February 20, 2014

My Pet Finally Cast Fairy!

Hello Wizards!

How are you on this lovely Thursday?! Lovely Thursday? Are you kidding me, I have to wait one more day until the weekend! I know, I love Thursdays because it's close to the weekend and I consider it a second Friday. I'm crazy (example: I was just talking to myself). Anyways, other than being crazy I've had a chance to quest on my myth wizard today and I got pretty far. I'm not going to post about everything I did today since I quest through a lot of quests because I was having fun questing and when I do that, I get pretty far in the game.

On my last blog post I had to defeat a boss, Aksil Blacktrunk, to find out if he knew where Prince Tiziri was taken. I also found out where I could find the Elephant Graveyard. After defeating Aksil I had to destroy his barge so he couldn't get back to the Graveyard. I went back to talk to Umlilo and told him the news and he told me that Koko might know more about finding a way past the huge doors blocking my way to the Graveyard by accessing the gems that can open the doors. Once I talk to Koko she told me that she knew a ritual to find the missing gems. I need to have two blades, Shango's Thunder Blade and Shango's Lightning blade to start the ritual. I found out that the blades were stolen by Oya Bloodstorm and I needed to defeat her to collect the blades..

I'm not going to lie, the Oya battle was a lot easier than I thought it would be, so I had no problem defeating her and collecting Shango's Lightning blade. I didn't collect both blades because Oya Bloodstorm gave Shango's Thunder Blade to Ranzan. The second fight with Ranzan was pretty easy even though he kept using myth shields (he was a balance boss), I ended up casting Basilisk which killed him and his minion as well. I haven't even told you all how much I use that spell... A LOT. I love that spell, it's helpful plus it stuns. :D After I defeated Ranzan I went back to talk to Oyo and she told me that the blades would now find the gems and it guide me to a cave.. I wonder what that means? A boss? No.. I'm not ending my post today. I think I have done that too much lately so I won't today. :D

As you see above, I found out I had to defeat another boss. I wasn't upset, I knew I'd be able to defeat this boss without any problem since I didn't have any problem with the other bosses I had to defeat today. I was wrong! This fight was difficult and I only put a few shields for the ice boss, Khadir Dreamdrinker, and I don't think that was enough. I did have a difficult time defeating him and his minion but finally completed it. If you have shields for a fight that's difficult, put them in, you have no idea how much they help! :) I try to put at least three shields for each school I'm about to fight but the last time I only put about 1-2 in deck and noticed a huge difference. I think it's easier if you're prepared and then you can attack without worrying about dying or trying to heal yourself. Oh.. my pet finally healed me during this fight which kept me alive! He hasn't been healing me much lately, I think this has to do with the update they added for the fairy talent. Well, as long as it helps the game I'm just fine. :D Okay.. Now I'm going to end the post since I might be confusing you. Let me know how this post is by clicking on one of the reactions below *below the picture*! Thanks for reading everyone. :D

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