March 31, 2014

New Pirate101 Teaser: Underwater Grotto

Ahoy Pirates,

Kingsisle released another panorama today of an underwater grotto, part of Skull Island's expansion! I'm shocked of how huge of an expansion they are adding to Skull Island. I really can't wait to see it. Can you imagine how different the islands are going to look? This makes me wonder if Kingsisle will release a commercial soon. I hope they do, it's been awhile since Kingsisle made a commercial for the game Pirate101. Well, I won't keep you! If you would like to see the panorama they released today, just click on the image attached to this post. :D I'll see you around the spiral and I promise I will start making more blog posts next month (tomorrow). I hope you all had a great day. :)

Wizard101 Character Update: Edward Legendgem

Hello Wizards!

I've been spending a lot of time on Wizard101 lately, maybe too much time, but I've enjoyed every moment of it. I've leveled on a few characters but one of the characters I want to blog about today is my balance wizard, Edward Legendgem. In the past few years, I haven't leveled more than 5 levels alone and in the past few days I have had a chance to do that again. I remember why I quest so fast because I spent many hours on the game in the past. I can't believe how many hours I've spent on the game this week! I bet I've spent 12 hours in the past two days on the game questing on all of my wizards. I've quest the most on my balance wizard so my blog will be about my balance today. :D

I know many of you on Twitter know that I've been questing through Zafaria but I found out I had a quest, no, world I haven't finished yet. The other day I found out I didn't finish Grizzleheim OR Wintertusk. I decided to finish Grizzleheim and quest through Wintertusk since it's extra experience and I actually gained levels since I took this path instead of continuing on my main quests in Zafaria. I'm so happy Kingsisle added side worlds/quests so we wouldn't have to level on the main quest if we got stuck or something. Side quests can really help you if you're behind and want to be ahead before you enter a world. I wish I knew this before then I would have been a higher level than I was when I entered Zafaria.. I don't have anything else to blog about since I didn't take pictures when I was questing through Zafaria but I do have a picture of Hyrda. I LOVE that spell. I really wish I had the mount and I'd feel like a true balance wizard. :D I promise I'll have another update by the time Edward reaches level 70. Edward is currently level 65 so he could reach level 70 before you know it! Well... lol.. you won't know until I tell you.. :D Okay. Thanks for reading everyone, I'll see you around the spiral. OH, Happy soon to be April!

March 30, 2014

Blue Calliantha Flowers!

Hello Wizards!

It's been awhile since I made a blog post, I think it's because the last week has been... eh.. bleh?! Lol yeah, everyone has weeks like that sometimes. Everything is better today and I decided to make a blog post I've been wanting to type up since last week! What's this blog post about?? My myth wizard! Yeah. :D I finally leveled through the Elephant Graveyard again on a quest I was trying to avoid. Turns out it wasn't that bad! Before I begin on what I did recently on the game, I'll talk a little about what I did on my last post.

On my last blog post I had to help Queen Elissa collect drums from spiders I had to defeat. They were, grey ogre spiders... :P After I collected the drums I had to place six drums by six gravestones in the Elephant Graveyard. Then later, she told me I needed to purify the springs in the Elephant Graveyard by collecting Kani Peppers from Spider-Weavers. I know this quest isn't my favorite and it usually takes me a very long time to collect from the weavers on all of my other characters but my myth wizard was different. I only had to enter about 3-4 battles to collect 4 kani peppers from them. Two spider-weavers entered the battle each time and they were easy to defeat. I think this might have been the best fight I've had with these enemies and I hope it's easier for everyone else just like it was for me that day. 

After I collect the Kani Peppers from the Spider-Weavers I had to run around the Elephant Graveyard and collect three Blue Calliantha Flowers. I had to collect these things to purify springs here in the EG that I'll have to show you on my next blog posts. :P I have to end the post here but don't worry! It won't be 15 days before I make another blog post. I promise I'll start making posts again, hopefully everyday for both Wizard101 and Pirate101. Thanks for reading. It feels like I'm new at blogging after taking such a long break from making questing posts. Eh.. that feeling will go away soon! Okay.. I'll see you around the Spiral. I hope you all had a great weekend. :)

March 29, 2014

This Blog Has Been Viewed 300,000 Times!

