February 11, 2014

Silver Bullets!

Ahoy Pirates,

I'm a little obsessed with my laptop! Okay.. A LOT obsessed (a lot obsessed.. LOL) with my new laptop. I am so happy I have a new laptop, it makes leveling on the game a lot easier and I have no problems with lag or any issues that I had on my last laptop. It's so much fun leveling on the game without having to worry about any lag and I was actually up about 3:00 A.M. my time leveling on the game! It's been years since I was ever on the game that early in the morning. Years, meaning I think it's the first time I was on Pirate101 that early in the morning! Okay, enough obsessing over my epic laptop and time to obsess over Silver Bullets??

On my last blog post I talk to Thunderbird and she told me that I  had to find Silver Bullets so I could defeat English Bill. She told me to talk to Silver Horn to find out where I could find Silver for the Silver Bullets. Silver Horn told me that I could find Silver in a Cooper's Roost cave. I sailed to Cooper's Roost and ended up finding a vampire, Bat Masterson. He told me that there was Silver in the Mine's of that cave but bloodbat's drove his crews out of the mines and the miners can't get the Silver because of the bloodbats. He told me that if I destroyed a few of the bloodbats in the mine, he'd be happy to give me Silver for the Silver Bullets. I stop on that quest last time and today I entered the mine to defeat the bloodbats so I could get the Silver. There was a lot more bloodbats than I expected to be in the mine. No wonder the miners left!

I ended up having to defeat three Bloodbat bosses and then one miner at the end of the mine. I don't think it was too bad of a quest. I must admit, I almost died during one quest because I had to get a snack.. I know what you're thinking.. A snack?! In that nasty cave? No.. a 3:00 A.M. bowl of cereal. LOL. After I was done with the dungeon, I ended up getting a new companion! The miner that was trying to defeat me! It seems like everyone in the spiral is starting to  notice that I'm the strongest pirate in the spiral and they don't want to get on my bad side.. well, other than the Armada and English Bill. I guess I'll have to show them that they are on the wrong side and show them how powerful the good side is. :D I'm going to end the post now and I'll let you know what happens on my next post! Here's one last screenshot of the day and until my next blog post, I'll see you around the Spiral!

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