February 28, 2014

A Blog Post!

Ahoy Pirates!

I've been preparing for vacation and looking at weather that I haven't spent as much time leveling and blogging as much as I wanted to. I might not be able to go, but if I don't, I'm sure we'll have a later date for it. If I don't go, I will still level and make new blog posts. :D I do plan on having an event soon and will let you know more information about the event I'm planning on having in a few days! Anyways, like I said, I had a chance to level today on my swashbuckler and found out that I had to start on another quest that I put off a few days. Before I start, I'm going to talk a little bit about what happened the last time I leveled on Edward Cringle.

On my last blog post I had to talk to Gortez to see if he knew where Mustang Sally was. He told me that Mustang Sally was on a mission to free someone from Fort Elena Prison. I ended up sailing to the Scurvy Dog Hideout Island in Skull Island to ask the scurvy dogs if the knew a way through a blockade in Skull Island. I ended up meeting Captain Dan he told me that if I collect fish and sink six Monquistan ships in Monquista that he'll help me. That's where I stop questing on my last quest and today I started to quest again and found out the way to pass the blockade. Captain Dan told me that the only way to pass the Blockade to Port Regal is to approach the blockade with an enemy of the blockade, Brass Monkey. Dan thinks that if he's captured, the Royal Army will let me through the blockade. Captain Dan said he'd help me find Brass Monkey if I help clear the tunnel behind him because the creatures in it were getting out of hand. 

I had to defeat four different enemies in the dungeon. I had to defeat tons of troggies plus Aztecosaurs, speaking of which this reminds me of something. I made a blog earlier about the game card pack in the crowns shop. Did you know it costs 199 crowns?! That's a nice deal because there's tons of great items you can receive from the Tribal Crew Pack, so make sure you get that pack before March 2nd before the 50% sale ends. Other than the pack, I think this quest wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I finished this quest in about 15-20 minutes without buying any of the minions from the crowns shop. A couple of my companions died with the first Troggy fight. I don't think it was too difficult and if you're about to quest on this quest, don't worry as much. I usually use musketeer companions for fights like these (most fights- so you don't have to walk up to the enemy if you use a normal attack). Anyways, I think that's it for today! I didn't do much questing other than that, but I should have more questing posts later tomorrow or the next day. Did I tell you my town's going to have a snowstorm? I usually have a lot of time to quest after that happens. I love snow but it's going to be super cold so that means I'm not going outside and I will have plenty of time to quest on the game. :D I have plans to make as many blog posts starting tomorrow through at least Thursday since I won't able to a few days-week after that. Okay, stop typing Edward! Haha... I'm a crazy pirate. :D Well, I'll see you tomorrow! :)

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