. Okay.. P101, You're doing such a great job on bundles (on everything) thank you so much for all of the hard work you do to release the best items to us! I'm so happy we have a great game team like you. This bundle is epic and is my favorite bundle. Should you buy the Hoodoo Bundle? Well I would buy it, but it's only up to you. If you can't afford it, make sure to check out all of the fansites for contests they may be having. I'm having one and you can still enter if you'd like to. Good luck! Okay, time to end this post. If you'd like more information about the Hoodoo Bundle, just click HERE.

My Pet Finally Cast Fairy!

Hello Wizards!

How are you on this lovely Thursday?! Lovely Thursday? Are you kidding me, I have to wait one more day until the weekend! I know, I love Thursdays because it's close to the weekend and I consider it a second Friday. I'm crazy (example: I was just talking to myself). Anyways, other than being crazy I've had a chance to quest on my myth wizard today and I got pretty far. I'm not going to post about everything I did today since I quest through a lot of quests because I was having fun questing and when I do that, I get pretty far in the game.

On my last blog post I had to defeat a boss, Aksil Blacktrunk, to find out if he knew where Prince Tiziri was taken. I also found out where I could find the Elephant Graveyard. After defeating Aksil I had to destroy his barge so he couldn't get back to the Graveyard. I went back to talk to Umlilo and told him the news and he told me that Koko might know more about finding a way past the huge doors blocking my way to the Graveyard by accessing the gems that can open the doors. Once I talk to Koko she told me that she knew a ritual to find the missing gems. I need to have two blades, Shango's Thunder Blade and Shango's Lightning blade to start the ritual. I found out that the blades were stolen by Oya Bloodstorm and I needed to defeat her to collect the blades..

I'm not going to lie, the Oya battle was a lot easier than I thought it would be, so I had no problem defeating her and collecting Shango's Lightning blade. I didn't collect both blades because Oya Bloodstorm gave Shango's Thunder Blade to Ranzan. The second fight with Ranzan was pretty easy even though he kept using myth shields (he was a balance boss), I ended up casting Basilisk which killed him and his minion as well. I haven't even told you all how much I use that spell... A LOT. I love that spell, it's helpful plus it stuns. :D After I defeated Ranzan I went back to talk to Oyo and she told me that the blades would now find the gems and it guide me to a cave.. I wonder what that means? A boss? No.. I'm not ending my post today. I think I have done that too much lately so I won't today. :D

As you see above, I found out I had to defeat another boss. I wasn't upset, I knew I'd be able to defeat this boss without any problem since I didn't have any problem with the other bosses I had to defeat today. I was wrong! This fight was difficult and I only put a few shields for the ice boss, Khadir Dreamdrinker, and I don't think that was enough. I did have a difficult time defeating him and his minion but finally completed it. If you have shields for a fight that's difficult, put them in, you have no idea how much they help! :) I try to put at least three shields for each school I'm about to fight but the last time I only put about 1-2 in deck and noticed a huge difference. I think it's easier if you're prepared and then you can attack without worrying about dying or trying to heal yourself. Oh.. my pet finally healed me during this fight which kept me alive! He hasn't been healing me much lately, I think this has to do with the update they added for the fairy talent. Well, as long as it helps the game I'm just fine. :D Okay.. Now I'm going to end the post since I might be confusing you. Let me know how this post is by clicking on one of the reactions below *below the picture*! Thanks for reading everyone. :D

February 18, 2014

Don Rafael's Mausoleum!

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm back again today to make a swashbuckling blog post. :D I made one yesterday and decided to make another today since I love leveling my swashbuckler. I know, I know.. I need to take a break sometime but I have that planned for the beginning of March.. More on that later! For now I plan to level as much as possible and make as many blog posts and soon have events to kick off the end of the month before going on my first Vacation away from my state! Edward, why haven't you been on vacation?! Well, I have an answer below... Okay maybe not, well you won't have to ask me that in a few weeks since I'll be back. It won't be a long vacation but like I said.. I'll have more on that later.

Yesterday I quest through the rest of the dungeon I was in after defeating English Bill and had to talk to Tonka to find out any information about Captain Gunn. English Bill kidnapped Tonka to find out more information about Captain Gunn (or Blood), but couldn't find any information out. He decided to find out more information about El Toro and was going to summon Don Rafael to find out more information about the Captain. After I found out that information, I was going to enter Don Rafael's mausoleum but found out I needed a key to enter and the only person that might have a key is Don Rodrigo. I sailed to Santo Pollo Skyway to see if Don has the key only to find out that the key was stolen by Frogerales. I had to sink one of their ships to find the key (they were scared and gave it up after the first battle, I think). I ended my blog post yesterday because I didn't have anything else to blog about, but I do now! Today I entered Don Rafael's Mausoleum so I could summon him but found I needed to do much more than only summon him..

