February 8, 2014

Official Wizard101 Fansites

Hello Wizards,

I've been thinking about something that's been bothering me lately.. The wizard101 fansites.. Do they deserve it? No, that's not the question that's bothering me. All fansites deserve their status, so do blogs, youtubers, wizards, pirates, well maybe not the Armada or Morganthe.. What's bothering me is that a few wizards in the community think official sites don't deserve official status. I have to disagree! I'm not an official wizard101 blog but I do agree that every single blogger even if they're not official *counting those who don't own a blog and are part of the community* do not deserve to be bullied for being notice by Kingsisle or by the community. If you ask me, everyone deserves the spotlight but don't if all they do is bully someone for being accepted as an Official Blog. I'm not going to mention names, but every single fansite on the wizard101 fansite List is awesome and do a lot of work. I don't have an official wizard101 blog but I do have a pirate101 blog and know it's hard work to prepare all of the contests and send out codes, make blog posts, and try to quest at the same time. It takes hard work but I love doing it! I remember one time I tried to stop blogging when questing on the game and I kept taking pictures because I love taking pictures to share with you all on my blog posts! If someone enjoys something they do with all of their heart and take their time to share what they love to do with you, you should be happy for them! If you don't like them, you're not being forced to view their blog. This post isn't just about official fansites, it's also about everyone in the community. We have so many people in the community and everyone should be accepted for who they are/ what they are doing in the community. If you tried to submit for wizard101 fansite and you're mad about Kingsisle being accepted, then maybe you don't really deserve the status. I've been trying for a long time, about 4 years now but I'm not giving up that easy, but that may not mean I deserve the status. If I don't, I'm still going to blog about the game because I love to. Please try your best, don't give up on something just because of something like that. I would like to thank Kingsisle for adding a link to your fansite list and I appreciate what every single fansite owner does and everyone that uses/views their site. You do so much for the community and I'm thankful for you! I'm happy for all of you and hope you get this message. THANK YOU!


Unknown said...

love the post and it's true what you say i blog just for the fun of it and also for the enjoyment of it :D and keep up the awesome post :D


Unknown said...

At least you know how to appreciate others handwork ^_^
Thanks to you I already enjoy my own honest work.