February 14, 2014

Darkmoor Ships, Angels and a Boss!

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm sorry I didn't make a blog post yesterday, I was busy leveling on the game so I could have a post to publish today. I quest so much on the game yesterday and you'll see how much after this post is finished. I have so much to talk about today so get ready for a long blog post! I'm so happy I can level again on the game, even if it takes a long time. Before I start blogging about what I did yesterday, keep reading for a recap on what happened on my last blog post.

On my last blog post I had to sail to Cooper's Roost to find silver for silver bullets so I could defeat English Bill. When I arrived, I had to walk into a cave and I ended up running into a vampire bat! He told me I could find silver in the mines but bloodbats took over the mine and the miners couldn't work unless they were gone. If you're thinking I turned into a vampire while there, you're WRONG. If I was a vampire, I would be sparkly and I don't think I am! I am still a pirate (and half wizard) :D. After I defeated all of the bloodbats and a miner that didn't want me to take the Silver, it was time to sail to Boot Hill to defeat English Bill once and for good. Before I sailed to Boot Hill, I recruited the chicken miner to my list of companions. I guess people, or chickens can change their mind fast? After that I sailed halfway to Boot Hill and found out I needed to sink 12 Darkmoor Ships to clear a path to Boot Hill since they were in the way. I don't think the twelve ship battles were as bad as some of the battles I've been through in the past. One of the Darkmoor Ships almost made me board their ship because my ship had low health. I really don't think liked me.. :(

After I completed my Ship Quest, it was time to defeat English Bill once and for good. I entered the dungeon with my companions and ended up running into the Armada and English Bill. The armada fled because they were scared (this time I think it's true, I think Deacon knew I would defeat English Bill). I also noticed Tonka in the background. It wasn't time to talk yet, first I had to defeat English Bill since I had the silver bullets to defeat him. I couldn't believe this but we ended up turning into angels, I don't think the image above was really showing I was an angel because angels are supposed to be nice. I think I was so mad I had the halo on one of my swords and was hitting English Bill with the other. Could you blame me? He's caused a lot of damage and made me stay on a quest an entire month! I think it was time I get my payback.. I mean for Tonka! Gotta rescue since that's part of the quest... yeah.. I don't think this fight was difficult.. I ended up buying a privateer minion that was around my level  from the crowns shop since my companions wasn't really doing good on health. After we were done defeating English Bill.. we had to defeat him a second time!

The second fight was a lot easier than the first since we I had barrels I could shoot and explode. I don't think it was a difficult fight and I don't even think I spent crowns on a minion with this fight. It was pretty easy since I had the barrels and the right set of companions. I am happy I didn't buy a minion for a fight that really didn't need one. I can save the crowns that I might have bought a minion with for a fight that's really difficult and I might or would need a minion. Have you ever ran out of crowns at the wrong time? I remember last year I kept buying minions for every fight, even fights I didn't need them for and I ended up running out of crowns and there was a fight I could have use a minion for and ended up dying a few times because I spent all of my crowns. If you don't usually use crowns: Be careful spending your crowns, you never know when you need them. You could use a potion that will help your talents for your pirate or end up buying something new that will be released to the crowns shop. That's my advice for the day! If you have a lot of crowns, ENJOY! I would still be careful. Okay, enough crowns talk. I wanted to tell you since this post is longer than it needs to be, I will finish it in a kinda part two post tomorrow or the next day. Until then, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Spread love around on this day, even if you don't have someone special (it should be like that everyday). I'll see you around the spiral, I hope you have a great day and weekend!

I'm glad I escaped on time.. LOL, I think the shockwave made my feet sink into the ground??! Unless its quicksand!