Hi there,

I wanted to make this short blog post about a milestone we're about to hit. This blog will be viewed by tomorrow 300,000 times! It's hard to believe that it's been viewed that much, but it's the truth. I'm so excited and I think everything is a milestone. I know views don't matter more than blogging itself, but I love celebrating everything, even if I had one view on this blog. Thank you everyone for reading this blog! It really means a lot that you spend time out of your day to read my blog posts and I promise I'll have more blog posts that you'll get to read. Anyways, I wanted to say this now since I haven't had a chance to. I haven't been making posts about where my wizards and pirates are, but I promise I will start that again soon! I have posts that I need to type up, but haven't had a chance because I've been busy... leveling and catching up. :D Okay, thanks again for reading and I hope all you have a great Saturday. :)

March 28, 2014

Pirate101 Video: Coming Spring 2014

Ahoy Pirates,

I just wanted to make a short blog post about a video Kingsisle released yesterday that I didn't have a chance to post. This video shows all of the updates that Kingsisle plans on adding to the game (will be on the test realm soon). Let me say this, if you haven't played Pirate101 yet, you really should since these updates are being added this Spring! The updates they are adding are important and fun. Okay, enough talking.. It's time for you to look at the awesome new video.. :D

March 25, 2014

Pirate101 Advanced Companions!

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm sure you've heard by now that Kingsisle will also be releasing an advanced companion update to the test realm soon along with advanced pets! Don't get me wrong, these are two separate updates that Kingsisle plans on releasing to Pirate101. I think this is my favorite update they plan on adding to the game. I thought we would have a lot to do with advanced pets. I think the advanced companions will be a lot of fun and we'll have a lot to do before the next world update (if they don't release one, I think they'll release a 5 level world for some reason, but I'm only guessing). I will send you to an article on the MMORPG Website to read more information about this update but I wanted to tell you something else they plan on releasing before I do send you over. All pirate classes will get new Class Companions starting at level 4! You can click on the image below to see more information about these companions and many more updates about companions on the MMORPG Website. Thanks Kingsisle. I can't wait to see all of these updates on the test realm. You've been working hard on the game!

March 24, 2014

More Pirate101 Teasers Released!

Ahoy Pirates,

Kingsisle release more panorama teasers today, that I think has nothing to do with the Advanced Pets but might.. It depends, we'll have to see. I do know there's a pet in one of the pictures that looks like a new pet. I have that feeling something is about to be released on the test realm, so get ready. I think the test realm will be released sometime today or tomorrow. I'm really leaning towards tomorrow. I really can't wait to test out all of the updates that will be coming to the game soon! Are you excited about this? I hope you are. :) Okay.. that's it for now, please click on the image to the right to check out all of the new panoramas. :D Enjoy! I'll see around the spiral.

Pirate101 Advanced Pets Coming Soon!

Ahoy Pirates!

Today Massively announced that Kingsisle will be adding advanced pets to the game soon. We'll have to test the new update out on the test realm so that means we'll have a chance to see what new pets (morphs) can be created and talents will be added to pets. Wizard101 added advanced pets a few years ago and the talents really do help my wizard to quest through the game. I think this new update on the game will help pirates a lot with battles and will give everyone a lot to do! I can't wait to level my pets on the game to see what new talents and powers they'll give us. Are you excited??! I know I am. If you would like to read more, just click on the image below to read the Massively Article! :D I think the test realm will be released this week, so get ready for a lot of new fun. :D

