February 2, 2014

Defeating Three Scars!

Ahoy Pirates,

I was on a break yesterday from blogging, why? Well I don't really know. Ha! I'm kidding, I was actually questing through part four of Brother Wolf's Quest since I didn't have anything to blog about. I have that quest to blog about today but before I do I want to refresh your memory on what I was doing on my last blog post. On my last post, or two posts, I had to help Brother Wolf find a way to help Silver Rain move on to the Spirit World since she was killed by Three Scars and Brother Wolf wasn't there to protect her. Brother Wolf wants to help Sister Rain move on, but the snake.. Sister Snake's venom killed Silver Rain and I talked to Sister Snake if she had a way to cure Silver Rain. Sister Snake then told me that I needed two ingredients, Ghost Tear and Grumwort Herb, to make a balm to help Silver Rain. I had to fight two enemies to find the ingredients but I was finally able to collect them and take them back to Sister Snake so she could make the Balm. After she made the balm I went over to where Silver Rain was buried and poured the balm over her grave and finally restored her sight so she could join the Spirit World.

After I talked to Brother Wolf I found out I had to sink defeat eight Black Storm Raider ships. At first I had a little trouble trying to sink the ships because I was busy taking pictures and couldn't take the perfect picture for my blog post. I know, I know.. I need to pay attention when I'm questing or my ship's going to be the ship that gets destroyed. You know me though, I love taking my screenshots! After defeating about four of the ships I was thinking I would take a break until another Captain, Captain Armstrong sailed up and said he had to defeat a few of these ships for a side quest. We decided to work together to destroy these ships and had no trouble at all! Well, we had to join a ship combat but it was easy to defeat them. Here's my advice to all of the pirates just starting out Pirate101: If you see other pirates defeating something that's similar to your quest, just ask them if you could join and help and that you have the same quest. It really does help if there's more than one pirate questing on a quest that may seem hard but really isn't once others join in to help. Remember to ask nicely, if they don't want you to, you can always sail to a different ship and sink it or wait until that pirate enters a sigil and enter after they're already inside. Sometimes pirates just love soloing their way through the game and you have to accept that they want to solo. :) Anyways, after I was done defeating the enemies with Captain Armstrong I had to sail to a different area to defeat Three Scars! Yes.. the one that's been causing me so much trouble since November or December.

Once I sailed to the black storm area and found Three Scar's ship I had to join in and defeat him. I don't think this fight was going to be difficult but I hired a level 40 musketeer companion because I thought I had to log out soon. You know I had no trouble with a strong musketeer by my side (not that I needed a musketeer, swashbucklers are TOUGH, x flexes x)! Okay... I think this is going to be one of my awkward posts if I keep it up! :P If you look at the image above, that's Three Scars. It looks like he defeated me since he was using a strong critical attack but he didn't. Not one of my companions died during this fight with him and his allies. It was pretty easy defeating him and I'm happy it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be when I was sailing to the area. After I defeated him I had to talk to Raven Eyes.. Wow, the last time I talk to him was in.. let me check.. still checking.. IN November when I was questing on Brother Owl's quest.. Wow, that's been awhile. I need to start questing more! Well I will be questing on Edward Cringle a lot more than I did last year since soon I will have a new laptop that shouldn't cause me any issues on the game! I can't wait, I promise I'll have plenty of events and questing posts once I do get this laptop. I don't have anything else to blog about on this post so I'm going to stop now. I can tell you that Raven Eyes has a little quest he's going to send me on my next post. Until then, look at the image below and I'll see you around the spiral! No.. Don't look at the picture the entire time, just read what it says and then stop. :D Well.. make sure you read this entire post before you do that and then stop AFTER you're done reading the dialog in the picture below. Raven Eye's Dialog.. Lol dialog.. x stops typing x

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