I ended up having to open four chests. Each chest included something I needed for Old Scratch to use to summon Don Rafael. I needed to collect Rafael's Cape, Mask, Sword and Photo Album. Each time I collected something I ended up having to fight enemies that were protecting the items I needed to collect by opening the chests. I'm going to tell you the truth, the first few fights were EASY but as soon as I got to the last fight I knew something would go wrong since it was 4 against the three of us, myself and two of my companions. One of my companions ended up dying but I was able to revive them after defeating them since I had a potion. One good thing about this dungeon is that there's yum floating around in the dungeon so you don't have to worry if you'll have enough health for the next battle. OH, I also wanted to tell you I didn't need to summon a minion with this fight. I knew I was able to complete the dungeon without any trouble. After I collected all of the items we needed to summon Rafael, we summoned him! That's where I'm going to end the post today, but I will include one last screenshot. I'll see you around the spiral. :D (I'm tired so I'm sorry if you see any mistakes on this post LOL).

Epic Screenshot!

Hello Wizards,

I apologize for not posting the past few days. I've been busy lately and couldn't log on to quest, so I couldn't make a blog post. I decided to level a little bit today since I had time and I have time to publish a post too! I think I'm starting to remember where I am on the game and that's great. I think the posts are confusing when I don't know where I am when I'm questing and don't think they will be like that since I do know where I am on questing and soon I'll enter a new world which will feel like a new beginning!

Wow, I love the screenshot above.. I think it's the best screenshot I've taken on Wizard101! Well I don't really know if it's the best one since I have taken thousands of screenshots of the game and I have published most of the screenshots on this blog. Let me know. :P Okay, before I begin on what I did today, I'm going to tell you what I did a few days ago on the game. The last time I quest on the game, I had to complete a quest for Umlilo and find out if the Overseer (the boss I had to defeat) knew where I could find Prince Tiziri. After I defeat the Overseer I found out that the Prince was dragged by Morganthe's minions to the Elephant Graveyard. After I collected the eternal flame and found out everything I needed to know I went back to Umlilo. I ended up using the flame I collected to get rid of the barrier that was holding Umlilo. I told him the news about the Elephant Graveyard but he said he didn't know how to find the Graveyard.

Umlilo then told me that a captain of a nearby barge, Aksil Blacktrunk, might know a way to the Elephant Graveyard. Umlilo told me to find out if Aksil knew how to get to the Elephant and then to destroy the boiler that keeps the barge running with part of the eternal flame. I knew he was going to fight me if I did something like that to his barge and to my surprise I was right! :P I had a little bit of a problem since he kept getting critical on Orthrus but I ended up getting critical when I cast fairy and that healed me 1,000 health points each time. I believe I healed two times and got critical on both spells I cast. I was lucky! I destroyed his minion after a few rounds so there's nothing really talk about that. The boss was myth so I had to use converts before I cast my spells but it wasn't as difficult as the gorilla fights. Speaking of which, did I tell you they made me join their battle? Yeah.. I fled, there's no way I would spend that much time fighting a fight when I could be blogging! :D After I was done defeating Aksil, he told me where I could find the Elephant Graveyard and I destroyed his boiler so the barge couldn't move anymore. I don't think I'm mean because he was the one using Orthrus on me so I think we can call it even. :D Okay, thanks for reading everyone. I'll try to be back tomorrow with a new blog post. Until then, I'll see you around the spiral!

February 17, 2014

It's time to sink Frogerale Ships!!

Ahoy Pirates,

I'm sorry I didn't make a blog post yesterday, I was tired all day long because of a bad sleep the night before. I'm awake and back today and I'm ready to blog about another adventure I was on when questing on my swashbuckler, Edward Cringle. Before I begin I just want to thank you all for reading my blog posts, no matter how short or long they are. You're all awesome for reading and I'm thankful for you. I've noticed that this blog is nearing 300,000 views, which means this blog has been viewed nearly 300,000 times since I created it! I'm shocked. Even if I had one view on this blog, I'd be shocked because that person took their time to read my posts. Thank you again for reading my blog, even if it's your first time reading. :D

Before I begin on what happened next, I want to remind you what happened on my last blog post and after that and then, where I am now. On my last blog post I had to enter a dungeon on Boot Hill to defeat English Bill. I had to fight him two times because when I was done defeating him the first time he escaped to a nearby ship and I followed him and defeated him again. I'm hoping it's the last time I have to defeat him! He causes so much trouble in the skyways :P. After defeating him and destroying his ship I had to talk to Tonka, the one that was kidnapped. I found out English Bill kidnapped Tonka to find out more about El Toro. Tonka also told me that English Bill had plans to use magic to call Dan Rafael's ghost to find out more about Captain Gunn. I needed to go to Rafael's grave to find out more about Captain Gunn but found out that Rafael's mausoleum was locked and I needed a key to enter. The only way I could find a key to open the mausoleum is to talk to Don Rodrigo (EL TORO- HE'S EL TORO).

