March 15, 2014

It's Time To Defeat The Brass Monkey (Fight #1)

Ahoy Pirates,

I was planning on typing up this blog yesterday, but I was busy leveling a little bit on my other pirates and didn't have a chance to type up this post or my other post yesterday. I'm back today! I don't have a long blog post like I usually have, but I do have a little to blog about on what I did yesterday. I'm so happy I leveled on the game yesterday, I was getting tired of being in the same areas. :P

Before I begin on my newest quest, I'll tell you what I did before that quest so you're not lost. Well.. I really remind myself because I look on my blogs so I remember what I did the days before I make my new blog. :D I hope it helps you as much as it helps me. Okay.. before I begin telling you what I did on my last post, I want you to scroll down and click on a reaction and this reaction below to let me know if making posts like these where I tell you what I did on my last blog helps you, I'll make a smiley bookmark so you know where to come back and start reading again. (:D) Welcome back!! Now I'll tell you what I did on my last blog post. On my last blog post, I had to sink 10 ships in Monquista to get the Brass Monkey's attention. Captain Dan told me that I had to sink them to get close to the record, which was made by the Brass Monkey. Once I was done sinking the ships, I had to sail back to Skull Island and Captain Dan told me that the monsters in the cave behind him didn't quiet down. I had to go through the caves again and defeat two bosses of the Troggies and the Aztecosaurs. I didn't have as much trouble as I thought I would with that fight. :) I ended my post the other day with a letter from the Brass Monkey. He told me that he wanted to challenge me to ship to ship combat and he even told me where to meet him to battle him. I sailed to where he was located and ended up battling him which wasn't difficult at all. My companions were fine during this fight and I didn't even buy a minion. I thought I would have to buy a minion but I had the right companions for this fight. :D I think this is where I'm going to end my blog for the day. I wanted to remind you that I still have to look for Mustang Sally and I am trying to get through a blockade. I had to fight the Brass Monkey and return him to the Royal Army that is in control of the blockade. Captain Dan thinks that if I send him to the blockade they would let me through. He thought right! They did let me through. Okay, ending the post now. Until later, I'll see you around the spiral. :D

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