February 25, 2014

Beautiful Picture

Ahoy Pirates!

I've been leveling on the game a lot lately and I hope you don't mind reading all of my new Pirate101 Blogs in the next few days. I have plans to make as many blogs as I can before I'm on vacation next week! I've been leveling on my Swashbuckler a lot more than I should but it's a lot of fun questing on him as much as I did when I created him. I think I've made more blogs this month than any other month and that's shocking. I made a blog yesterday that was not only the 50th blog post of the year, it was also the longest Edward Cringle post I've ever made.. at least I think it was! I like making new blogs about what I've been doing on the game and will continue this the entire year - however long I blog which will be a long time! I might be blogging a lot more than I should but it's really a fun hobby of mine and I will continue blogging as much and as long as I can. :) I hope you all stick around to read all of my blogs and if not, I hope you have enjoyed all of my recent blogs I've made.. Now let's get started on this blog!

On my last blog before questing yesterday, I had to help Don Rafael with a favor before he could help me with Captain Blood's treasure. I found out that Don Rodrigo was El Toro (Don Rafael gave the mask to his adopted son, Don Rodrigo, so it has to be him) and he had a daughter named Carolina. I'm not going to tell you everything that happened on my last blog post so you'll have to read it! I will tell you that I have to find Carolina since she left Santo Pollo and Don Rafael wants to reunite Carolina and El Toro. I had to find a ring and defeat a lot of cowboys, scorpions and fish to get the ring since they were kind of in my way! :P I need to give the ring to Carolina once I find her. After I defeated the fish I had to talk to One Eyed Jack. He told me that Carolina, Mustang Sally, was on a top secret job and that a rat named Rosco was the one that hired Mustang Sally for the job. I had to sail to Scrimshaw to talk to Rosco to see if he knew where she was. Rosco told me that Mustang Sally's boss was on a Monquistan Ship (the ship above :P) and he might know where she is. 

I found out that Mustang Sally's boss was Gortez, a gorilla I had to defeat long ago in Gold Mine, Skull Island. Later I let him free in Monquista and we've been friends since then so I didn't have any trouble boarding the pirate ship. :D Gortez told me that he hired Mustang Sally to free someone from the Fort Elena Prison. I had to ask Scurvy Dog privateers for help getting through a blockade in Skull Island. I met Captain Dan and he told me that he met Mustang Sally but she took the only papers that will help me get through the blockade to Port Regal. He told me he wanted me to bring back some fish and fresh fruit from Monquista ships and then he'd help me get through the blockade to Port Regal. I had to collect 10 fish in Skull Island and then defeat 6 Monquistan De Monte Ships in Monquista for fresh fruit. The fish wasn't bad since I didn't have to defeat anyone but the ships were hard to defeat. Each time I tried sinking a ship my ship health turned yellow and I had to sail backwards so I wouldn't be pulled aboard. I was pulled in one time but it wasn't so bad since I had a few fire traps on their ship from my fire dragon. I guess it wasn't bad but I'm happy I didn't die or anything when fighting them. Someone did help me with the 2nd one but I guess they logged out afterwards because I didn't see them after that. Thank you whoever you were that helped me with the ship! Well that's it for today, thanks for reading everyone. I have one last beautiful screenshot heading back to Monquista to defeat the Pirate Ships below. Enjoy! I know I should have attach it above but thought it would make the perfect last photo of the day. Thanks for reading everyone and until my next blog post, I'll see you around the spiral!

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Unknown said...

-_- mostly we take favors for any ting and then one thing leads to a other and then like 35 quest later he say's: ok lets begging see favors one thing we pirates relay on -_-. nice blog post btw:D