February 14, 2014

The Overseer!

Hello Wizards!

Wow, today has been a day of questing, blogging and love (not the evil bosses of The Spiral, it's Hate Day for them). Happy Valentine's Day! I hope all of you are having a great day so far. I'm so happy I can level on the game again and post about what I have been up to on the game. I have been a little busy lately, but I still have time to level and quest. After I'm no longer busy, I plan on having a few events and contests! I have been telling you that everyday so far, but I promise I will have something special soon. I haven't host my own event on Wizard101 since 2011, I hope when I do it'll be epic! Maybe the overseer knows how it'll go? It better be the best event, Edward! :P.. No, I'm not talking to myself.. well it kinda feels like it when I blog but I know you're reading.. Ha.. ha... ha....

Before I talk about what I did today, I would like to talk about what I did on my last post to refresh your memories. I know I don't really know exactly what I'm doing since I haven't quest on my myth wizard since October (other than the past few days). I promise we'll all know once I get used to questing on the game again. I think I'm starting to figure out where I am in Zafaria and why I'm here. Anyways, on my last blog I had to help Umlilo defeat Blackback soldiers and then free Flameingos because the Gorillas were stealing their magic. After I freed all of the flameingos I went back, and felt like saying sailed back but didn't, to Umlilo and told him about Prince Tiziri.. I think I'm starting to remember but really don't.. I ended up having to defeat a boss, The Overseer, to find out if he knows where I could find the Prince. Umlilo also told me that if I find an Eternal Flame to take it.

After I ended up defeating him, I did find an eternal flame for Umlilo. Okay.. I really don't know about this post.. I usually have posts that don't make sense to myself and don't really know if they make sense to you or not. If they don't, please let me know! I'm planning on watching a walkthrough of Zafaria to find out why I'm here but I'm hoping soon I get my wizard101 posts back on a track. :) I hope you're enjoying the posts I have been putting out lately. If you are, please let me know by clicking on the reactions below. They show me that you like the post. If you don't, I will find a way to make my posts a little better than they are now. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you around the spiral. I do plan on blogging everyday, so I'll see you tomorrow! Here's one last screenshot of the day.. :D (after reading that, things really should get back on track).

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