February 25, 2014

Blogging & Pirate Update

Ahoy Pirates!

I haven't made an update post in awhile, so I decided to update you all today on what I've been doing on the game with my Witchdoctor and Musketeer. I always make swashbuckler posts (I will make another EC post later today) and don't make too many blogs on my other characters. I'm happy I can finally make a post today! I've been a busy pirate lately, from going to nautical parties to completing worlds! I don't think I have been spending as much time on the game as much as I want to before I go on vacation. I really want to start playing on the game and making as much blogs as I can before I do go on vacation.

I don't know about El Toro but if I was where he was, I wouldn't make it long! That fire looks like it would hurt someone's feet and above. Today I had a chance to level with Autumn Walker to get our musketeers through Cool Ranch. We found Captain Blood's gold and defeat Deacon a first time! I don't think this battle was difficult since Autumn hired a level 65 privateer minion :D I've said it 100 times and I'll say it again.. Thank you KI for adding minions to the crowns shop. Other than leveling with Autumn on my musketeer I've been catching up on farming Friar Sand for gold on my Witchdoctor. I have this feeling a world will release soon and I want to farm for gold to level my companions and buy everything I need before the next world. I think it's a great idea to prepare. Once you're done doing everything you need to do and the world is released you'll have no problem worrying about the things you didn't do before it was released. Other than leveling on my Swashbuckler that's all I've been doing lately. Have I told you I love Pirate101? I do. :P LOL. Anyways, I plan on making as many blogs as I can before next week and hopefully I can have an event or two along the way! No... I'm not quitting the game! I will be back and blogging and having plenty of events and contests. :) Thanks for reading everyone and make sure to come back later to check out a new Edward Cringle blog! Until then, I'll see you around the spiral.

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