March 23, 2014

Pirate101 Character Update: My Witchdoctor, Edward

Ahoy Pirates,

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I've been spending too much on both of Kingsisle's games and forget about blogging. I promise this coming week I'll have more blog posts to share with you all. I love blogging and feel if I don't get at least 6 blog posts published in one week, then I'm not happy about that. Anyways, I promise I'll start blogging again tomorrow. I plan on leveling my swashbuckler again through his quests and of course farming for gold for my Witchdoctor.. I have that feeling Kingsisle will release something soon and I want to be prepared for the next major update by making sure all of my companions are leveled to level 65. Lately I've been farming Friar so I could level up the rest of my companions that aren't at level 65 yet and I'm getting pretty close to finishing everything up. So far my Witchdoctor is already level 65 and have a nautical level of 65. I'd love to level all of my companions to level 65. I know... I'll have to level them through the next world but I feel if all of my companions are closer to my level, I won't have any problem at first in the next world. Crazy... OH... talk about updates, did you see the recent spoiler Kingsisle released to the public?? I can't believe they're going to change Avery's Court. I love the new staircase they are planning on adding. There's also a new building and dock in the image. If you would like to see more of that, just click on the random image below that has nothing to do with the new updates! I think that's it for today. Until tomorrow, I'll see you around the spiral. :D

March 21, 2014

Wizard101 Character Update: Edward Lifegem

Hello Wizards!

Today has been such a nice day outside and I've spent the entire day on the internet! I'm not mad, I did go outside a little bit today and that's how I know it's nice outside. I spent the day on the internet (at least this morning) because I wanted to finish up a quest that my life wizard, Edward Lifegem, has been stuck on a few days. Before I begin on what quest he's been stuck on, let me talk about the quest before that..

A few days ago I decided to start leveling on my life wizard again. I wanted to finish a lot of side quests before I began questing on my main quests so I leveled a few days through side quests and then started to quest again on my main quest (the more xp you have, the better- you never know when you're going to level). I had to defeat a few things that I have actually been stuck on for 6 months because of the computer issue that I was having and it wouldn't let me quest long in Avalon because I couldn't switch areas. I'm so happy I have my new computer so I can level again without any trouble. Anyways, I had to collect a few things from them and it only took three fights to collect what I needed. 

After I finished the quest of collecting, I got to enter Ghost Avalon. I knew I wouldn't be able to complete this dungeon alone so I had help from my sister, Melissa Rainstrider. I'm not like Alexander Lionheart, so there's no way I'd be able to solo this dungeon so I'm thankful I had help! :D The dungeon wasn't difficult to defeat since ice and life are strong schools and all! :P We had a little bit of difficulty defeating morganthe since she kept using mana burn when we fizzled and got over 7 pips. This dungeon would have been bad if I soloed. Well I'll still be there right now, yeah in the Ambrose Realm, Avalon, Ghost Avalon, fighting morganthe... hahahah... Anyways, I'm so happy I completed this dungeon, that's one thing out of the way. I still have one more dungeon I need to complete before I have access to Azteca. I think I'll blog about that too so you know where my life wizard is. I won't make too many posts about that but I hope you like these little updates I plan on doing with all my wizards I level on. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day. See ya'll around the spiral!

March 20, 2014

Too Much Yum?!

Ahoy Pirates!

Don't you hate getting sick and not being able to do something you've been wanting to do for awhile? Me too! I'm feeling better (I'm so ready for warmer temperatures), and I can finally make this blog post I've been wanting to make. :D I promise I'll start making more blogs for the rest of this month! The temperatures are warming up and that means I won't get sick as much as I do doing the Winter. Oh yeah... HAPPY SPRING! The other day when it was super cold outside, I leveled my swashbuckler again through sewers.. What?!?

On my last blog post I had to defeat the Brass Monkey so I could pass the blockade to Port Regal. Captain Dan told me that once I defeated him, I should take him to the blockade to return him to the Royal Army and they will let me through. I needed to get through the blockade to find Gilbert in Port Regal to find out where Mustang Sally went. Today I took the Brass Monkey to a Governor in Port Regal. Once I found Gilbert & Sullivan, I had to help them with a quest. They wanted me to find a shipment of goods that might have been stolen. Sullivan then told me that the goods were supposed to be taken by Rockstraw to the sewers in Port Regal.

