March 30, 2014

Blue Calliantha Flowers!

Hello Wizards!

It's been awhile since I made a blog post, I think it's because the last week has been... eh.. bleh?! Lol yeah, everyone has weeks like that sometimes. Everything is better today and I decided to make a blog post I've been wanting to type up since last week! What's this blog post about?? My myth wizard! Yeah. :D I finally leveled through the Elephant Graveyard again on a quest I was trying to avoid. Turns out it wasn't that bad! Before I begin on what I did recently on the game, I'll talk a little about what I did on my last post.

On my last blog post I had to help Queen Elissa collect drums from spiders I had to defeat. They were, grey ogre spiders... :P After I collected the drums I had to place six drums by six gravestones in the Elephant Graveyard. Then later, she told me I needed to purify the springs in the Elephant Graveyard by collecting Kani Peppers from Spider-Weavers. I know this quest isn't my favorite and it usually takes me a very long time to collect from the weavers on all of my other characters but my myth wizard was different. I only had to enter about 3-4 battles to collect 4 kani peppers from them. Two spider-weavers entered the battle each time and they were easy to defeat. I think this might have been the best fight I've had with these enemies and I hope it's easier for everyone else just like it was for me that day. 

After I collect the Kani Peppers from the Spider-Weavers I had to run around the Elephant Graveyard and collect three Blue Calliantha Flowers. I had to collect these things to purify springs here in the EG that I'll have to show you on my next blog posts. :P I have to end the post here but don't worry! It won't be 15 days before I make another blog post. I promise I'll start making posts again, hopefully everyday for both Wizard101 and Pirate101. Thanks for reading. It feels like I'm new at blogging after taking such a long break from making questing posts. Eh.. that feeling will go away soon! Okay.. I'll see you around the Spiral. I hope you all had a great weekend. :)

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