I sailed back to Santo Pollo Skyway and spoke to Don Rodrigo and he told me that the key was stolen by banditoads. After that, frogerales stole they key from the banditoads and didn't return it to Don Rodrigo. He said I could have the key once I defeated a few of the frogerale ships and collected the key. I only had to sink one ship before collecting the key so it was easy to complete that quest. I have one more quest I have to do but will have to finish it later since I stop questing on my swashbuckler and made my last blog post with my witchdoctor. I promise I will have that post soon! My next quest is to enter the mausoleum and I believe it is a dungeon. I can't wait to blog about that! It should be tomorrow or the next day before I blog about that so make sure to keep reading. If you want to read more, I invite you to check out all of my other Edward Cringle posts by clicking HERE. Thanks again for reading my blog posts! :) Until I make my next post,  I'll see you around the spiral!

February 15, 2014

I'm Done!

Ahoy Pirates,

I'm done... No... not with blogging. Why would you think something like that? I love Pirate101! I love Pirate101 so much that I finished the last part of the main game quests on my witchdoctor. I think it's bad it took me that long to finish the game but I did have computer issues and lag and I really didn't feel like questing at all. That's why you probably are seeing a lot of blog posts lately because I have a new computer and I can finally level on the game and blog about what I've been up to on the game!

I logged on the game yesterday to see which quest I left off on my witchdoctor and found out I left off on finding my way to Medea to get golden apples so I could defeat the Medusa. Is it bad I mix the names up and though Medea was really The Medusa? I leveled up my companions so much and trained for all of the spells/attacks I could learn before entering that dungeon. I was worried I would have to fight Medusa but I was wrong. I only had to defeat Medea for her golden apples. After defeating her in her dungeon she ended up putting a curse on me and that curse could kill me if I didn't do what she said. I told her that I was there to get her golden apples so I could defeat the Medusa and she actually gave me the golden apples since she hates Medusa. She hates both of us, she could kill me with the curse anytime she wants to... Or will she? She told me that if I brought back a professor from Ravenwood Academy (Wizard101) that has been turned into stone from Medusa that she'll lift my curse. He could teach her more magic and that's why she wants me to rescue him. You know what's confusing? I don't remember the balance professor in Ravenwood being turned to stone... I'm thinking that's the reason he stop training balance wizard spells and I will stop being a wizard now! I BE A PIRATE!! 

After I talk to Medea I had to sail to Illinois to defeat The Medusa. I noticed there were many statues that were stone but once I entered the dungeon, there were SNAKES... I know, I know.. Medusa is a snake but I really don't like snakes! I think that's the reason I ended up defeating the first round of the dungeon. Oh... I forgot to tell you what the golden apples were for! The golden apples helped us enter the dungeon by listening instead of seeing our way around. If we look at Medusa, we'd turn into stone and we sure didn't want that to happen and that's why I had to talk to Medea to get the golden apples so we could defeat the Medusa. After defeating the first round of snakes, we found our way to Medusa and she was shocked (proof? Look at the image above!). Okay.. she wasn't shocked, she wanted to turn us to stone but she didn't. Once we entered the battle she was shocked because of how strong we were.. I think. I don't think the battle was as hard as I thought it would be and I'm happy it wasn't because I was tired that day and didn't want to be in the dungeon forever.. After defeating Medusa I had to take a break since I was tired and needed to wake up!

After I defeated the Medusa and collecting the Balance Professor that had been turned into statue from Medusa (I'm surprised Merle didn't save him, oh well I guess), she lifted the curse from me. I'm happy she did because this met I got to take another epic screenshot (see image above). Now let me catch you up on why I had to talk to Medea and then defeat Medusa.. Medea help me with the golden apples to defeat Medusa so I could collect Ulysses bow so he can reclaim his throne. I don't know how much of you know what I'm talking about so I'll explain a little bit. Bad guys in his community thought he was killed and took over his throne and he's really not dead! He plans to take it back but he know they won't give it up easy because the bad guy wants to marry his wife to gain the throne. Medusa ended up stealing his bow and he needs it back. I ended up getting it back and it was time to sail back to the Ithaca to the Humble Cave to give it back to him. Medea was nice enough to give me a teleport there which was actually behind me. When taking the picture I back up too much and ended up teleporting there. LOL. 

