February 24, 2014

Are They Fish?!?!

Ahoy Pirates!

It's been a few days since I made a main questing blog post about my swashbuckler. I was very busy during the weekend and couldn't quest or blog as much as I wanted to and that's why I couldn't make a blog. I made a blog post yesterday over Autumn's NXP Event. I ended up nautical leveling two times which really does help! I love these events and this blog won't be over NXP events but if you ever hear of one being announced over Autumn's blog or any other blog, make sure to attend one if you want to nautical level. Okay.. Let's get back to my main quest! I started leveling again today and going over what I did a few days ago when I stop blogging. I'm going to start blogging about what happened before and after I summoned Don Rafael. This will be a long blog post so prepare for a lot of reading. :D

 On my last main quest I had to find a way to enter Don Rafael's mausoleum because I needed to find out more information about Captain Blood's treasure. I had to have a key to enter the mausoleum so I sailed back to Santo Pollo skyway to ask Don Rodrigo if he had the key. I found out that the key was stolen by frogerales so I had to defeat them to get the key so I could enter the mausoleum. I collect the key of the mausoleum after defeating only one of the frogerale ships. I think they thought I was tough, who doesn't? I'm kidding. If you don't think I'm kidding then.. you'll see what happens later on in this blog post.. :P Okay.. where was I? Oh yeah.. After collecting the key I traveled back to Don Rafael's mausoleum and entered the dungeon. Once I entered the dungeon I found out I had to collect four items so Old Scratch could summon Don Rafael: Rafael's Cape, Mask, Sword and Photo Album. I had to open treasure chests to collect these items and each time I open the chests enemies tried to defeat me. The dungeon wasn't too difficult but I would tell advise you to have potions just in case one of your best companions end up dying in a battle. It wasn't too difficult for me, but don't know how it will be for you. After I was done collecting all of the items I had to summon Don Rafael and found out I needed to summon him outside of the dungeon. 

LEVEL UP! After I finished the dungeon and summoned Don Rafael, I leveled up to level 26! I've been level 25 for awhile and it was great to finally level up again. I always love leveling after I level up to see if I can level up again and that's exactly what I did. I continued talking.. and talking... and talking to Don Rafael and Tonka.. What did I talk about? Keep reading! I found out that Don Rafael was El Toro before he adopted Don Rodrigo and Don Rodrigo ended up being taught how to be El Toro. Don Rafael had a daughter, Carolina, but didn't teach her how to become El Toro since it was dangerous. After awhile Don Rodrigo and El Toro fell in love and they wanted to get married but Don Rafael said no. Don Rafael found out that El Toro (Don Rodrigo) was teaching Carolina how to fence and Rafael was mad once he found out. Don Rafael left after he found out and Carolina left Santo Pollo. Don Rafael wanted me to bring Carolina back to Don Rodrigo in Santo Pollo. Tonka was listening in the conversation and told me where Carolina was. Tonka heard a lot of pirates nickname Carolina, Mustang Sally and might be located on Flotsam in Skull Island. Don Rafael told me I needed to sail to Scorpion Rock to find his Signet Ring so I could give it to Carolina once I find her. 

Once I sailed to Scorpion Rock and entered the dungeon to find the Signet Ring I had to fight skeletal cowboys that took the ring. I found out that the ring was hidden deep in the cave and had to complete the dungeon a second time. It wasn't bad defeating the scorpions but it was a little annoying since I tried to walk around the first battle and couldn't since they caught me. Have I ever told you I hate scorpions? Well I do. :P I didn't hate them too much until I had to defeat the queen on the last battle. After I defeat her the first time I thought I was doing good and decided to collect yum since I was a little low. She ended up appearing again and I had to defeat her a second time! Here's my piece of advice to you if you're about to start this quest. Make sure you collect the chicken in this cave (part of Zeke's quest) and have potions ready. Once you're done defeating her and you collect the chests, run towards the place you need to go before the other scorpions catch you and make you join a battle to defeat them again. I'm happy this happened to me now so I could warn you on this blog post. :) After I was done defeating the scorpions I had to find the Signet Ring and ended up swimming and finding fish that had the ring!

Once I entered I had to defeat the fish (can't think of their names since I've made this long post), and it had to be in 15 rounds. This fight wasn't bad at all, but one of my weaker companions ended up dying. Don't worry, I revived him by drinking a potion after I was done with the fight. I ended up defeating four of the fish in 5 rounds which was a lot quicker than I thought it would be. I thought I'd end up defeating the last one by round 13. I guess I shouldn't underestimate how strong the Swashbuckler is. I did get low on health but luckily I had Bonnie to heal me (I love the Privateer School)! Are you tired of reading? Well I'm tired of blogging and I have A LOT more to blog about but didn't know this post would be this long. I love looking at the reactions options below, so if you got through reading this entire post, click on the face (:D). If you do I'll know you like long blogs and I'll make longer blogs in the future. Thanks for reading everyone. I kinda have a headache now but that's not bad. I love blogging and will do anything for the community! :) There's one last screenshot below and until my next blog (might make it tomorrow), I'll see you around the spiral!

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