February 18, 2014

Don Rafael's Mausoleum!

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm back again today to make a swashbuckling blog post. :D I made one yesterday and decided to make another today since I love leveling my swashbuckler. I know, I know.. I need to take a break sometime but I have that planned for the beginning of March.. More on that later! For now I plan to level as much as possible and make as many blog posts and soon have events to kick off the end of the month before going on my first Vacation away from my state! Edward, why haven't you been on vacation?! Well, I have an answer below... Okay maybe not, well you won't have to ask me that in a few weeks since I'll be back. It won't be a long vacation but like I said.. I'll have more on that later.

Yesterday I quest through the rest of the dungeon I was in after defeating English Bill and had to talk to Tonka to find out any information about Captain Gunn. English Bill kidnapped Tonka to find out more information about Captain Gunn (or Blood), but couldn't find any information out. He decided to find out more information about El Toro and was going to summon Don Rafael to find out more information about the Captain. After I found out that information, I was going to enter Don Rafael's mausoleum but found out I needed a key to enter and the only person that might have a key is Don Rodrigo. I sailed to Santo Pollo Skyway to see if Don has the key only to find out that the key was stolen by Frogerales. I had to sink one of their ships to find the key (they were scared and gave it up after the first battle, I think). I ended my blog post yesterday because I didn't have anything else to blog about, but I do now! Today I entered Don Rafael's Mausoleum so I could summon him but found I needed to do much more than only summon him..

I ended up having to open four chests. Each chest included something I needed for Old Scratch to use to summon Don Rafael. I needed to collect Rafael's Cape, Mask, Sword and Photo Album. Each time I collected something I ended up having to fight enemies that were protecting the items I needed to collect by opening the chests. I'm going to tell you the truth, the first few fights were EASY but as soon as I got to the last fight I knew something would go wrong since it was 4 against the three of us, myself and two of my companions. One of my companions ended up dying but I was able to revive them after defeating them since I had a potion. One good thing about this dungeon is that there's yum floating around in the dungeon so you don't have to worry if you'll have enough health for the next battle. OH, I also wanted to tell you I didn't need to summon a minion with this fight. I knew I was able to complete the dungeon without any trouble. After I collected all of the items we needed to summon Rafael, we summoned him! That's where I'm going to end the post today, but I will include one last screenshot. I'll see you around the spiral. :D (I'm tired so I'm sorry if you see any mistakes on this post LOL).

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

What I always wondered is if Rodrigo/Toro (Music plays) has not been to this mausoleum since his father died, then where did all those fresh roses come from?