February 13, 2014

Going To Continue This..

Hello Wizards!

A few days ago I made a new Wizard101 blog post after finally getting new a laptop and being able to quest again on my myth wizard, Edward Mythgem. I think I'm going to start blogging about my myth wizard since I can quest anytime I would like to and will have plenty of Wizard101 blog posts focusing around him since I haven't really blogged about my myth wizard in the past. I would like quest on all of my wizards so you know exactly where I am in the game and how I'm doing in the game. I am happy to say I haven't had much trouble questing yet, I still forget about the book at the lower right of the screen (mostly because of Pirate101), but I'm sure I'll remember soon!

I don't really know where I'm at in the game yet, but I'm sure once I keep questing I'll get used to it and will explain to you a little more than I have lately, exactly what I'm doing on the game. On my last blog post I had to defeat myth gorillas, a quest I was stuck on for 5 months, not because it was hard, which it was when I started the fight without converts ;D, just because of computer issues. I did tell you I'd obsess over my new laptop and I'm happy to say that for a third day in a row, I haven't had any issues on the game! I'm so happy about that, and can't wait to blog a lot more about Wizard101 and have plenty of events on the game. I'll talk more about events on another post. For now, let's talk about what I was up to today when questing on the game!

Today I had to complete a quest that Umlilo gave to me. I had to defeat five Blackback Soldiers so Umlilo could collect his thoughts? I mean... collect his thoughts! :D I don't really know why else I would have to spend time defeating the five blackback soldiers, but I'm happy it wasn't the myth gorillas I had to defeat a couple of days ago. It does get a little boring fighting gorillas when you forget about your converts. Remember to use your converts if you have them! They really do help you defeat an enemy that's the same school if you have to fight them. I forget about converts and found out on my last fight. On this fight, I only needed to use life shields for all of the life hits they were going to use. I had no trouble defeating them. I just kept using humongofrogs and earthquakes with tons of blades. It seems like most of the times I use a card I had critical along with the blades and of course, gargantuan with the cards I used! I think that's it for today's blog post. I will post one more picture of what you should expect on the next blog post and I will keep blogging, everyday if I can. Thanks for reading everyone! I'll see you around the spiral.

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