I ended up having to defeat everyone that was against Ulysses and it was a pretty difficult fight since the eagles were strong. They almost killed most of my companions but I was lucky enough to have enough crowns to buy a minion. If you have crowns and you need help with a fight, you can either ask your friends for help or if they can't or they're not online just buy a minion from the crowns shop. They help so much and I'm happy they're there. I'm not just saying that because Pirate101 is the best game in the world created by the best game team in the world. They're really helpful and I'm just trying to help you help yourself :P. Okay.. don't really know if anyone is still reading or not but I actually have more to this blog post so I hope you do continue to read! I'm not done until I'm done and I have quite a bit to blog. If you're still reading, thank you! You must really love my blog posts and that really makes me happy that you do. :) Okay time to continue.. What happened after Ulysses regained this throne??

After Ulysses defeated the enemies that were planning on taking his throne, he ended up giving us what we really needed, Argo's Piece of Map for El Dorado! We're at 3 and the Armada is at two pieces of the map. I think that means we'll have to defeat the Armada to find out where those two pieces of the maps are. I really can't wait to make it to El Dorado... way too excited but since this post is very long I think I should continue because I don't want any of you getting bored. I am only making the longest blog post I've ever made on this blog, longer than any post I've made on this blog! Okay.. x continues blogging x.. After getting the pieces of maps we noticed a Stone that had markings on it just like the markings on all of the mechanical birds scattered through all of the worlds on Pirate101. Ulysses told us that it's the Rosetta Stone. We had to take it back to Marleybone to Admiralty to see if he knew what the markings on the stone said.

After sailing back to Marleybone and talking to Admiral Doggett and a professor to see if they knew what the markings on the stone and they didn't know. They ended up sending me to The Glass House (Prison) to figure out if Meowiarty knew what the symbols meant. I just wanted to tell you all I ended up locking him up in the prison about uh.. 7-8 times? Yeah.. so, SHHH! don't tell him! Meowiarty ended up telling me what the markings meant on the stone and there was a message on it from The Toy Maker that told me he knew how to defeat Kane and that he wanted me to sail back to Valencia to find him. I needed to find Caligostro, G. After Meowiarty told me what the markings translated to I ended up traveling back to Mycroft Bones and he ended up promoting me to Royal Majesty's Secret Service from the Royal Navy.. Will the be yum included?? No?? Okay. I ended up completing the mission but had to sail back to Skull Island to talk to Avery because I needed help finding a way to sneak into Valencia. TO BE CONTINUED! That's the message I received after talking to him... Yeah... Like I said, I'm done but only for now. Thanks for reading the longest post I've ever made on this blog post and I'll let you know how everything goes my Witchdoctor when the next world when it's released. Thanks again for reading and if you made it to the end of this post, make sure to click on one of the reactions below. And know that you're the coolest pirate in the skyway if you read all the way to the end of this post.. Okay I'm done and I'm ready to rest! See y'all in a few years.. KIDDING. I'll be back tomorrow. 

February 14, 2014

The Overseer!

Hello Wizards!

Wow, today has been a day of questing, blogging and love (not the evil bosses of The Spiral, it's Hate Day for them). Happy Valentine's Day! I hope all of you are having a great day so far. I'm so happy I can level on the game again and post about what I have been up to on the game. I have been a little busy lately, but I still have time to level and quest. After I'm no longer busy, I plan on having a few events and contests! I have been telling you that everyday so far, but I promise I will have something special soon. I haven't host my own event on Wizard101 since 2011, I hope when I do it'll be epic! Maybe the overseer knows how it'll go? It better be the best event, Edward! :P.. No, I'm not talking to myself.. well it kinda feels like it when I blog but I know you're reading.. Ha.. ha... ha....

Before I talk about what I did today, I would like to talk about what I did on my last post to refresh your memories. I know I don't really know exactly what I'm doing since I haven't quest on my myth wizard since October (other than the past few days). I promise we'll all know once I get used to questing on the game again. I think I'm starting to figure out where I am in Zafaria and why I'm here. Anyways, on my last blog I had to help Umlilo defeat Blackback soldiers and then free Flameingos because the Gorillas were stealing their magic. After I freed all of the flameingos I went back, and felt like saying sailed back but didn't, to Umlilo and told him about Prince Tiziri.. I think I'm starting to remember but really don't.. I ended up having to defeat a boss, The Overseer, to find out if he knows where I could find the Prince. Umlilo also told me that if I find an Eternal Flame to take it.

