February 27, 2014

Edward Helps: Autumn Walker!

Ahoy Pirates!

I don't have an Edward Cringle post today (I really didn't want to quest on the quest that you'll see tomorrow today), I will have one tomorrow so make sure to check my blog out tomorrow for that. If you want to read something today, I do have a special blog post for today! I didn't level on the game today, I decided to help the one and only AUTUMN WALKER from Secrets of the Spiral. :D

Autumn needed help defeating General Tso on her Buccaneer and I wanted to help her get through the dungeon since I knew this dungeon would be trouble. If you've leveled through Mooshu you'll know that the Khotan dungeon is a hard dungeon to get through. I don't think it's an impossible dungeon to go through but it really does help if you have a friend to help you through. I believe I needed help through this dungeon when I was leveling through Mooshu on my witchdoctor because I kept dying or it was taking a long time to get through. We had to do a lot of things in this dungeon and it ended up taking about an hour to get through the dungeon. I don't like that it takes so long to get through the dungeon, but in the end, you have to threaten the chicken and General Tso stops battling you so you won't hurt the chicken. That means he's not such a bad guy!  :D Good luck Autumn with the rest of your quests! If any of you pirates are having a hard time on a quest, let me know and I will help you. :) Thanks for reading everyone, I'll see you around the spiral. Now that's a nice screenshot. :D

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Autumn DreamWalker said...

It's me........And you.......With a CHICKEN! :D lol Thanks again for helping me! It was a lot of fun! :)