February 5, 2014

Pirate101: Thoughts On Recent Spoiler

Ahoy Pirates!

I just thought of making this post once the Pirate101 Newsletter was released, I made a blog post about the Newsletter but wanted to make an individual post about the subject. I can't believe all of the great spoilers Kingsisle has released lately! It's been a few months and Kingsisle has released a spoiler or two almost every month. Completely Barmy! I am starting to think we're going to have a side world.. or possibly a main world.

You probably already notice the new image Kingsisle released in this month's Newsletter above. I had to post it because it gave me an idea. In the picture, it shows the staircase leading up to what looks like the back or front of Avery's Office. I believe it's the front now that I look at it. One large stairway for a minor update for a larger update? I think they're only showing minor things that'll be fixed on the game when the next large update is released. If remember recent image releases there are quests (one example: a quest in the Musketeer School, not from the Musketeer teacher), I think we'll have a side world of some sort, or maybe all of it (including the new island) is part of a minor update to the larger update we'll have. What do you think will happen? Comment below!

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