After I finished talking to Sullivan, I had to rest.. I mean TRAIN, Not that I needed to train. Swashbucklers are strong!! :D Where was I? Oh yeah.. after I finished doing what I needed to do, I entered the dungeon and found Rockstraw and also found enemies I would have to defeat! The image above doesn't show the difficulty of the fight. This fight was pretty easy and I didn't even need my strongest companions for it. After defeating the enemies that were in my way, I had to talk to Rockstraw. Rockstraw told me that the shipment was stolen and he wanted me to tell the bosses. Well.. I won't be telling the bosses anything today, since I'm about to enjoy some delicious food. I think I'll stop the blog here and will continue sometime later. :D Until later, I'll see you around the spiral. What do you think Sullivan will say about this?

He's had a little bit too much yum.....

March 18, 2014

Terri Spell's Awesome Sun Palace!

Hello Wizards,

I have a different type of blog post for you all today. I don't usually tour houses but today I asked one of my best friends, Terri Spell, if I could tour her house and she said yes! I was going to make a questing post today but this is far more interesting and I think you'll enjoy this blog. I have tons of pictures of her awesome sun palace that she's decorated with descriptions below. I hope you enjoy this blog! Okay.. I'm done typing, now to show you the pictures I had a chance to take when touring her house. Click on the first image and scroll through if you'd like to zoom in on the images.

Thank you so much Terri for letting me take pictures of your wonderful palace and I'm sure everyone viewing this post will agree that your house is amazing! I wish I was as good as you with decorating. I know if I tried decorating a house, it would be 2040 before I got done decorating ONE room! :P I didn't publish anything about areas but I want everyone reading to guess what worlds on Wizard101 have to do with this house. There are different areas that look like a certain area and I want you to guess all of the areas. If you get them all, just comment below! :D Thanks for viewing this blog. Special thanks to Terri, here's a link to her Twitter and Blog.

March 15, 2014

I See Grey Ogre Spiders!

Hello Wizards,

How are you today?! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far, I know I am. I got to quest through the Elephant Graveyard today. I'm getting so close to finishing Zafaria, it's crazy! I know I'm going to blog through Avalon too. I might make Edward Mythgem a second main character that I quest on so this blog is always updated even on days where there's no news in the spiral. I love questing on my myth wizard, I hope you love reading my blogs about him and I hope to continue these type of posts longer than any other blogs. I decided to make a new label (Edward Mythgem) for all of my blogs that I have and will have. :D

Before I begin this post... Wow... Kingsisle really does make wonderful graphics, I LOVE taking screenshots like these. If you don't play Wizard101 or Pirate101 and want a game to try out, you should try out one of these two. I was expecting this to be my main screenshot, not one of the best ones I've ever taken. I had to tweet the screenshot above out to everyone before I even published this post! Thanks KI for a wonderful game. :D Now back to my blog about this wonderful game.. A few days ago I had to gain access to the Elephant Graveyard by collecting items for protection through Spider Webs so I can defeat a boss to collect the last gem I needed to gain access to the Elephant Graveyard. After I collected the gem I had to put the gems in an elephant pedestal to open the doors that were blocking my way to the Elephant Graveyard. After I opened the doors, I had to talk to an elephant I met there, Queen Elissa. The queen told me that Morganthe's agents stole her power and she wanted me to go to a place called the Drum House to collect her magical instrument drums. Once I made it there I had to clear spider webs and met a few spiders that didn't like me at all.... (Proof is the screenshot above)

I had to defeat two Grey Ogre spiders so I could collect the six drums Queen Elissa wanted me to collect. After I was done collecting the drums, I ran back to the Queen and she told me she wanted me to place the drums by the gravestones. After I place the drums on the gravestones, Queen Elissa then told me that she wanted me to purify the polluted springs in the Elephant Graveyard. I need to collect Kani Peppers from the Spider-Weavers and Blue (word I can't spell) flowers. I know this quest from heart because I believe I have blogged about it before. I will blog about it again, but you should know it's not my favorite quest. I don't like this quest at all because it takes so long to complete it. I will still blog about it and the quests after that quest. :) I really do enjoy questing on my myth wizard again and blogging about it for the first time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a great day. I'll see you around the spiral. :)