February 20, 2014

Should You Buy The Hoodoo Bundle?

Ahoy Pirates!

The other day I was reading the Pirate101 Message Boards. A pirate on there ask everyone which bundle they should buy and the Hoodoo Bundle was one of the bundles that was listed along with a few other bundles. I noticed someone else comment on that message and mention the Hoodoo Bundle and I also commented on the message and said the same thing.. Hoodoo Bundle! I think this bundle is a perfect bundle! I think it's my favorite bundle so far (well I'm sure I'll have a new favorite, each P101 Bundle released is my favorite). I decided to make a blog and tell you why I love this bundle so much.

  1. Reasonable Price: This bundle does not cost much at all. You'd think it would cost more because of all of the epic items, but it's available for $29 at Walmart. The items on this bundle is worth more than $29 and I'm surprised it's not a $40 bundle because of all of the epic items included in the bundle. (If you can't buy it at the moment, make sure to check out all of the P101 Fansites for Contests)
  2. Awesome Ship: This pirate ship is my favorite pirate ship and hopefully I'll have it for a long time on my Witchdoctor. It's such a cool ship, I think if you're a Witchdoctor and you want to buy this, you should. I don't think it's only perfect for one school though, it's perfect for all schools! I think this is my favorite pirate ship on the game, next to the Halloween Ship.
  3. Awesome Gear: The gear that comes with this Bundle is awesome. I don't know if you have been reading my other blog posts lately but I ended up changing all of my original gear on my Witchdoctor I had before the bundle was released to the gear that was released with the Bundle. I think this is an epic gear for every school. 
  4. Awesome Companion: Wow.. The companion, The Monkey Witchdoctor, is perfect. I have ended up using him for every battle and think he belongs first in line. I usually use him as firstmate since he is a strong companion with a lot of resist to attacks. If you want a companion that will destroy anything, well this is the companion. Go Bananas is an awesome talent! :P
  5. Witchdoctor's Lab: This is a great housing-add on for a party. If you want to have a party, this would be a perfect area to have the party. I suggest putting your housing add-on next to your PvP sigils. If anyone wants to battle each other they can walk out of the Witchdoctor's Lab and battle! This is perfect for any school, not just witchdoctors. 

 That's only a few reasons I think you should buy the Witchdoctor's Bundle if you can buy it. Okay.. P101, You're doing such a great job on bundles (on everything) thank you so much for all of the hard work you do to release the best items to us! I'm so happy we have a great game team like you. This bundle is epic and is my favorite bundle. Should you buy the Hoodoo Bundle? Well I would buy it, but it's only up to you. If you can't afford it, make sure to check out all of the fansites for contests they may be having. I'm having one and you can still enter if you'd like to. Good luck! Okay, time to end this post. If you'd like more information about the Hoodoo Bundle, just click HERE.

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