February 18, 2014

Epic Screenshot!

Hello Wizards,

I apologize for not posting the past few days. I've been busy lately and couldn't log on to quest, so I couldn't make a blog post. I decided to level a little bit today since I had time and I have time to publish a post too! I think I'm starting to remember where I am on the game and that's great. I think the posts are confusing when I don't know where I am when I'm questing and don't think they will be like that since I do know where I am on questing and soon I'll enter a new world which will feel like a new beginning!

Wow, I love the screenshot above.. I think it's the best screenshot I've taken on Wizard101! Well I don't really know if it's the best one since I have taken thousands of screenshots of the game and I have published most of the screenshots on this blog. Let me know. :P Okay, before I begin on what I did today, I'm going to tell you what I did a few days ago on the game. The last time I quest on the game, I had to complete a quest for Umlilo and find out if the Overseer (the boss I had to defeat) knew where I could find Prince Tiziri. After I defeat the Overseer I found out that the Prince was dragged by Morganthe's minions to the Elephant Graveyard. After I collected the eternal flame and found out everything I needed to know I went back to Umlilo. I ended up using the flame I collected to get rid of the barrier that was holding Umlilo. I told him the news about the Elephant Graveyard but he said he didn't know how to find the Graveyard.

Umlilo then told me that a captain of a nearby barge, Aksil Blacktrunk, might know a way to the Elephant Graveyard. Umlilo told me to find out if Aksil knew how to get to the Elephant and then to destroy the boiler that keeps the barge running with part of the eternal flame. I knew he was going to fight me if I did something like that to his barge and to my surprise I was right! :P I had a little bit of a problem since he kept getting critical on Orthrus but I ended up getting critical when I cast fairy and that healed me 1,000 health points each time. I believe I healed two times and got critical on both spells I cast. I was lucky! I destroyed his minion after a few rounds so there's nothing really talk about that. The boss was myth so I had to use converts before I cast my spells but it wasn't as difficult as the gorilla fights. Speaking of which, did I tell you they made me join their battle? Yeah.. I fled, there's no way I would spend that much time fighting a fight when I could be blogging! :D After I was done defeating Aksil, he told me where I could find the Elephant Graveyard and I destroyed his boiler so the barge couldn't move anymore. I don't think I'm mean because he was the one using Orthrus on me so I think we can call it even. :D Okay, thanks for reading everyone. I'll try to be back tomorrow with a new blog post. Until then, I'll see you around the spiral!

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