February 15, 2014

I'm Done!

Ahoy Pirates,

I'm done... No... not with blogging. Why would you think something like that? I love Pirate101! I love Pirate101 so much that I finished the last part of the main game quests on my witchdoctor. I think it's bad it took me that long to finish the game but I did have computer issues and lag and I really didn't feel like questing at all. That's why you probably are seeing a lot of blog posts lately because I have a new computer and I can finally level on the game and blog about what I've been up to on the game!

I logged on the game yesterday to see which quest I left off on my witchdoctor and found out I left off on finding my way to Medea to get golden apples so I could defeat the Medusa. Is it bad I mix the names up and though Medea was really The Medusa? I leveled up my companions so much and trained for all of the spells/attacks I could learn before entering that dungeon. I was worried I would have to fight Medusa but I was wrong. I only had to defeat Medea for her golden apples. After defeating her in her dungeon she ended up putting a curse on me and that curse could kill me if I didn't do what she said. I told her that I was there to get her golden apples so I could defeat the Medusa and she actually gave me the golden apples since she hates Medusa. She hates both of us, she could kill me with the curse anytime she wants to... Or will she? She told me that if I brought back a professor from Ravenwood Academy (Wizard101) that has been turned into stone from Medusa that she'll lift my curse. He could teach her more magic and that's why she wants me to rescue him. You know what's confusing? I don't remember the balance professor in Ravenwood being turned to stone... I'm thinking that's the reason he stop training balance wizard spells and I will stop being a wizard now! I BE A PIRATE!! 

After I talk to Medea I had to sail to Illinois to defeat The Medusa. I noticed there were many statues that were stone but once I entered the dungeon, there were SNAKES... I know, I know.. Medusa is a snake but I really don't like snakes! I think that's the reason I ended up defeating the first round of the dungeon. Oh... I forgot to tell you what the golden apples were for! The golden apples helped us enter the dungeon by listening instead of seeing our way around. If we look at Medusa, we'd turn into stone and we sure didn't want that to happen and that's why I had to talk to Medea to get the golden apples so we could defeat the Medusa. After defeating the first round of snakes, we found our way to Medusa and she was shocked (proof? Look at the image above!). Okay.. she wasn't shocked, she wanted to turn us to stone but she didn't. Once we entered the battle she was shocked because of how strong we were.. I think. I don't think the battle was as hard as I thought it would be and I'm happy it wasn't because I was tired that day and didn't want to be in the dungeon forever.. After defeating Medusa I had to take a break since I was tired and needed to wake up!

After I defeated the Medusa and collecting the Balance Professor that had been turned into statue from Medusa (I'm surprised Merle didn't save him, oh well I guess), she lifted the curse from me. I'm happy she did because this met I got to take another epic screenshot (see image above). Now let me catch you up on why I had to talk to Medea and then defeat Medusa.. Medea help me with the golden apples to defeat Medusa so I could collect Ulysses bow so he can reclaim his throne. I don't know how much of you know what I'm talking about so I'll explain a little bit. Bad guys in his community thought he was killed and took over his throne and he's really not dead! He plans to take it back but he know they won't give it up easy because the bad guy wants to marry his wife to gain the throne. Medusa ended up stealing his bow and he needs it back. I ended up getting it back and it was time to sail back to the Ithaca to the Humble Cave to give it back to him. Medea was nice enough to give me a teleport there which was actually behind me. When taking the picture I back up too much and ended up teleporting there. LOL. 

I ended up having to defeat everyone that was against Ulysses and it was a pretty difficult fight since the eagles were strong. They almost killed most of my companions but I was lucky enough to have enough crowns to buy a minion. If you have crowns and you need help with a fight, you can either ask your friends for help or if they can't or they're not online just buy a minion from the crowns shop. They help so much and I'm happy they're there. I'm not just saying that because Pirate101 is the best game in the world created by the best game team in the world. They're really helpful and I'm just trying to help you help yourself :P. Okay.. don't really know if anyone is still reading or not but I actually have more to this blog post so I hope you do continue to read! I'm not done until I'm done and I have quite a bit to blog. If you're still reading, thank you! You must really love my blog posts and that really makes me happy that you do. :) Okay time to continue.. What happened after Ulysses regained this throne??

After Ulysses defeated the enemies that were planning on taking his throne, he ended up giving us what we really needed, Argo's Piece of Map for El Dorado! We're at 3 and the Armada is at two pieces of the map. I think that means we'll have to defeat the Armada to find out where those two pieces of the maps are. I really can't wait to make it to El Dorado... way too excited but since this post is very long I think I should continue because I don't want any of you getting bored. I am only making the longest blog post I've ever made on this blog, longer than any post I've made on this blog! Okay.. x continues blogging x.. After getting the pieces of maps we noticed a Stone that had markings on it just like the markings on all of the mechanical birds scattered through all of the worlds on Pirate101. Ulysses told us that it's the Rosetta Stone. We had to take it back to Marleybone to Admiralty to see if he knew what the markings on the stone said.

After sailing back to Marleybone and talking to Admiral Doggett and a professor to see if they knew what the markings on the stone and they didn't know. They ended up sending me to The Glass House (Prison) to figure out if Meowiarty knew what the symbols meant. I just wanted to tell you all I ended up locking him up in the prison about uh.. 7-8 times? Yeah.. so, SHHH! don't tell him! Meowiarty ended up telling me what the markings meant on the stone and there was a message on it from The Toy Maker that told me he knew how to defeat Kane and that he wanted me to sail back to Valencia to find him. I needed to find Caligostro, G. After Meowiarty told me what the markings translated to I ended up traveling back to Mycroft Bones and he ended up promoting me to Royal Majesty's Secret Service from the Royal Navy.. Will the be yum included?? No?? Okay. I ended up completing the mission but had to sail back to Skull Island to talk to Avery because I needed help finding a way to sneak into Valencia. TO BE CONTINUED! That's the message I received after talking to him... Yeah... Like I said, I'm done but only for now. Thanks for reading the longest post I've ever made on this blog post and I'll let you know how everything goes my Witchdoctor when the next world when it's released. Thanks again for reading and if you made it to the end of this post, make sure to click on one of the reactions below. And know that you're the coolest pirate in the skyway if you read all the way to the end of this post.. Okay I'm done and I'm ready to rest! See y'all in a few years.. KIDDING. I'll be back tomorrow. 


Unknown said...

O: see this all was were the questions come in they are 2-3 know storm gates that go to valance but witch one would that be hmmm and what about the krok world? btw nice post and woo congratulation on geting the game done with your witch Witchdoctor :D

Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts said...

Phew! I really did think that... lol.

Congratz though! :)

~Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

Edward Lifegem said...

Thank you! And that's what I'm wondering. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I really cant' wait but I guess I'll have to :P And thank you! :)

Edward Lifegem said...

LOL, Don't worry. I'm going to be here for awhile. :D And thank you!