After I ended up defeating him, I did find an eternal flame for Umlilo. Okay.. I really don't know about this post.. I usually have posts that don't make sense to myself and don't really know if they make sense to you or not. If they don't, please let me know! I'm planning on watching a walkthrough of Zafaria to find out why I'm here but I'm hoping soon I get my wizard101 posts back on a track. :) I hope you're enjoying the posts I have been putting out lately. If you are, please let me know by clicking on the reactions below. They show me that you like the post. If you don't, I will find a way to make my posts a little better than they are now. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you around the spiral. I do plan on blogging everyday, so I'll see you tomorrow! Here's one last screenshot of the day.. :D (after reading that, things really should get back on track).

Darkmoor Ships, Angels and a Boss!

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm sorry I didn't make a blog post yesterday, I was busy leveling on the game so I could have a post to publish today. I quest so much on the game yesterday and you'll see how much after this post is finished. I have so much to talk about today so get ready for a long blog post! I'm so happy I can level again on the game, even if it takes a long time. Before I start blogging about what I did yesterday, keep reading for a recap on what happened on my last blog post.

On my last blog post I had to sail to Cooper's Roost to find silver for silver bullets so I could defeat English Bill. When I arrived, I had to walk into a cave and I ended up running into a vampire bat! He told me I could find silver in the mines but bloodbats took over the mine and the miners couldn't work unless they were gone. If you're thinking I turned into a vampire while there, you're WRONG. If I was a vampire, I would be sparkly and I don't think I am! I am still a pirate (and half wizard) :D. After I defeated all of the bloodbats and a miner that didn't want me to take the Silver, it was time to sail to Boot Hill to defeat English Bill once and for good. Before I sailed to Boot Hill, I recruited the chicken miner to my list of companions. I guess people, or chickens can change their mind fast? After that I sailed halfway to Boot Hill and found out I needed to sink 12 Darkmoor Ships to clear a path to Boot Hill since they were in the way. I don't think the twelve ship battles were as bad as some of the battles I've been through in the past. One of the Darkmoor Ships almost made me board their ship because my ship had low health. I really don't think liked me.. :(

After I completed my Ship Quest, it was time to defeat English Bill once and for good. I entered the dungeon with my companions and ended up running into the Armada and English Bill. The armada fled because they were scared (this time I think it's true, I think Deacon knew I would defeat English Bill). I also noticed Tonka in the background. It wasn't time to talk yet, first I had to defeat English Bill since I had the silver bullets to defeat him. I couldn't believe this but we ended up turning into angels, I don't think the image above was really showing I was an angel because angels are supposed to be nice. I think I was so mad I had the halo on one of my swords and was hitting English Bill with the other. Could you blame me? He's caused a lot of damage and made me stay on a quest an entire month! I think it was time I get my payback.. I mean for Tonka! Gotta rescue since that's part of the quest... yeah.. I don't think this fight was difficult.. I ended up buying a privateer minion that was around my level  from the crowns shop since my companions wasn't really doing good on health. After we were done defeating English Bill.. we had to defeat him a second time!

The second fight was a lot easier than the first since we I had barrels I could shoot and explode. I don't think it was a difficult fight and I don't even think I spent crowns on a minion with this fight. It was pretty easy since I had the barrels and the right set of companions. I am happy I didn't buy a minion for a fight that really didn't need one. I can save the crowns that I might have bought a minion with for a fight that's really difficult and I might or would need a minion. Have you ever ran out of crowns at the wrong time? I remember last year I kept buying minions for every fight, even fights I didn't need them for and I ended up running out of crowns and there was a fight I could have use a minion for and ended up dying a few times because I spent all of my crowns. If you don't usually use crowns: Be careful spending your crowns, you never know when you need them. You could use a potion that will help your talents for your pirate or end up buying something new that will be released to the crowns shop. That's my advice for the day! If you have a lot of crowns, ENJOY! I would still be careful. Okay, enough crowns talk. I wanted to tell you since this post is longer than it needs to be, I will finish it in a kinda part two post tomorrow or the next day. Until then, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Spread love around on this day, even if you don't have someone special (it should be like that everyday). I'll see you around the spiral, I hope you have a great day and weekend!

I'm glad I escaped on time.. LOL, I think the shockwave made my feet sink into the ground??! Unless its quicksand!