February 23, 2014


Ahoy Pirates,

I've been so busy lately! I'm upset that I have been busy because in a few weeks I might not be blogging at all because I'll be on vacation. It's not going to be my first vacation but it'll be my first one out of my state! Lol I know that's crazy because of how old I am, but I can't wait! Last night I had a break and got to go attend Autumn Walker's NXP Event. I can't believe how many people there were two hours after the event started. I was busy that afternoon and showed up around 7:00 my time and there were still pirates there.

I surprised Autumn and ported to her pirate ship since I had time to come to her party. I really wish I could have been there when there were a lot more pirate ships, I heard a lot of people were there and everyone had lag. You know it's a party when that happens! I hope when I have my first event something like that happens. :D I think Autumn is great at hosting events like this and can't wait until her next one. I just hope her next party isn't when I'm gone. :D Anyways, thanks Autumn for the event and I'm happy I could level from 26 to 28 by attending your event with my Swashbuckler, Edward Cringle. Yeah, you can gain nautical experience from helping clear tokens on a ship (or not clearing them, clearing them helps the ship captain)! You don't gain as much nautical experience when you are on a ship but it sure does help if you only want to talk. Well, that's it for today's post. I promise I'll have more leveling posts soon! I had to talk to so many people that I had to take at least 20 pictures of the dialog after the last dungeon. After I read through all of the dialog, I'll publish the new blog post. Thanks for reading! Oh... I have news... AUTUMN WALKER IS A GHOST!

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Unknown said...

yeah same thing been happening to me life gets in the way; will have fun on your vacation Edward :D